10 Hilarious Star Wars Prequel Memes That'll Make You Love The Movies Again

Once a man of breathtaking scope and unbridled vision, George Lucas created some of the most compelling moments in cinematic history with his Star Wars Trilogy, moments that became woven into the very fabric of Western pop culture. So popular was his original trilogy that when talk arose of him helming a prequel trilogy about Jedi Knights fighting Clone Wars in a galaxy far, far away fans could barely contain themselves.

Then the prequels actually arrived, and fans quickly realized just what a danger an unsupervised Lucas was. Still, for all their Sarlacc pitfalls, weak character development, and plot-holes, there was something about seeing Jedi battling it out in their prime that surpassed all expectation. That, and their content made for some pretty epic memes. 

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Some people take their pizza very, very seriously. It seems like the debate about pineapple on pizza has been raging longer than the Galactic Civil War at this point. To anti-pineapple pizza eaters, having a rogue pineapple find its way onto their pie is akin to having Mace Windu drive a purple lightsaber through their chest. They have to take a minute and collect themselves before they throw it in the trash.

Like the crafty politician that he was, Chancellor Palpatine found a way to spin the Jedi attacking him in his Senate chambers, using the melodrama to score points with the worried Senate. Or pizza. Either way.


It’s a curious thing when you attempt to connect to the internet, find that you have full bars of connectivity, and yet for some reason, have no access to it. You’re prompted to disconnect and reconnect, as well as check your browser settings, as well as throw your device through a wall.

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Anyway. It’s easy to see why you’d get upset. Sort of like when the Jedi Council denied Anakin the rank of Jedi Master, when no Jedi other than a Master had ever been given a seat at the table. How is that supposed to work, exactly? And they wonder why he turned to the Dark Web.


R2-D2, the droid that’s been saving everyone’s collective behind for almost a dozen films at this point has a very strange narrative dilemma. At this point in the sequel trilogy, he’s not doing much of anything (at least not onscreen), except going into sleep mode and beeping a few boops.

In the original trilogy, he was stopping trash compactors from crushing Han, Luke, Leia, and Chewie, and fending off little stick-wielding muppets on Dagobah. But that’s nothing compared to the prequels. He could fly as well as create his own oil slicks, which he’d then set on fire, leading everyone to believe he was secretly an Autobot waiting to transform.


There were many, many things wrong with the Phantom Menace, from Gungans with hokey accents and allegedly racist mannerisms to the bad science of space wizards (Midi-chlorians? What are... midi-chlorians?), it proved an unchecked Lucas was a dangerous thing. It came through the worst in his odd attempts at humor.

The battle droids of the Trade Federation were supposed to be unstoppable killing machines, best used to successfully stomp down on unruly worlds that wouldn’t sign trade treaties. Yet they were built so flimsily and they interacted so dopily with everyone it was hard to consider them dangerous in any way. Steve Roger Rogers on the other hand…


As we work our way through the OG trilogy, we begin to learn certain truths. Truths like Luke accidentally sucked face with his sister, oh, and Luke Skywalker’s father is Darth freaking Vader.

Old Ben Kenobi, the only parental figure he had left after his family was torched, could have mentioned that little nugget but kept it to himself, hoping to activate Luke as some sort of Jedi sleeper cell agent later and take his pops out. He also stuck with the story Anakin murdered Darth Vader (cough) “from a certain point of view”, when really, he brought him pretty close to death in the prequels.


The prequels were full of Yoda doing all sorts of decidedly un-Yoda type things, like becoming a spinning pinwheel of death and move at speeds impossible for an 870 year old muppet. But he did still speak backwards, and he had (almost) the highest midi-chlorian count in the Jedi Order so naturally, the Force was strong with him.

But he met his match in Sheev Palpatine aka Darth Sidious, an uber Sith Lord who engaged him in a crazy battle involving the two of them hurling Senate pods at each other like frisbees. Yoda tried to tell Palpatine to back down but ended up getting whooped by the Dark Side for his troubles.


Ewan Mcgregor was one of the best things about the prequel films, expertly mimicking Alec Guinness as an older Obi-Wan in the OG trilogy, while giving him a youth and vigor that fans had always wanted to see. Obi-Wan in his prime was a gangster Jedi, full of sassy commentary (hello there!) and hair swishing.

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Once Revenge of the Sith was finished and the twins were now on their respective planets, fans clamored for a Kenobi stand-alone film taking place on Tatooine, chronicling all the adventures he must have got into watching over Luke as he grew up. But you’d have to be Thanos (or Marvel... or Disney... oh wait!) to get that done.


Mace Windu had it out for Anakin Skywalker ever since he was nine years old and stood like a tiny trembling chump in front of the Jedi Council. Windu had every right to be suspicious; the boy had suffered a lot of loss and anger already, and was an age when the Jedi Order didn’t accept new recruits for precisely that reason.

When he turned down Anakin’s appeal to be granted the rank of Jedi Master, he was met with some expected pushback. It would have carried more weight if Anakin had borrowed this line from Nick Fury to the World Security Council instead.


It’s said that if there’s one bad banana in a bunch, they’ll all be turned rotten. So destructive are the forces that make bananas go from sundae centerpieces to banana bread fodder that they have to be removed like a cancerous tumor, and quickly before the toxins spread.

Obi-Wan knows this, which is why he has to duel Anakin on Mustafar and destroy him. He knows that if he lets him live, he’ll fully embrace the Dark Side and hunt down all the Jedi left. Still, it’s not an easy decision to make, going against a man you once thought of as your brother. He loved Bananakin, after all.


Combining two great memes in one with this, Anakin demonstrates his breathtaking indifference to the Droid attack on the wookies all while side-eyeing Mace Windu for not granting him the rank of Jedi Master while he sits on the Jedi Council.

Mention of the Droid attack on the wookies was thought to be a random throw away line in Attack of the Clones, except that it single-handedly introduced Chewbacca into the prequels and helped Yoda survive Order 66 because he wasn’t there to get owned by Anakin and his troopers at the Jedi Temple. But people give it about as much notice as Anakin sitting on Ki-Adi-Mundi’s hologram lap.

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