Star Wars: 10 Cutest R2-D2 Moments That Made Us Fall In Love With Him

Star Wars is no stranger to cuteness. Sure, the story itself is essentially a fantasy prophecy set in a sci-fi environment, but there’s always room for the adorable. R2-D2 captured our hearts thanks to the story setup of A New Hope and he continues to be the MVP of the series. Except in Solo. Because excuse you, there’s always a way to fit an Artoo cameo in.

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Here are the 10 cutest R2-D2 moments that made us fall in love with him.

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10 The Bouncy Animation From Droids!

Star Wars: Droids is questionably canon at this point, but we’re gonna roll with it because it was totally canon prior to Rogue One. Like seriously, it still fits between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.

Not only does Artoo officially play himself, but he has the silliest animation ever. The 80s cheesiness makes it even better, but he can be particularly bouncy when trying to express his point. He’s just so squishy and round!

9 R2 With a Porg!

Created because it was easier to put a cute CGI skin on a puffin than shoo the puffins away while filming, Porgs remain a questionable addition among fans. Since they didn’t really have a point in The Last Jedi aside from what feels like a marketing ploy, many older fans were annoyed. But you have to admit they’re kind of cute. Pointless, but cute.

And you know what makes it cuter? Artoo with a Porg. Seriously, look at them. Artoo can make friends with anything. It’s so cute. LOOK AT THEM!!

8 The Beeping!

Thank you, Ben Burtt, for blessing us with Artoo’s glorious foley. Ben Burtt is the primary sound designer for the Star Wars series and actually wrote the Droids movie “The Great Heep” (special shout out to R2’s adorable parachute). So he basically lays claim to at least half of Artoo’s likeability.

Using his own voice, Burtt fed the recordings through a synth. From there, it was editing the vocalizations into the right places and portraying the right emotions. Like the little fearful cooing when he’s scared or the silly little scream he does when zooming away from Stormtroopers.

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7 The Power Socket Mistake!

Who can blame R2 for a mistake any of us would make? When trying to hack Cloud City’s security system, our intrepid little astromech droid rolled up to what he believed was a computer terminal. But nope! Even the pros make mistakes.

Poor R2 wound up almost frying his circuits, but Chewbacca is a great friend and pulls him out just in time. And as always, C-3PO is wholly unhelpful. Yes, we all know you're a language droid, but you think he would’ve picked up on a little tech stuff considering how long he’s known R2.

It’s a cute, funny moment between friends and we can’t help but feel bad for R2. Shh, it’s ok, someone will give you a hug.

6 The Mischievous Streak!

Leave it to R2 to roll with the punches. When some shaking from Luke’s X-Wing sends him careening into a swamp, Artoo pops out his handy dandy periscope and just kinda dawdles around. And wow, that is so cute. We can’t even see his “face,” but you can tell he’s having a grand old time exploring.

That is, until something tries to eat him. That’s no fun.

5 When R2 Went On A Date!

Harkening back to “The Great Heep” and how cute the droids look in 2D animation, one scene in particular sticks out. Without getting too into the plot, R2 is whisked off to an astromech paradise where he meets other droids. Specifically, he meets one with... high heels?

The two play around in an oil pool and kinda cuddle and ok, it’s cute. Droids technically don’t have genders but that falls into some flavor of adorable. Just let R2 have all the friends.

4 The Scared Noises!

Remember how we mentioned Ben Burtt’s godtier sound skills? That really comes into play whenever Artoo has to convey emotions. And that’s really hard to do for a character that can’t physically emote. So what do you do? You rely on sound.

Though R2 can sort of shrink down on his haunches, he really sells it with that sad little cooing he does. Like, he actually looks scared. Save him!

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3 The Waddle!

And now it is time to tip our hats to the late Kenny Baker. Baker portrayed R2-D2 for six of the eight Star Wars films, serving as a consultant for the character on The Force Awakens. But for the most part, Baker was inside of the droid, operating R2 when the radio controls wouldn’t.

So based solely on the design of the droid, when that third leg isn’t down, Artoo has to waddle. And it’s cute. Sometimes, he does it out of happiness or excitement. Sometimes, it’s out of necessity. Either way, it makes him look like a penguin.

2 The Lightsaber Toss!

Did you even know he HAD that lever?

There’s something super satisfying about the way this entire scene plays out, and not just because it goes off without a hitch. When did Artoo get that storage compartment? He can just casually store lightsabers in there? And sure, Luke has the Force and definitely used it to get the lightsaber, but Artoo’s toss was not bad.

It just makes him better. And you totally know someone used that as a snack compartment. 

1 Saving the Day!

This is the prime reason we fell in love with this funky little droid. Before the current trilogy began, it was Star Wars Law that R2 had to save the day at least once. And he does! A New Hope was really his and C-3PO’s time to shine, with R2 pushing a good chunk of the plot along and also establishing his loyalty to the Rebel cause. The times we see him after that are just icing on the cake.

So is saving the day cute? Well, maybe not. But it contributes the most to R2’s overall appeal as being one of the “good guys” and anything he does in addition to that makes us swoon and go “Awe!”

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