Star Wars Rebels: Dave Filoni Provides Clarification on Ahsoka Lives

Ahsoka Tano in Rebels

In celebration of his birthday, Dave Filoni decided to treat his fans instead with an intriguing image of Ahsoka addressing the nagging Star Wars Rebels question about his controversial "Ahsoka Lives" shirt during this year's Star Wars Celebration. Since the season finale of Star Wars Rebels season 2, fans were left with no clue about the fate of the former Jedi. In the season capper episode titled 'Twilight of the Apprenticeshe was so distraught upon finding out that her very own master, Anakin, was the person behind Darth Vader's mask during their one-on-one. While the remnants of Malachor slowly crumbled, she stalls the Sith Lord until Ezra, Kanan and Chopper were already out of the doomed planet. She then decided to stay and walk towards the collapsing temple instead with a white owl, known in the Star Wars mythos as a convor, following her to the darkness.

There are multiple theories about Ahsoka's fate moving forward, but arguably the most prominent thus far is the possibility of her coming back as the wolf - mined from the previously released 10 digital trading cards for Topps’ Star Wars: Card Trader app that provides additional sequences in the final moments of “Twilight of the Apprentice.” The cards show Ahsoka walking through a triangular arch into the remains of the temple followed by the same convor with the last card depicting her stepping into a white doorway surrounded by a few White Wolves. The theory is further backed up by a sequence in Rebels season 4 trailer showing Ezra and Sabine riding a huge white wolf with Hera's voice narrating: “We never imagined it would end like this." Previously, concept art of Ahsoka from the Star Wars: Clone Wars era shows Ahsoka riding a similar looking wolf providing more tie-ins.

Filoni's "clarification" image was posted on his official Twitter account. The artwork features Ahsoka, a wolf and an owl all with callout tags. Interestingly, Ahsoka's text bubble reads "not the wolf" presumably addressing the famed rumor of her coming back in Rebels season 4 in the form of the wolf.

It might be my Birthday, but here is a gift, and perhaps a clarification, for you.

May the Force be with you!

- Dave

— Dave Filoni (@dave_filoni) June 8, 2017

Needless to say, Filoni is a master of teases. The executive producer of Rebels has been known to cleverly spin his words in a way that he seems to reveal something, but he really did not reveal anything. The image he posted may appear to be a little on the nose but it is not a definite confirmation that in some way, Ahsoka's return will not be tied with the Wolf storyline. After all, Filoni himself has said that nothing in the show is coincidental.

With the upcoming fourth season of Rebels being its final outing, we can expect that the show will be tying up a lot of loose ends. While it does not mean that all questions will be answered, it seems fitting that Ahsoka's fate gets some explanation. She was non-existent in the entirety of Rebels season 3 and surely she was up to something really important than helping out the Rebellion and the Ghost Crew in their crusade against Maul and Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Whatever Ahsoka's story will be when she comes back for Star Wars Rebels season 4, fans can rest assured that Filoni and his team of have concocted a good way to reintroduce her back into the fold.

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