Star Wars: Rebels' Hera is Coming To The Comics

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The Star Wars: Rebels TV show isn't big enough for Hera Syndulla: now she's coming to the comics, too. Fans knew from the first episodes of the Clone Wars successor that the Twi'lek rebel was a serious asset to the the Rebel Alliance, but her place in the larger mythology has only grown since then. Easter Eggs in live action films cemented her role in the new canon timeline, and as the Rebels series has slowly caught up with the events of the original films, the line between the two stories has completely blurred.

Now fans of Hera can add a comic book to their list of must-see stories in the Rebels extended universe. And for a change of pace, it looks like Hera's foray into Marvel Comics and the Star Wars: Doctor Aphra series will emphasize more than just her heroism or value to the Rebellion. When faced with Aphra, Hera will see how effective she can be in a den of bounty hunters and criminal scheming.

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Not that Hera's skills in any arena should be doubted (the Rebels series has relied on her ingenuity and willpower in almost every one imaginable). But from the first artwork and synopsis for Doctor Aphra #18, it seems she'll at least be caught off guard. Although, that may be more of a compliment to the cosmic archaeologist than a knock against the future General of the Rebel Alliance.

The story of these heroines' first meeting will come in Doctor Aphra #18, when the titular character has a mission take her into Rebel territory. She may not be a willing servant of the Empire, but that doesn't mean Aphra is seeking out the Rebels to join their cause. She's there unwillingly, thanks to pressure from a murderous droid she once called an ally. It's her loss, but considering what that extortion makes possible, it's obviously a good thing for fans. Check out the official synopsis for Issue #18 below:

Doctor Aphra is being blackmailed by Triple-Zero to run missions for his underground crime syndicate — but that doesn’t mean she can’t cause trouble and have fun along the way! Sometimes that fun means infiltrating Rebellion training grounds…and sometimes that trouble means crossing paths with famed rebel Hera Syndulla herself!

The cover artwork by Ashley Witter offers a bit more context than that tease, showing Hera in a pair of handcuffs (and Aphra clearly delighted to have put them there). That gives fans some questions to ask, and twists to speculate on: does Aphra actually manage to get the jump on Hera Syndulla? And if so, how? And is it possible that getting her hands on Hera is actually the mission Aphra is sent to the rebel training grounds to complete?

Whatever twists or turns this story will take, it comes at a time when both of its leading ladies are adding new layers and wrinkles to the existing Star Wars canon. Recent previews have confirmed Hera Syndulla was on Hoth before Empire, following Aphra's own investigation into the secrets of the Rebels' Yavin Temple Base. Will their chance encounter double-down on their role in the bigger Star Wars saga, or offer a fun adventure for fans of either heroine?

Only Doctor Aphra #18 holds the answer.

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Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #18 hits local comic shops and digital services on January 10, 2018.

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