Star Wars Rebels: 10 Best Fan Theories On Ezra and Sabine

Ezra and Sabine from Disneys Star Wars: Rebels have been on great adventures together. But what is in their future? Here are the best fan theories!

Earlier this month, the internet celebrated the first anniversary of the finale of Disney XD's Star Wars: Rebels. Fans around the world gathered on social media, sharing their memories of the series through the hashtag "#RebelsRemembered". The animated series gained a considerable following, introduced audiences to a batch of new heroes and villains and expanded the Star Wars universe beyond belief. When the series came to a close, its ending only left fans wanting more.

The series finale wrapped up many of the plot threads and character arcs neatly. That being said, the fates of two former Ghost Crew Members were left incredibly vague. Both Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren's conclusions have yet to be told, leaving fans to speculate where their stories might continue beyond Rebels. So, here are ten theories as to where the two characters might have ended up after their appearances in Rebels.

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10 Ezra and Thrawn Are Stranded In Unknown Space

This idea might be the most realistic. The Unknown Regions genuinely live up to their name, as barely anyone can traverse them due to their dangerous and mysterious nature. Star Wars canon has referred continuously to the Unknown Regions, and if Ezra and Thrawn were to get lost anywhere, it would be there.

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It's safe to assume that when Ezra summoned the Purrgil, he did not have a specific location in mind. Thrawn and Ezra could simply be stranded on an unknown world, having to rely on one another to survive. When Thrawn was found by the Empire, he pretended to be marooned on an unknown planet. Hopefully, that method acting work prepared him for the real thing.

9 Ezra Allied Himself With The Chiss Ascendancy

Though the Unknown Regions are shrouded in mystery, we do know that it's the location of Thrawn's homeworld of Csilla. Perhaps when he and Ezra blasted into hyperspace, the Purrgils took them to this planet of the Chiss.

The Chiss Ascendancy is a benevolent yet powerful society, like a hybrid of The Republic and The Galactic Empire. Thrawn has spoken of the undiscovered threats in the Unknown Regions before. Ezra easily could have allied himself with Thrawn and the Chiss to protect innocent individuals from mysterious galactic foes.

8 Sabine Infiltrated The Remnants Of The Empire

Though she was a hero of the rebellion, Sabine spent many years as an Imperial Cadet. At the Mandalorian Imperial Academy, Sabine trained for years to study the Empire's standard protocol and procedures.

After their fall, the empire retreated into the unknown regions, forming what would become the first order. With Sabine's first-hand knowledge of the Empire and her impeccable espionage skills, she easily could have infiltrated a Star Destroyer bound for the unknown regions. Going undercover to find Ezra would be a perfect plan to navigating such mysterious territories.

7 The First Order Captured Ezra

As far as Star Wars canon has shown, the First Order mobilized within the unknown regions. Supreme Leader Snoke hailed from this region and wiggled his way into his level of leadership easily. With their combined efforts, they would be searching tirelessly for any Force-sensitives within these uncharted areas.

Ezra could not have remained hidden for very long without being discovered. Although he had escaped Imperial capture in the past, Ezra has little chance of outsmarting Snoke on his home turf.

6 Luke Joined Sabine and Ahsoka's Search

Who else would be a better help to Sabine and Ahsoka than the Last Jedi himself? As shown in Battlefront II, Luke was searching the galaxy for artifacts held secret within Palpatine's hidden observatories. Palpatine's interest in the Unknown Regions might have piqued Luke's attention, and searching for other Force users like Ezra would have been of great concern for the newly appointed Jedi Master.

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Also, seeing Luke Skywalker team up with Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren would melt the brains of fans worldwide. If Sabine and Ahsoka were to get their own animated spin-off, and appearance from Luke would be a must. Also, Dave Filoni, the creator of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels recently shared a drawing of a proposed future, featuring Sabine and Ahsoka traversing a mountainous path. Those steps and hills looked awfully similar to Ahch-To. Maybe this is how Luke finds the ancient Jedi planet?

5 Ezra Joined The Knights of Ren

Ezra dabbled in the dark side multiple times throughout Star Wars: Rebels. His interactions with Maul, the Sith Holocron, and Palpatine prove that he at least had an interest in the dark side. Ezra is a character who is incredibly passionate, often triggered by emotion in the same way many Sith are.

What if instead of being captured by Snoke and the First Order, Ezra became a member of the fledgling Knights of Ren?

4 Ezra Began His Own Jedi Academy With The Chiss

In Timothy Zahn's novel Thrawn: Alliances, it is revealed that a small group of Chiss are Force sensitive. This group named the Ozyly-esehembo used their abilities in the Force to navigate the treacherous landscape of the Unknown Regions.

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If Ezra and Thrawn returned to the Chiss homeworld, Ezra obviously would want to at least commune with these beings. Ezra would need allies in this alien environment and could even have started a fledgling Jedi Academy on Csilla.

3 Ezra Turned Away From The Teachings Of The Jedi

Rebels introduced many new ideas surrounding Force-wielders in a way never seen before. Ahsoka, The Bendu, Maul, and the Inquisitors were all outside the binary roles of Jedi and Sith. Ezra undoubtedly allied himself with his Jedi master Kanan and respected the history of the order, but it would not be surprising to see Ezra turn away from the conventional trappings of the Jedi. This is not to say Ezra would turn to the dark side, but perhaps he followed the example set forth by Ahsoka and Bendu.

Ezra had his own unique relationship with the Force unlike anyone before. He was far more connected to the natural world than most Jedi and had an affinity with many creatures. Perhaps he will expand his view of the Force beyond that of the Jedi teachings in a more nature-based philosophy.

2 Sabine Recruits Pedro Pascall In The Mandalorian

Many Star Wars fans have wanted more animated characters to appear in live action projects. Perhaps Sabine Wren might be one of the first to make the live action transition. According to Making Star Wars, Sabine's helmet appeared on the set of The Mandalorian, the first live-action Star Wars series.

The Mandalorian is set to premiere on Disney+ shortly after the service goes live later this year. The series is supposed to be set somewhere in the outer rim, on the edge, and wilds of unknown space. Sabine easily could be tracking down help to find Ezra. Maybe Sabine will have a run in with Pedro Pascall?

1 Ezra Discovered A Hidden Power In The Unknown Regions

If one thing is sure from all canon material, whether it be books, video games, or comics, it's that the unknown regions hold the secret to the future of Star Wars. Everything seems to be leading there. Within Chuck Wendig's Aftermath Trilogy, Palpatine sensed an incredible power hiding away in unknown space. Perhaps this power is Snoke but more likely than not it could be something yet to be revealed. Snoke, at least after The Last Jedi, does not hold as much importance as many thought.

Lucasfilm is obviously set to unveil something major, and Ezra is right in the middle of it. Who knows what great power exists at the edge of the galaxy, but there is no doubt Ezra Bridger will be the one to face it first. It could even be an old foe from Legends canon! With characters like Thrawn and Rukh coming back, who knows? Maybe even a villain like the Yuuzhan Vong could return with a vengeance.

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