Star Wars: 5 Reasons Why We Want The Rise Of Skywalker To Be The End Of The Saga (& 5 Reasons We Don't)

Rise of Skywalker is sure to be a hit, but will it be the right way to end the saga? Here are some pros and cons on closing out the final chapter.

Star Wars has been a phenomenon since its premiere in the summer of 1977. Since then, the main Skywalker Saga has touched audiences for decades, while at the same time comprising decades of storytelling. This vast story of one galactic family is set to come to a close with December's Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

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While there is a contingent of fans who have disliked the sequel trilogy, there is no denying it has had a massive presence at the box office each Christmas. This finale is sure to be another major hit financially, but will it be the right way to end the saga? Here are some pros and cons on finally time closing the book on the Skywalker Saga.

7 Want - These New Characters Are Coming To A Close

Over the course of two films, audiences have fallen in love with Rey, Finn, Poe, and Kylo Ren. Their stories have now joined the ranks of tales about iconic characters such as Luke, Leia, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. But, as with every trilogy, we feel the finality of their stories just beyond the horizon.

The Last Jedi put these heroes and villains to the ultimate test, tempting their allegiances and beliefs, and placing them on a path towards the end of their stories. The Rise of Skywalker feels, from what the trailers have shown, to be closing the book on these characters for the last time.

While we love these new characters, some fans have been quick to point out the issues in regards to worldbuilding. While this isn't necessarily an issue in story quality, it certainly remains a bit of an annoyance when it comes to clarity.

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Not every fan is going to go and read Claudia Gray's fantastic novel Bloodline or read every comic series that explains the political landscape of the galaxy. Yet, the sequel films don't' seem to care to explain it. While many don't mind it, others feel left in the dark thus far by this trilogy.

6 Want - Star Wars Needs To Change

The Sequel Trilogy has offered up two films that offered two visions of Star Wars' future as a franchise. The Force Awakens, for all of its new characters and stories, still hung tightly to nostalgia for the original trilogy. On the other hand, The Last Jedi still shared a lot of thematic similarities and visual nods to the originals but did so in a way that moved the franchise forward.

The Rise of Skywalker seems to be doing a bit of both, but after forty years, it's time for Star Wars to move on from the Skywalkers, Rebels, and Empire. By ending the saga, the franchise can finally give itself permission to tell new stories in different areas, times, and worlds of the galaxy.

While it really feels like the end of this trilogy, we can't help but feel sad that this is also the end of these characters, for now. There is no denying the impact that all of these new heroes and villains have had on fans of Star Wars. Rey is such an important figure in the saga, representing the first outsider to take on the Skywalker legacy, as well as the first lead female Jedi protagonist (in live-action).

Kylo Ren is a fascinating villain to follow as well. Adam Driver's performance as the disgraced son of Han Solo and Princess Leia has given fans one of the most dynamic villains of the entire franchise. Finn and Poe are fantastic supporting leads as well, serving as really positive characters of color in a franchise that is long overdue when it comes to representation. Finn is absolutely hilarious and few characters have matched Poe's swagger. We aren't ready to say goodbye to them just yet.

5 Want - Lucas Only Planned For A Nine Episode Saga

While George Lucas himself has not been directly involved with this new trilogy, Lucasfilm and its employees obviously revere the man and his vision. Because of that, they are also following his original vision to encapsulate the Skywalker Saga into three distinct trilogies.

Back during the production of the original series, Lucas had always stated that this was his intention. Now, with the finale soon to be released, the entire saga is finally coming to an end in the way George wanted (at least in a structural sense). How much his comments and ideas will come into the final story though is yet to be seen.

4 Don't - Lucas Hasn't Been Involved, Why Keep To His Original Vision?

Though ending the saga after nine movies would fit in with Lucas' original vision, it's not as if Disney hasn't already moved past Lucas' vision. Most now know that Disney and Lucasfilm did not use a majority, if any, of Lucas' original ideas for the Sequel Trilogy (at least for the first two films).

Disney is certainly not beholden to keeping with the limitations of a nine-part saga. If they want to continue the saga in ten years or so, with episodes ten, eleven, and twelve, who's to say they couldn't. It's not as if this story won't have any threads that could be picked up.

3 Want - There Is A Lack Of Legacy Characters Left

At this point in the saga, there is only one original member of the Original Trilogy trio that is still left in the films, and sadly, her real-life counterpart is no longer with us. Both Luke Skywalker and Han Solo have been killed off, and there is no way fans will see more of Leia apart from her limited screen time in Rise of Skywalker.

It would just not feel right to continue the Skywalker Saga without the presence of at least one of these three characters. Ending the saga at this point with so many of them now gone feels like the best time to do so.

That being said, there are still a handful of legacy characters that have not gotten enough screen time whatsoever. Lando is only just now making a comeback with Billy Dee Williams back in the role. Many fans would have loved to have seen him return earlier.

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Not to mention C3-PO and R2-D2 have really taken a back seat compared to other characters. While we love BB-8 and the soon-to-appear D-0, these two droids started the entire saga. They were there within the first ten minutes of A New Hope, and we deserve far more time with them than we've gotten.

2 Wan't - We Need A Star Wars Break

No matter what happens with the Saga, the entire Star Wars franchise needs to take a little bit of a step back when it comes to theatrical releases. No matter what you think of either Solo or The Last Jedi, they have suffered through a good deal of public relations issues, whether warranted or not.

It's not as if taking a break means no more Star Wars content at all. Look at the success of both The Mandalorian and Jedi: Fallen Order. Both are expanding the impact of the franchise without theatrical releases. Taking a good break to understand where the franchise needs to go will be a good thing.

1 Don't - It Gets Star Wars' Roots

No matter what,  no one can deny that this new trilogy has really committed to following the roots of the franchise. Especially looking at the tradition of effects, these new films have attempted to both push the limits in regard to modern-day CGI effects, while embracing the old and new traditions of practical puppetry.

The amount of effort, for example, that was put into bringing the Yoda puppet back to life for The Last Jedi was astounding. With the end of this saga comes and end of this team who have worked so hard on these creatures and effects.

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