Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Finale Images: Thrawn Prepares to Attack


Warning: this article may contain mild spoilers for Star Wars Rebels


At Star Wars Celebration 2016, almost a full years ago, Star Wars fans lost their minds upon hearing the announcement that Grand Admiral Thrawn was finally being brought in to official canon to serve as the primary antagonist for Star Wars Rebels season 3. And so far Thrawn has lived up to the hype, but it's been a slow burn. He's been slowly maneuvering the pieces on the game board all season, and now in the season finale, he's set to make the killing blow.

That killing blow is set to arrive in the two-part finale, 'Zero Hour: Part One' and 'Zero Hour: Part Two', and based on the trailer (and an impressive amount of hype from Darth Maul himself), it's going to be a worthy conclusion to the already strong third season. News that a season 4 is also on the way means there could be some setup for that included as well.

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Several new images have now been released highlighting a few key moments from the trailer, but also providing a few new looks:

  • The first image is a shot from the trailer of a Lambda Class Imperial Shuttle approaching the capital city of Lothal, making for a gorgeous and nearly symmetrical image.
  • The second is a little more intriguing, showing Thrawn with a hologram of the Fulcrum symbol (inspired by the markings on Ahsoka Tano's face). He may be in Agent Kallus' quarters here, investigating the double agent, but the context isn't completely clear.
  • The third shows Thrawn overlooking what appears to be a tactical map of the battle, meaning we're going to finally see the true genius of his tactical brain.
  • The fourth image shows the Ghost (with the Phantom II notably still docked, which it isn't in the trailer), as well as two Dornean Gunships, which are already confirmed to be the same ships seen in Rogue One and Return of the Jedi, meaning bigger Rebel Alliance connections are coming together.
  • The final image is Ezra in hyperspace talking to Mon Mothma. We've seen this scene in the trailers, and it can be assumed that he's on his way to recruit the Mandalorians, but with so many details still up in the air, there's a lot that could be going on here.


Outside of some hints from Rogue One and what we know from the original trilogy, there's really no knowing how this show will end up, but there are a few plot point that definitely need to be tied up eventually. Thrawn is obviously a major factor that will need to be accounted for by the time Rogue One and the rest of the original trilogy rolls around, but it's possible his future has already been hinted at in other material.

Either way, the Rebels finale appears to be a massive undertaking, and if the final episodes of the first two seasons are any indication, this resolution should be more than satisfactory for most fans.


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