15Boba Fett, Behind the Mask

Boba Fett Behind the Mask

Let’s be real. This bloke is not what anyone anticipated the maligned Mandalorian to look like.

To be fair, Boba Fett is perhaps the most legendary and enigmatic character in the entire Star Wars roster. When it comes to the zealous bounty hunter, expectations are high.

People expect a tough, grizzled guy,

but hey, the movies are all about smoke and mirrors. While the actor actually looks a bit like Frank Oz, the man is actually named Don Bies, one of two lucky Industrial Light & Magic employees that George Lucas put into the Boba Fett rotation.

This particular still comes from behind-the-scenes of Lucas’s special edition cut for Return of the Jedi. Lucas may have jammed the revised movie with unnecessary CGI, but major props to Mr. Bies. There’s absolutely no way that mustache can be faked.

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