Star Wars Resistance Fans Respond To Voice Actor Mocking Dr. Blasey Ford

Star Wars Resistance actor Rachel Batera is under fire from Star Wars fans demanding she be fired after a tweet mocking a Dr. Blasey Ford.

Star Wars Resistance General Leia

Star Wars Resistance actress Rachel Butera is facing fire from a different resistance movement today, following a tweet in which she mocked the voice of Dr. Blasey Ford. The actress was cast as the voice of General Leia Organa in the new Star Wars animated series, which is due to premiere on October 7. However, a large number of fans are now petitioning Disney to recast the role in the wake of Butera's tweet.

Set in the early days of the Resistance, before the events of The Force Awakens, Star Wars: Resistance is probably the most highly anticipated animated series of 2018. Fans have been anxiously awaiting the show's arrival since it was first announced in April. The series' cast includes Oscar Isaac and Gwendoline Christie, reprising their roles as Resistance pilot Poe Dameron and First Order Captain Phasma from the latest trilogy of Star Wars movies.

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Butera kicked-off the recent controversy with a video post on her personal Twitter account, which can be viewed below. In the post, Butera mocked the speaking voice of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford - a sexual assault survivor who was testifying on Capitol Hill regarding her case at the time Butera posted. Butera was quick to delete the offending video when her followers began to take her to task for her insensitivity. She later changed the settings on her Twitter account so that her posts would only be visible to verified followers but not before people took screenshots of the post.

As fast as Butera was to delete her video, it was not fast enough to stop word from spreading across the Internet. Soon thereafter, Butera was being called out for her actions by hundreds of people, including prominent Star Wars super-fans, members of the press, and people who had worked on Star Wars in one capacity or another. A number of the more prominent responses have been collected below.

Jill Pantozzi - Deputy Editor of i09

Star Wars Resistance Jill Pantozzi Comments

Amanda Ward - MakingStarWars

Star Wars Resistance Amanda Ward Comments

Amy Ratcliffe - Managing Editor of Nerdist

Star Wars Resistance Amy Ratcliffe Comments

Geek Girl Diva - Writer for and SyFyWire

Star Wars Resistance Geek Girl Diva Comments

Star Wars Resistance Chloe Dykstra

Star Wars Resistance Star Wars Explained Comments

Screen Rant has reached out to Disney and Lucasfilm for comment, but has yet to receive a response. Given how swiftly Disney responded to similarly tasteless jokes by director James Gunn and comedian Roseanne Barr in the past, however, it seems possible that Rachel Butera will start seeking employment elsewhere shortly. Luckily, for the producers of Star Wars Resistance, the show's premiere date is not so close that it would be impossible to recast the role of General Leia Organa and for the new vocal tracks to be inserted, should Disney decide to recast the role. Screen Rant will continue to monitor this story and provide updates as warranted.

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