Star Wars Rebels Clip: The Legends of the Lasat are Explored

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is still dominating the box office, meaning our enthusiasm for a galaxy far, far away hasn't diminished. To fill the weeks between now and the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, there are books to read, video games to play, and television to watch -- specifically, Star Wars Rebelsthe strongest addition to the new Star Wars canon outside the latest feature film.

Rebels is currently in the midst of its second season where we've so far been introduced to a young Princess Leia -- who, even at such a young age, was aiding the Rebellion -- and learned of Sabine's Mandalorian lineage. Next week's episode looks to continue with this trend in backstory exploration, revealing new information about Zeb and his race, the Lasats.

Check out a clip from Star Wars Rebels, 'Legends of the Lasat' above.

So little is known about the Lasats due in large part to their near eradication by the Empire. Those who didn't manage to escape the fall of Lasan, their homeworld, were enslaved, and from there on out, a Lasat became a rarity in the galaxy. On Rebels, Zeb and others have remarked more than once that he could very well be the last of his kind -- only he's not, seeing as we meet a pair of Lasats in this very clip.

Star Wars Rebels Legends of the Lasat Preview

Coming across a pair of Lasats must be almost unheard of, so it seems even more surprising that these two just so happen to also know Zeb. That may have more to do with who Zeb used to be -- a member of the Lasan Honor Guard -- than who these newcomers are, but it does seem awfully convenient that of the smattering of Lasats still alive and free in the galaxy, the Ghost comes across two who know the only other Lasat we've ever met.

Suspicions aside, learning anything about Zeb's race and homeworld should prove interesting since the Lasats are basically undefined by official Star Wars canon. Other than Zeb, no Lasat has appeared in any Star Wars media except for an old role-playing game which is no longer considered official canon. This episode, then, is an opportunity for Rebels' writers (with oversight from the Lucasfilm Story Group, no doubt) to create the Lasat society, laying the cultural groundwork for Zeb and any future Lasats who may appear.

Star Wars Rebels continues with 'The Legend of the Lasats' on Wednesday, February 3 on Disney XD.

Source: Star Wars YouTube

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