Star Wars Rebels: [SPOILER]'s Return Explained

Ahsoka Tano in Rebels

Warning! MAJOR SPOILERS for Star Wars Rebels ahead!


Star Wars Rebels has finally answered one of its biggest questions: Ahsoka Tano lives!. Not only does the second of tonight's two episodes, "A World Between Worlds" reveal that Ahsoka did, in fact, survive her duel with Darth Vader in "Twilight of the Apprentice", but it explains how their duel ends and how Ahsoka escapes from the collapsing Sith Temple.

Ahsoka's fate has been a lingering question among fans ever since that dramatic Season 2 finale. Rebels executive producer, Dave Filoni made sure to remain frustratingly coy whenever discussing the fan-favorite character, even tormenting fans at a convention panel with a t-shirt that teased "Ahsoka Lives?", before changing into another t-shirt with an "Ahsoka Lives!" message. All that teasing has paid off, however, because while fans may have been confident in their assumption the former Jedi would return, there was no way they could have guessed at how.

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And the clues were all there, from the convor seen flying around whenever Ahsoka was near to the mural of the Mortis Gods to that final shot of Ahsoka walking down the stairs of the Sith Temple. What was missing was the piece of the puzzle that would tie it all together - Ezra. Having learned last week that the Jedi Temple on Lothal was in danger from the Empire, he and the Ghost Crew embark on a mission to save it, but they wind up saving - and learning - more than they could have ever imagined.

How Ahsoka Survives Her Duel With Darth Vader

Ahsoka vs Vader

Arriving at the Jedi Temple, Sabine and Ezra move to get a closer look at the mural the Empire has uncovered, while Hera, Zeb, and Chopper keep watch. The mural depicts the three characters known as the Mortis Gods or The Daughter, The Father, and The Son - three incredibly powerful Force-users who Ahsoka, Anakin, and Obi-Wan interacted with during The Clone Wars. Sabine is able to decipher the mural and explain to Ezra that by activating The Daughter's image, he will open a portal.

At first, Ezra assumes the portal will lead inside the Jedi Temple but where he winds up is somewhere far more special. The portal - designed to look like a spinning ring of running Loth wolves - drops Ezra into an otherworldly plane filled with more portals and illuminated walkways against a starry sky. He hears voices, too, speaking from across all time and space, suggesting that this strange place itself exists somewhere outside of the known universe - a world between worlds. As he walks along the pathways, Ezra sees a convor sitting atop a triangle-shaped portal - the same convor, Ezra remarks, that he's seen flying around whenever Ahsoka is near.

As Ezra walks closer to the portal, a scene begins to emerge - Ahsoka fighting Darth Vader inside the Sith Temple. It's the very moment Ezra last saw Ahsoka, with her pushing him away before she and Vader are sealed inside the temple's inner chamber. Through the portal, however, Ezra is able to watch their duel continue. They parry each others' blows until Ahsoka, noticing that the temple is tearing itself apart, thrusts her lightsabers into the floor and creates a chasm. Vader falls in but before Ahsoka can follow, Ezra reaches through the portal and pulls Ahsoka out of danger and into the world between worlds.

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Star Wars Rebels Ahsoka Tano Sith Temple Stairs

Essentially, Ezra removes Ahsoka from the timeline at the very moment she likely would have died, saving her life. This leads Ezra to believe that he can also save Kanan's life, running towards a portal from which he can hear his dead master's voice. Thankfully, Ahsoka is able to convince Ezra not to pull Kanan out the timeline like he did for her, explaining that were Kanan removed from that moment, they all would die without anyone to stop the explosion. Similarly to how she can no longer save her master and now accepts that Anakin is lost to the dark side, Ezra must also accept that he cannot save Kanan.

Just then, though, the Emperor/Darth Sidious - who had sent the Empire to study the temple in the hope of reaching this mysterious world between worlds - appears in the portal, having found it by locking on to Ezra's location with ancient Sith sorcery. He attacks Ahsoka and Ezra but they manage to escape - Ezra back through the Loth wolves portal where seals the entrance, and Ahsoka the triangle-shaped portal back to the Sith Temple. She doesn't arrive at exactly the moment she left, however, and instead appears in another part of the temple near a set of stairs that lead deeper inside - the very same stairs it seemed that Ahsoka was descending in the final moments of the Season 2 finale.

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