Star Wars Finally Reveals What The Chosen One Prophecy Said

Star Wars has finally revealed the full text of the famous Chosen One prophecy. The idea was introduced in The Phantom Menace, used to explain Anakin Skywalker's importance in the galaxy. After encountering the young boy on Tatooine, Qui-Gon Jinn firmly believed Anakin was the mythical figure the prophecy spoke of that would bring balance to the Force. Even though Anakin was deemed too old, Qui-Gon passionately pushed for Skywalker to be trained by the Jedi, and used his last moments of life to request Obi-Wan take Anakin on as an apprentice.

The prophecy was periodically mentioned in the rest of the prequel trilogy (most notably during Obi-Wan's emotional speech to Anakin following their duel on Mustafar), but the movies never disclosed what, exactly, it read. One of the benefits of the Star Wars canon reaching out into other mediums like TV, comics, and books is that it gives Lucasfilm an opportunity to flesh out certain elements and build on what's presented in the films. The Chosen One prophecy is a key beneficiary of Claudia Gray's latest novel, Master & Apprentice.

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The book (which takes place several years prior to Episode I), delves into Qui-Gon's obsession with the ancient Jedi prophecies. He took a keen interest in them, studying each one intently to see what he could learn from them. This (among other things) put him at odds with other Jedi, since some believed seeking out knowledge of the future could lead to the dark side. Several prophecies are covered in the novel, but one in particular will stand out for fans of the movies:

"A Chosen One shall come, born of no father, and through him will ultimate balance in the Force be restored."

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The entire thing is just that single sentence, but it's clear why Qui-Gon became fascinated with Anakin upon meeting him. One of the big revelations in The Phantom Menace, of course, is that Anakin was the product of a miracle birth, having no biological father. Because of this, Qui-Gon felt finding Anakin was "the will of the Force," and it's easy to understand his point of view. While Obi-Wan initially dismissed the boy as "another pathetic life form," someone with intricate knowledge of the prophecies would be enamored by the discovery. What's more is that the young Anakin talked about a dream he had to free the slaves, which Qui-Gon obviously interpreted as a premonition from the Force. So, in multiple respects, Qui-Gon thought Anakin was destined for great things.

A later passage in the book confirms that "ultimate balance in the Force" means the light and dark would forever be equals, with neither side "winning." Where it's vague is how that would come about through this Chosen One. Anakin was the first in a line of powerful Force users, with Luke Skywalker and Ben Solo the next generations in this bloodline. It'll be interesting to see if there are any prophecy payoffs in The Rise of Skywalker, particularly given what transpired in The Last Jedi. Luke seemed to lay the groundwork for a "grey Jedi" philosophy that incorporated aspects of both the light and dark sides to achieve balance. Perhaps the prophecy wasn't referring to Anakin exclusively, but his family in general.

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