Star Wars Rebels Showrunner Explains Big Force Twist

Star War Rebels showrunner and creator Dave Filoni explains the big twist to the Force that was introduced in the series' penultimate episode(s).

Ezra in the World Between Worlds in Star Wars Rebels

SPOILERS for last week's Star Wars Rebels.


Star Wars Rebels creator Dave Filoni opens up about the big twist to the Force canon in last week's episode. Season 2's showdown between Darth Vader and the Rebels was one of the show's most epic finales yet, but it's not hard to imagine tonight's episode topping it. The Star Wars Rebels series finale is sure to feature some major developments, as its brings the story of the Ghost crew's time together to some sort of close.

Rebels already added something major to Star Wars canon last week in 'World Between Worlds', which featured Ezra literally walking between time. Once there, he was actually able to pull Ahsoka out of her duel wth Vader, revealing that she never really died. We don't know when the character will return, but it's clear that Lucasfilm still has plans for the fan-favorite Jedi. As for the unique take on time travel Rebels introduced, it's not as out there for Star Wars as you might think.

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CinemaBlend spoke with Filoni about said big twist. After noting that the device won't be used haphazardly to bring back characters, Filoni made it clear that Ahsoka returning is something important. Beyond that, Filoni described how he sees the 'new' aspect of the Force:

"I don't really think of it as time travel. It's not really a thing where you go through one door and out another in a different time. The world between worlds is really about knowledge and gaining knowledge. As the Dume wolf says, what's in there is knowledge and destruction. You can gain knowledge of the future or futures that may happen, and you can see things that happened in the past. You can at times choose to alter them, but it's perilous to do so and when you alter something you don't know if that's not the way it always happened. So destruction is the other half of what's in there. When you go through these doorways, you're in peril of destruction because you're missing all sorts of things that would have happened or things would've happened otherwise, you know, so it's a dangerous game but it's not something we're here going in and out of different doors. It's an extension of the Jedi's ability to perceive the future and the past, as described in Empire Strikes Back."

Ahsoka Tano in Rebels

While time travel doesn't do enough to describe what Ezra finds inside the temple, it's certainly a bold new direction for Star Wars. It's especially impactful when you consider Rebels is part of the same canon as the movies and is overseen by Lucasfilm's story group. There's no guarantee we'll see the World Between Worlds in the Star Wars live-action films, but it's certainly possible. After all, the voices heard in Rebels last week were almost all pulled from the movies. Not to mention, both Rebels and its predecessor The Clone Wars have already influenced the Star Wars films in other ways.

Filoni has indicated that his follow-up to Rebels will be announced soon, which could mean as soon as right after the Rebels finale airs. It's assumed that Filoni's next project will be another animated Star Wars TV show - one that could be largely disconnected from the events of Rebels. However, considering how many plot threads and characters from The Clone Wars ultimately found their way onto Rebels at some point, it's reasonable to think that we haven't seen the last of either Ahsoka or the World Between Worlds on the small screen.

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Star Wars Rebels airs its 90-minute series finale tonight at 8:30 EST on Disney XD.

Source: CinemaBlend

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