20IN DEVELOPMENT — Jon Favreau's Live-Action TV Series

Actor-director Jon Favreau has a history of involvement in the Star Wars franchise. He is the voice of Rio Durant in Solo: A Star Wars Story, and The Clone Wars fans likely remember him as voice of fan-favorite character Pre Vizsla. However, soon he'll be able to fully immerse himself in the universe as the

writer and producer of his very own live-action TV series.

Like most of the upcoming Star Wars projects, Disney and Lucasfilm have been tight-lipped on the details. The show is still in the writing stages, and no production date has been set. Since Favreau is still working on next year's reboot of The Lion Kinghis series is probably a long way away. However, the director did reveal some very crucial information about its setting.

According to Favreau, his Star Wars series will take place seven years after Return of the Jedi — an era that the franchise has barely explored outside of the episodic films. There are some comics and novels that take place around the same time, but a live-action series set between the original and new trilogies has been unheard of thus far. It's a practically untouched playground to tell Star Wars stories in, and so hopefully the series gets started sooner rather than later.

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