Star Wars Rebels: [SPOILER]'s Return Explained

Star Wars Rebels Ahsoka and a Convor

How Ahsoka's Return Was Set Up

Without knowing that Ezra would discover a place like the world between worlds, there was no way to predict exactly how Ahsoka could have survived her duel with Darth Vader and make it out of the crumbling temple alive. But once such a place is revealed, so many of the clues scattered throughout Star Wars Rebels (and beyond) begin to make sense. For starters, the mural of the Mortis Gods first seen in the Rebels Season 4 trailer led to a lot of speculation about what roles The Daughter, The Father, and The Son might come to play in not only the series, but specifically Ahsoka's survival and return.

As it turns out, their role was a passive one, serving as the key to unlocking the entrance to the world between worlds. But their imagery remains a clue, suggesting that the planet Mortis - a place which is explained during those Clone Wars episodes as being a "conduit through which the entire Force of the universe flows" - might connect to this world between worlds. They may even be one in the same seeing as the world between worlds also appears to have the Force flowing through it, connecting it to all existing time and space.

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The convor sitting on The Daughter's shoulder in that mural was a definite clue that Ahsoka was alive and would soon return as it's been seen near her before. In fact, Ahsoka recognizes the bird when she enters the world between worlds and calls it by a name - Morai, a name never mentioned before but is perhaps another name for The Daughter. She also mentions that she owes the convor her life, which could either be referring to when The Daughter gave her life to save Ahsoka back on Mortis or some other, unseen adventure involving the convor specifically.

Where Will Ahsoka Appear Next?

Star Wars Rebels Ahsoka Tano Dave Filoni Topps Cards

But these weren't the only clues. It turns out a set of Star Wars Topps card illustrations created by Filoni contained the most intriguing hints. At first, they seemed a random series of drawings, nearly indecipherable until Ezra opened the portal to the world between worlds. Now that he has, it's evident this was a plan long in the making. Upon release, Filoni described the illustrations as, "images I made just for Topps that start to explain visually, metaphorically what the end is about." Whether he meant specifically the end of Season 2 or the end of the whole series is unclear, but we now at least have some basis for understanding what these illustrations possibly represent.

Of the ten images, those which depict Vader and Ahsoka seem to be the before and after of their duel. But now, having seen what happens with Ezra and Ahsoka in "A World Between Worlds", we can begin to guess at what some of the others represent. The one where the convor is leading Ahsoka as she wades through water could be what she finds as she descends deeper into the Sith Temple, since the convor travels with her back through the portal. And the image of Ahsoka stepping through the Loth wolves portal - something she isn't shown doing in these episodes - may suggest she enters the world between worlds again in the future (either that, or Filoni had the concept for the Loth wolves portal but hadn't yet decided how it would be used).

Regardless of whether or not these Topps cards hold any more clues as to what Ahsoka will do next, she does promise Ezra that she will find him after she returns to her original timeline. Based on that setting, though, this would have been some time ago, meaning that Ahsoka would be coming to Lothal soon if she is at all; unless, it was actually Ahsoka who was instrumental in first sending the Loth wolves to seek out Kanan and Ezra. Given the foreknowledge she now possesses, it isn't impossible that she is who puts into motion the events which lead Ezra to discover the portal to the world between worlds in the first place.

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Ahsoka's return came about in a shocking manner that no one could have predicted. Still, thanks to the clues which had been laid out in advance, even a strange and convoluted explanation as this manages to connect seamlessly. Both Ahsoka and Ezra now better understand their purpose and the role they have to play in the fight against the Empire and the Sith, and in next week's series finale, we can expect more about their futures to be revealed.

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Star Wars Rebels season 4 concludes next Monday with 'A Fool's Hope' and 'Family Reunion - and Farewell' at 9pm EST on Disney XD.

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