20He Uses The Jedi Temple As His Palace

Jedi Temple - Star Wars Canon

The light side vergence turned dark. 

A major component of Palpatine’s Imperialization of the old Republic is taking over the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, transforming it into his Imperial Palace and excavating the ancient Sith shrine underneath it.

According to the Tarkin novel and Nexus of Power, the Sith found a light side focal point of the Force

on Coruscant, five thousand years before the Galactic Empire came to be, and decided to build a Sith shrine on top of it in order to convert it to the dark side.

Once the Jedi defeated the Sith, the Jedi tried to cap the location’s dark powers by putting the Jedi Temple on it and eventually turn it back to the light. Not only did the dark powers not return to the light, they also weakened the Jedi.

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