Star Wars: 25 Ridiculous Mistakes In The New Movies Only True Fans Noticed

The new Star Wars sequels have raised a ton of criticism from ardent fans, casual viewers, and the average Joe/Jane. Hating the new Star Wars movies seems like a bandwagon that everyone is eager to jump on. Whether all of that loathing is warranted or not is a subjective decision. Different people have different opinions, and that's simply a part of life.

Looking at the new movies, which include, The Force Awakens, Rogue One, The Last Jedi, and Solo, it's hard not to think about the prequels. Those are fan-favorite movies to rag on, and because of that, a lot of people love them. So if these new sequels are not the best bits of cinema you've ever seen, embrace them. Embrace the parts that make The Last Jedi a nonsensical heap of garbage while simultaneously enjoying the bits that make it fresh and exciting. For every Jar Jar Binks, there is a Darth Maul waiting around the corner.

But for now, let's focus on the absolutely ridiculous aspects of these new movies. They introduce a lot of new concepts to the Star Wars universe, but not all of these concepts stick the landing. It's because of these mistakes that people have grown to loathe the new Star Wars movies. So take a deep breath, keep calm, and let's begin. Read on if you want to go over the arguably side-splitting mistakes from these new entries into the Star Wars series.

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25 Lando's Modest Reaction

Solo: A Star Wars Story showed us the first time that Lando Calrissian and Han Solo ever met. Prior to its release, all we knew about their past times together came from The Empire Strikes Back.

Lando seemed very pleased to see Han again in Empire, the Imperial occupation notwithstanding. But after the way the two separated in Solo, it makes no sense as to why Lando would ever want to see Han's face ever again, let alone give him a great big hug.

24 Maz Kanata In The Bowels Of Bespin

Luke lost his father's original lightsaber on Bespin when Darth Vader chopped his arm off. Last we saw of the ligthsaber, it was tumbling into the abyss of a Cloud City ventilation shaft.

How is it, then, that Maz Kanata somehow got her hands on it?

In The Force Awakens, Maz hands Luke's old lightsaber to Finn and Han. When Han asks her how she got it, she says it's another story for another time. A convenient phrase for an incomplete story.

23 The Death Star's Hidden Lightspeed Abilities

Despite its flaws, Rogue One is a really stellar movie in its own right. However, it did present certain problems in regard to the Death Star. It fixed a plot hole from the original trilogy, but presented another retroactively.

Rogue One shows the Death Star moving from planet to planet at lightspeed. If the Death Star can move at lightspeed, why didn't it do so when it attacked the Rebel Base on Yavin 4. It traveled through hyperspace to reach Scarif, but did nothing of the sort in A New Hope.

22 Gravity Warfare In Zero Gravity

The beginning to The Last Jedi shows a squadron of Resistance bombers attacking a First Order Dreadnought. The bombers have to release their payload when they are right over the enemy ship. Even for a genre movie, this is a bit much.

The humongous problem with this is that they are dropping bombs onto a ship. They are fighting in a zero-g environment. Nothing should be dropping nowhere. Whatever pulled those bombs to the Dreadnought was not gravity.

21 The Missing Praetorian Knife

This particular mistake does not have any large ramifications for the rest of the Star Wars movie universe. It does tarnish a pretty good fight scene though.

When Rey is fighting one Praetorian Guard, one shot shows him holding two knives as he attacks her. When he catches her lightsaber against one of his knives, his hand that was holding the second knife is magically empty. If the knife had stayed in his hand, Rey probably would not have been amongst the living. Ah, the magic of editing.

20 Whatever Happened To Qi'ra

After becoming separated from his childhood sweetheart, Qi'ra, in Solo, Han spends the rest of the movie figuring out ways to get back to her. And when he's reunited with her, he spends time trying to convince her that they can now be together.

She ends up leaving him, but that's beside the point. Qi'ra was such a huge motivator to Han, but that story-telling decision may have been a mistake. For the rest of Han's time in the Star Wars trilogy, not once is Qi'ra mentioned.

19 Snoke Can't Control An Unruly Student

Supreme Leader Snoke appears to be very strong with the Dark Side of the Force. He can make Rey and Kylo Ren see each other in visions even though they're planets apart. He can sense people's intentions. He can even Force-hold people better than Emperor Palpatine ever could.

So why couldn't he sense Kylo Ren's intent to betray him?

He was previously able to sense everything about the conflicted young man's mind. The one time it truly matters is the one time Snoke falls short.

18 The Garbage Can Fly

The Millennium Falcon spent years in a junk pile on Jakku. It apparently went unused all that time, since Rey, who had seen it there on Unkar Plutt's garbage heap, only chose it as a vehicle of last resort.

If it was so badly damaged and forgotten, how was the Falcon able to fly at all?

Once Rey, Finn, and BB-8 boarded the Corellian freighter, it was able to take off almost immediately. Thinking about it, a ship that has been left out in the heat and the sand for years should not be able to run that smoothly.

17 Vader's Cape Flutters

Darth Vader's hallway scene in Rogue One was perhaps one of the best moments in Star Wars history. It was so freakin' cool! To add to the epic-ness of the moment, the filmmakers decided to have Darth Vader's cape flow in the "space wind" as the Tantive IV escapes from him.

There is no wind in space.

It does make for one pretty nice cap to the moment, though. There's nothing like a fluttering black cape to make your bad guy seem ten times more ominous.

16 Bad Parking Job

It's hard to find a fan of the whole Canto Bight segment with Rose and Finn in The Last Jedi. To make matters worse, the reason Finn and Rose's plans go astray there stems from the fact that they parked their ship on the beach. Someone at the affluent casino got upset and reported them.

First of all, since they're trying to be stealthy, couldn't the two heroes have parked their ship somewhere else? And while we're at it, since when does a parking violation require immediate arrest instead of a fine?

15 Now We Worry About Fuel

The creation of coaxium is a hard thing to swallow. In case you've forgotten or successfully blocked it from your mind, coaxium is the "hyperfuel" that fuels the engines of starships.

Both The Last Jedi and Solo had major plot points revolving around obtaining this hypermatter. As aficionados of Star Wars, we now have to keep track of the fuel sources of ships. It makes the consideration of space chases far more complicated.

14 Stormtrooper Versus Kylo Ren

Finn is a pretty capable stormtrooper, but let's face it, he's not the cream of the crop. When he was stationed on Starkiller Base, he was basically the janitor. However, despite what should be an obvious lack of fighting prowess, Finn is able to temporarily hold his own against Kylo Ren when they have that fight in the snow.

Kylo Ren should have smoked Finn! The fight was ridiculous. Kylo Ren didn't even try to Force-push Finn the way he did with Rey.

13 You Weren't On Any Mercy Mission

When Darth Vader stopped Leia's Corvette, Tantive IV, in A New Hope, she tried to argue her way out of capture. (Like that would have worked.) She kept saying she was simply on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan.

That lie is shot straight to heck in Rogue One. When Leia makes her escape on the Tantive, Vader is there to watch the ship shoot away into hyperspace. He saw her fleeing the scene. Leia's words come across as a bold-faced lie now.

12 No Chases In Space

That space chase in The Last Jedi was a mistake. Firstly, it messed with your sense of time as the movie progressed. Secondly, it just made no gosh-darned sense. Think about it.

The Resistance fleet only has a finite amount of fuel. That meant they could either travel through real space or take one last jump to lightspeed. They couldn't do the jump because the First Order was tracking them. The First Order, on the other hand, should have had no compunctions about using their fuel. They should have used lightspeed to flank the Resistance in a pincer maneuver.

11 Close-Mouthed Holdo

Poe Dameron ends up staging a poorly planned coup against Admiral Holdo when he believes that she has no concrete plan to escape the First Order and is, therefore, endangering the Resistance. As it turns out, she did have a plan.

She just didn't tell anyone.

There was no logical reason for her not to tell the people of the Resistance about her plan to flee to Crait. No reason. Instead, she decided to keep that information to herself and let everyone else stew in their own stress and anxiety.

10 The Falcon Has Feelings

Solo revealed more than Han Solo's origins to us. It also revealed the origin of the Millennium Falcon. The Falcon started out life as a simple Corellian freighter, owned by Lando Calrissian and his droid companion, L3-37.

When L3 is wounded in a firefight, Lando and the others plug her piloting database into the Falcon. She lives on through her time as the ship's navigating system. That makes Han's acquisition of the Falcon from Lando a bit more intense, doesn't it?

9 What Is Most Precious To Han Solo?

Over the years, the Millennium Falcon and Han Solo have practically become synonymous with each other. So after hearing that Han lost the Falcon for years before the events of The Force Awakens... some fans *cough* were incredulous.

How could Han Solo have allowed the Falcon to remain missing for that long?

The convenience of plot contrivances must go on, but still. The Falcon was Han's most prized possession. It was more important to him than some people in the world.

8 The Case Of The Mistaken Hug

After the passing of Han Solo at the hands of his own son, every Star Wars fan was grieving. When Rey and Chewie returned to let Leia know the news, it would have been nice to see Leia and Chewie share a big hug together.

But they didn't. Instead, Leia walks up to Rey and offers her an embrace, leaving Chewie to amble away on his own. Who doesn't give a sad Wookie a hug?! What were you thinking General Organa? That was a huge mistake.

7 The Long Walk Forward

The First Order knew that the tiny group of Resistance fighters were camped out at an abandoned Rebel base on Crait. They even knew the location of the base, too. So why did they decide to land some AT-M6 Walkers miles from the base and have them walk forward slowly?

Why not land the Walkers just a mite closer?

Or, heck, why not use bombers to bombard the base from above without having to land ground forces at all? It's almost as if the First Order has no head for strategy.

6 Holdo's Maneuver Ruins The Trench Run

Admiral Holdo's sacrifice in The Last Jedi was pretty epic to witness. It's hard not to flash back to a silent theatre as she sent the Raddus to lightspeed through a First Order cruiser. She tore that ship apart! Her maneuver somewhat cheapens the final events of A New Hope, though.

If ships that can go to lightspeed are capable of such destructive, kamikaze power, why didn't someone do that when the Death Star attacked the Rebel base on Yavin 4? It would have sliced that battle station to ribbons or at least caused it enough damage to become inoperable.

5 Your Name Is Solo

Han Solo has been the epitome of cool that all Star Wars nerds try to follow. Everything about him screams awesome, including and not limited to his last name. Han "Solo" just makes him seem like a lone wolf kind of guy, a scoundrel.

Solo made the huge mistake of giving us the origin of Han's surname. Apparently, when Han signed up for the Imperial Army and could give no last name, a random Imperial recruiting officer just called him Han "Solo." Lame!

4 A Planet-Sized Death Star

A lot of plot points from A New Hope are recycled for The Force Awakens. One of those plot points is the inclusion of a giant planet-destroying edifice. A New Hope had the Death Star; The Force Awakens has Starkiller Base.

It took the Empire twenty years to build the former, and it was roughly the size of a small moon. Starkiller Base is the size of a large planet. How could that Base have been constructed in —one has to assume— is a shorter amount of time given it took years for the First Order to even assemble?

3 Bodhi Survived The Tentacle Monster

Saw Gerrera, leader of a group of radical Rebels, did not trust the defector Imperial pilot, Bodhi Rook. So what did Saw do? He subjected Bodhi to a creature called Bor Gullet.

So it's a bit hazy, but it seems to use telepathy on its victims. This process is supposed to leave its victims wrecked. Initially, Bodhi seems like a muttering mess after his time with Bor Gullet. But the rest of Rogue One sees Bodhi back to normal.

2 A Bad Rescue Attempt

The end of The Last Jedi develops Finn into a character who cares for a cause. Whereas before, he would have abandoned the whole Resistance to save himself and Rey, the end sees him willing to sacrifice his life to save the Resistance.

For some inane reason, Rose Tico, the person who taught Finn to believe in the Resistance, stops Finn from crashing his ski speeder into the First Order machine. She did this, even though it probably could have worked and by saving him, she actually could have caused both of their ski speeders to explode.

1 Leia Is A Space Wizard

There's nothing wrong with Leia having latent Force abilities that allowed her to survive the cold vacuum of space. Really. What does stand out is her ability to float back onto the Raddus without endangering the rest of the ship's crew.

And let's just not have a conversation about a magnetic field that prevents the harshness of space from entering a ship. That might work with the hangar bay of the Death Star, but not the recently exploded bridge of the Raddus.

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