Star Wars Rebels: Dave Filoni Reveals Ahsoka Meeting Bendu

Ahsoka Tano in Rebels

Dave Filoni has revealed some new details regarding the still missing Ahsoka Tano, who apparently had an encounter with the Bendu before she went on to face his old master, Anakin Skywalker. The meeting took place in Malachor where the two-episode Star Wars Rebels season 2 finale -- 'Twilight of the Apprentice', and since then, the ex-Jedi Knight has yet to make her return in the Disney XD series.

There has been a great deal of discussion regarding Ahsoka's disappearance and expected return, especially after Filoni wore a shirt to this year's Star Wars Celebration Orlando that read: "Ahsoka Lives". Various theories have swirled around the internet regarding her status, with one of the most popular ones reincarnating her into the Wolf -- which the show exec has already addressed. But with Rebels wrapping up its impressive run with the upcoming fourth season, Filoni and his team are expected to tie up a lot of loose threads -- including that of Ahsoka's ultimate fate.

But before Rebels presumably tells us what exactly happened to the former Jedi Knight, Filoni has shared what could be a clue on Ahsoka's whereabouts. Taking to his official Twitter account, the brain behind the animated series reveals that Ahsoka has met up with the Bendu before her trip to Malachor with Kanan and Ezra. And from their conversation, it seems like she at least has an inkling as to what the "confrontation" will be like or about.

— Dave Filoni (@dave_filoni) July 7, 2017

As Filoni put it, the Bendu and Ahsoka's conversation about the latter's impending Vader encounter is indeed interesting. The excerpt gives us a better idea of the Togruta's frame of mind before her emotional duel with his old master and probably also some new ones as we try to understand her decision to stay in the crumbling Malachor. Still, like how Filoni and the show have been treating Ahsoka's disappearance, the Bendu did not definitely say that she will die, instead, he just floated around the idea that she could.

Another takeaway from Filoni's recent bombshell is the fact that the Bendu has already been lurking around Phoenix Squadron's base in the remote planet of Atollon. Bendu didn't really come out until season 3. It is important to note that although the Bendu has thus far become friendly with Ahsoka and Kanan (eventually helping the latter and his troops escape Grand Admiral Thrawn's assault in the Battle of Atollon), he does not have any affiliations, as he claims to represent the center of the Force between the light and the dark side making him a wildcard.

Filoni is not only a master of Star Wars canon, he also does very well in terms of teasing fans and keeping them hyped up. But if there is one thing that he has reiterated time and time and again, it's that everything he does will eventually pay-off. So it is safe to assume that whatever secret message he is trying to convey in this supposedly tiny Star Wars Rebels reveal, we can expect that it will eventually be clarified in the upcoming episodes.

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