Old As Sith: The 10 Oldest Sith Lords In Star Wars

The Sith are a secretive bunch. They don't reveal much about their past or their history willingly. Does anyone know a Sith Lord's birthday? Sith keep those kinds of things under wraps while they're busy falling to the Dark Side. So how do we know which Sith lived the longest?

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Mostly by guesswork and extrapolation. If you can figure out when they passed away, you can more or less discover how long they've been breathing. Funnily enough, Sith go either one of two ways. Either they left the living early on because of their dangerous life-style, or they stuck around for centuries as decrepit old men. Read on if you want to learn about the oldest of old Sith Lords.

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10 Darth Bane

If you have only seen the Star Wars movies, you might not know who Darth Bane is. Darth Bane was the first Sith to implement the whole Rule of Two Thing. You know what we're talking about, right? There must always be one Sith Master and one Sith Apprentice. After the fall of the Sith Empire, Bane established this rule in order to prevent in-fighting among too many Sith Lords. Darth Bane lived to be around half a century old. His life was relatively brief because it was cut short by his apprentice, Darth Zannah. Go figure.

9 Darth Maul

Darth Maul lived slightly longer than Darth Bane did. His life span stretched just past the half-century mark. He's also the only Sith Lord on this list that has had most of his life put on display for a wide audience. We saw him in his apprentice years in The Phantom Menace. His survival after the Battle of Naboo became known in The Clone Wars. He even made appearances in Solo: A Star Wars Story and Rebels. Of all the Sith Lords (aside from Darth Vader, maybe), Darth Maul has been with us for the longest time.

8 Darth Sidious

Darth Sidious looks the most aged out of all these Sith Lords. However, he only reached a measly 88 years. Bear in mind, we're still in the younger grouping of Sith Lords. The really old ones are yet to come. However, Sidious, known as Emperor Palpatine to most, may let loose with the last laugh yet. In the trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Palpatine's sinister cackle reverberated across the black title screen. Perhaps he somehow survived the fall down the second Death Star's reactor shaft. As of this writing though, Darth Sidious is not the oldest Sith.

7 Ajunta Pall

Ajunta Pall carries the dark honor of being the first Sith Lord to ever exist in the Star Wars universe. Sadly for him, he is not the longest-lived Sith on this list. He lived to be around 100, give or take a few years. Still, his accomplishments as a Dark Lord of the Sith speak for themselves. He left the Jedi Order with a few of his followers and started the Sith Empire on a distant planet after he was exiled. Pall's passing did not hinder the growth of the Sith Empire. Instead, it flourished for many years after he was buried.

6 Marka Ragnos

Marka Ragnos Star Wars Sith

Marka Ragnos is one of the lucky Sith recipients to Ajunta Pall's throne. Ragnos ruled the Sith Empire long after Pall was dust. Ragnos exceeded 100-years, making him an older Dark Lord of the Sith than Pall. He also appears to be one of the more vicious Sith Lords. He led the Sith into countless conflicts against his enemies, spreading his influence all over the galaxy. Ragnos also gained the ability to turn into a Force ghost. (So maybe Palpatine will come back as a Force ghost too in The Rise of Skywalker.)

5 Freedon Nadd

Freedon Nadd

Like plenty of Sith Lords that we know, Freedon Nadd started out his life as a Force-user batting for the Jedi. He abandoned the Jedi Order to follow the ways of the Sith after he decided he wanted that ever-absent "Great Power." His lifespan extended over 100 years for sure, potentially reaching into the 200s.

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Unfortunately, Nadd's timeline is clouded by our lack of knowledge of his history. Most of Nadd's life is left recorded in ancient holocrons, and Sith have a tendency to hold onto those things. Someone needs to teach them to share.

4 Darth Plagueis

Darth Plagueis is mentioned prominently in Revenge of the Sith. When Anakin turned to Palpatine for help on how to save his wife's life, Palpatine told him the story of Darth Plagueis. It wasn't much of a story. All Palpatine really said about Plagueis was that he found a way to cheat death. In reality, Plagueis only lived for about 115 years. Maybe he could have lived longer if his apprentice hadn't betrayed him in his sleep. And who was Darth Plagueis' apprentice? It was none other than Palpatine himself, the scheming little weasel.

3 Darth Revan

Darth Revan Star Wars Sith

Revan, a Jedi turned Sith turned Jedi again, surpasses most of the Sith Lords on this list by a long shot. Well, he does in terms of age. He lived to be around 350-years old. Revan led a complicated life, to say the least. During the Mandalorian Wars, Revan disobeyed the Jedi Order by taking part in the conflict. With Revan's help, the fighting stopped, but not after he engaged in some Dark Side-y type activities. He became brainwashed by the Sith and transformed into Darth Revan. When the Jedi Order captured Revan, they reversed what the Sith had done.

2 Naga Sadow

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Naga Sadow kind of cheated in becoming one of the longest-lived Sith. He placed himself in suspended animation for 600 years, so at the very least he is 600-years old. He was alive during the Great Hyperspace War. For those of you confused by any Star Wars history not contained in the films, the war took place 5,000 years before the events of The Return of the Jedi. Naga Sadow was in charge of the Sith Empire during this time period. Sadow, after his time in suspended animation, was awoken by Freedon Nadd. Nadd got rid of Sadow after learning all he could from him. We're sensing a pattern here.

1 Darth Vitiate

Now, Darth Vitiate lived for around 1,500 years, which is by far the longest lifespan of any Sith Lord on this list. With a major appearance in Star Wars: The Old Republic, Darth Vitiate presented himself as one of the big bads in the Star Wars universe. He snapped his own father's neck with the Force when he was only six-years old. His mastery of the Dark Side of the Force was what gave him the ability to live so long. He performed a Sith ritual on an entire planet, and it drained the place of all of its life energy. That life energy gave Vitiate his longevity.

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