'Star Wars Rebels' Goes Grocery Shopping

[This is a review of Star Wars Rebels season 1, episode 3. There will be SPOILERS.]


It's all about the boys in this latest episode of Star Wars Rebels as Zeb and Ezra forge a bond over a piece of rare fruit called a Meiloorun. 'Fighter Flight' feels like standard fare, but there is a method behind this Star Wars Universe madness.

Over the past few weeks, creators Dave Filoni and Simon Kinberg have slowly, sometime painstakingly, taken the time to develop this band of misfits. Zeb has been a key figure, especially after his adventures last week, when he was confronted by a harsh reminder from his past. We learned more about why he was so angry all time. If your entire species was nearly wiped from the face of the universe, wouldn't you be upset too?

At a time when Zeb couldn't feel more alone, along comes Ezra to annoy him to no end. That annoyance does lead to a welcomed bond between these two outcasts, who are both orphans in their own right. Again, looking at this week's adventure and you simply have two guys buying groceries, but their character development is crucial for making you care about the entire crew. After all, Rebels is about the formation of the Rebel Alliance, so times are about to get tough for our heroes. If you're interested in seeing what's in store, Disney XD released some clips from upcoming episodes.

Though we know little about her, Hera Syndulla is probably the most interesting of the bunch. She is both a mother-figure to the crew, as well as Kanan's companion. Kanan may be a former Jedi Knight, but Hera is the one who possesses all the wisdom. It will be nice to see Hera and even Sabine have a "ladies night out" episode of their own.

If there is a disappointing factor this week, it would have to be the lack of Jedi training that Kanan promised Ezra. It's good to see the eager padawan practicing on his own, but watching a true Jedi Knight in action is what we all want. The villainous Inquisitor is still looming in the shadows somewhere, so Ezra will need all his skills if he's going to make a real impact. The young man was again selfless when he decided to help his old friends escape from The Empire. What were your favorite moments from 'Fighter Flight?'

We're only a few episodes in, but Rebels feels like it's starting to find its footing, by delivering engaging episodes for all ages of Star Wars fans. Do you think the pacing could be faster, or do you enjoy the character development that Filoni and Kinberg have set in motion? Keep watching to see what happens next.

Star Wars Rebels continues with 'Rise of the Old Masters' next Monday @8pm on Disney XD. Check out an inside look at this week's episode below:

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