Star Wars Rebels: Hera Makes an Emergency Landing in Episode 3 Trailer

Our first sneak peek at next week's Star Wars Rebels features Hera making an emergency landing in the Ghost crew's new base.

Hera Syndulla Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Trailer

Hera crash lands on Yavin 4 in new Star Wars Rebels promo. The Disney XD show has successfully rolled out their latest season this week with a two-parter, Sabine-heavy arc that mined deep in the Mandalore story and revealed a few bits from her days at the Imperial Academy. Next week, however, it seems like the leader of the Ghost crew will take center stage with what possibly going to be a Hera-centric outing.

Starting by being just a small independent faction trying to good in and around Lothal, the Ghost crew finally joins the budding Rebellion to fight the bigger battle against the evil Galactic Empire. Throughout everything that the team has gone through, Hera, with her strong ties with the Rebellion being the daughter of Cham Syndulla, remains to be the backbone of the squad. Now that we are heading into the final stretch of its narrative, we can also expect the Twi'lek freedom fighter to be more motivated more than ever.

In the newly released sneak peek for next week's Rebels' titled "In the Name of the Rebellion," attached on the newest outing of Rebels Recon, we see Hera guiding a group of ships back to Yavin 4 where the team currently settles after Chopper Base was ransacked in the end of season 3. Unfortunately, instead of a smooth landing, it seems like the ships are a bit damaged judging by the black smoke coming from them causing Hera and his cohorts (including Wedge) to make an emergency landing. It is currently unknown just what happened to Hera and his co-pilots but they were able to land on the base unscathed.You can check out the clip below:

While it is difficult to predict what goes down in the upcoming episode given what we had in the season primer, it probably has something to do with the new mission that the Ghost will take on as they try to infiltrate an Imperial outpost. Thanks to the brief synopses released for the one-hour installment, Hera, Kanan, Sabine, and Ezra will be embarking on a stealth assignment that has something to do with Saw Gerrera and the Empire's new secret weapon which is more likely referring to the Death Star.

Executive Producer Dave Filoni has previously shared that this final season of the show will take on a more serialized way of storytelling than the previous ones and with good reason given that we only have several episodes left to wrap up all the lingering mysteries that are still waiting to be answered via the show. We know that Hera survives the whole series given that nifty Easter Egg in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but how about all the other game players? We'll soon find out as the final season of Star Wars Rebels continues.


Star Wars Rebels returns next week with ‘In the Name of the Rebellion’ on Monday, October 23.

Source: Star Wars Official YouTube

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