15Luke Forgets the Force in Return of the Jedi

Luke doesn't even believe in the force for much of the original Star Wars. By Return of the Jedi, though, he's already a master. Given that fact, the moment when Luke asks a recently unfrozen Han to grab his lightsaber is a bit confusing. In The Empire Strikes Back,

when Luke has a considerably smaller amount of training, he is able to force pull his lightsaber, even as all the blood in his body rushes to his head. You would think he could do the same during his battle with Jabba's guards.

Instead, perhaps to heighten the dramatic tension, Luke seems momentarily unable to use the force. It doesn't really hurt the film as a whole or interrupt the action. It's the kind of thing you notice upon repeat viewings, which aren't uncommon among the most Star Wars loving parts of our culture. Still, you have to wonder what Luke was thinking. Maybe the different colored lightsaber just threw him off.

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