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Star Wars Rebels just ended its 4 season run last year after introducing the Ghost Crew, Hera, Kanan, Sabine, Ezra, Zeb, and Chopper during the early days of the Rebellion agains the Empire.

Lucasfilm is moving on from Star Wars Rebels to new animated projects like Star Wars: Resistance and The Clone Wars revival, but Star Wars Rebels is getting a last hurrah with the Blu-ray release of season 4.

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Before the home release of Rebels, we had a chat with Hera voice actress Vanessa Marshall about her experiences on the show, her hopes for the future, and the hope for her character to show up in live-action.

Screen Rant: Rebels only got 4 seasons. It got to tell a specific story, yet that's still shorter than other shows. Did you feel like there was anything left of the table or anything else you wish we could have seen from Hera?

Vanessa Marshall: I was really impressed with how Lucasfilm handled all the plotlines as a matter of fact. I think I saw everything I needed to see. As far as it ending the way it did, I'm really curious to find out how Hera raises her son, and I hope that in some genre, whether it be in literature or comic book or somewhere, we get to see more about Jacen and I would love to see Ahsoka and Sabine go and find Ezra. But I think they were able to really dive into each character's backstory and I loved seeing Sabine and her relationship with her family. I loved learning more about her history and her involvement with the imperials and what that looked like and what happened. The Same with Kanan's past and even Ezra losing his parents. Everything sort of filled up nicely. In season 4, when Ezra sort of goes into that black hole of time and space, I've never seen anything quite so imaginative, and to have the Emperor in that world and it was such crazy trigonomotry going on with time and space.

SR: And having Ian McDiarmid there, too that was crazy to watch because there were multiple generations of Star Wars represented. You had Ahsoka, who we became fans of through The Clone Wars and Ezra who's a new character, then all of the sudden you have Ian McDiarmid who's been the biggest Star Wars villain since 1983 and it's almost like a jump scare of - he just shows up.

VM: Yeah, that was just insane. And the way they animated it, it was sort of black and white. It was such an interesting space. I've never seen anything like it. That was mind-boggling.

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SR: You mentioned Jacen. I thought that was a very interesting thing to introduce at the end of the show. Obviously, his name has pretty big implications for fans of the old canon, but also, he's the son of a Jedi and Hera that's now a young boy right after the end of Return of the Jedi when Luke is sort of, presumably, looking to rebuild the Jedi Knights. That's kind of an interesting position to put him there, where anyone that Luke trained after that, things didn't turn out so well for them. So, do you have any thoughts about him or his future?

VM: Gosh, I am wide open. I'm excited to see it go either which way. I'd be excited to see where Lucasfilm comes down on those issues. I have like a million questions, so I'd be so intrigued to know what they ultimately decide and where they come down on his Force sensibility and how he might learn to master that. Anything's possible. I really hope they explore that. I really do. I'd love to see that.

SR: Yeah because either he's trained and part of that Jedi temple, then he's either killed by Kylo Ren or joins him, which is kind of a dark destiny for someone introduced through Rebels, but we've seen stuff go in different directions before.

VM: Yeah, who knows. I mean, anything is possible. I do hope that they explore that either through literature or comic books or in some format I do hope they let us know somehow how that evolved.

SR: With Hera specifically, she is really interesting because she was introduced initially through the novel, A New Dawn, then she's in Rebels and she has references all over in Rogue One and she's in comics and Forces of Destiny, so how does it feel to be, as far as the new characters go, one of the most widely represented across all mediums?

VM: Oh, it's amazing. It's such a great honor. I never could have imagined when I was watching the first film as a kid that this would ever be my reality. It's just epic. Truly it's mind-boggling. I'm so grateful. I feel very grateful.

SR: We've seen that she survives the battle of Endor also, which leads a whole new area of wide-open storytelling.

VM: Yeah, another area that would be great to see.

SR: And with a Dave Filoni show, Resistance, coming up in that area, I'm sure that'd be a great place to see Hera cameo as a flight instructor or pilot.

VM: Oh yeah, that would be amazing. I haven't gotten a call yet, but I'm available. We'll see. I sure hope so. You never know. Thank God she's still alive. Definitely.

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SR: And then, going backwards to The Clone Wars, Hera would be probably too young there for you to voice her, with that show coming back and with your relationship with Dave Filoi, is there maybe room for a cameo voice for someone other than Hera.

VM: You never know! You never know. I would hope so. I play all sorts of different characters. Hopefully they don't only see me as that. I've scratched all kinds of characters for Forces of Destiny. I would scratch Maz's character and different droids and stuff like that, so I think they would keep me in mind. I'm sure they want to sort of spread it around, let other people have a turn, if you will. But hopefully they'll be something there that I can come back and play. That would be lovely.

SR: That's what's really cool about Star Wars. It's sort of a family, you see people show up. It was amazing watching Solo: A Star Wars Story and having Sam Witwer show up there at the end as Darth Maul.

VM: Right? That was crazy?

SR: So if Hera ever does make it to a live-action appearance, is that something you'd be interested in doing, or is there someone you'd like to see bring her to life?

VM: Absolutely. I would love to. That would be great. I don't know anyone that would turn that down.

SR: I know some people would say they have a dream casting, but your voice I think would bring it to life, and they've done that with Saw Gerrea and Darth Maul, and a few other characters have had the same character do both animation and live-action, so that would be cool.

VM: Yeah, I would be thrilled. Who knows. Anything is possible. I would love to, I'd really love to.

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Star Wars Rebels: The Complete Fourth Season is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

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