Star Wars Comic Reveals A NEW Jedi Survivor

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Darth Vader #13


Another survivor of the Jedi Purge has been revealed in Star Wars comics. The idea that Jedi slipped through the net of Emperor Palpatine's Order 66 and Darth Vader's clean-up may be obvious to longtime fans of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. But when the new Star Wars films wiped that continuity out, only the films represented the true canon. And in that story, the Jedi were downright extinguished, with only Anakin Skywalker, Obi-wan Kenobi, and Yoda surviving (to start with, at least). Now, another Jedi may be added to the list.

The reveal comes in the pages of Marvel's Darth Vader comic, showing that the wisdom and strategy of the Jedi Order are still vexing the Emperor's early efforts to solidify his Empire. Not by those who still believe in the Force, or even civilians who sided against the Emperor and Vader - but by a surviving Jedi, operating in secret, identity concealed.

And with their debut in Darth Vader #13, it appears this Jedi may even be responsible for shaping the future Rebellion.

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Those already reading the Darth Vader comic series by Charles Soul and artist Guiseppe Camuncoli know that it's become one of the top sources of new Star Wars mythology. From the new origin of Darth Vader's red lightsaber, to the first Jedi revealed to have survived the Purge - the Clone Wars fan-favorite Jocasta Nu, Jedi librarian and incredible lightsaber wielder, it turns out.

But as the action turns to Vader's first true mission in service of the Empire, not just the Sith, he heads to the planet Mon Cala. Home to the Mon Calamari race, royal family, and a rich resource for the Empire. A planet that is less than eager to pledge total allegiance to the new Empire... with future heroes of the Rebellion already voicing their dissent (respectfully, of course).

Both Admiral-- sorry, Commander Ackbar and Raddus, the soldier who will save the day at Rogue One's Battle of Scariff make their debut in service of the King of Mon Cala. It's a true origin story taking shape, also featuring the first appearance of Grand Moff Tarkin, chronologically in the new canon. The Death Star still under construction, Tarkin is overseeing diplomacy on Mon Cala. But once Darth Vader arrives, it's only a matter of time before hostilities erupt.

Not between the Empire and Mon Cala, specifically, but between Darth Vader... and the Jedi Emperor Palpatine suspects is aiding the planet's deliberations.

You have to hand it to Palpatine, since he didn't get to be the last Sith Master and head of the Galactic Empire by having faulty intuition. The final pages of Issue #13 confirm that the King of Mon Cala is in communication with a cave-dwelling, robed figure. A figure confirmed to be another Jedi survivor of The Purge. At least.... it's suggested. There's still the chance this is an intentional misdirection, and the King is being duped just as completely.

But with the recent Star Wars: Rebels showing just how many Jedi warriors and Force using sages live on in the hidden corners of the I galaxy, it's perfectly plausible that one found a means to resist the Empire from an isolated (underwater?) cave. Unfortunately, Darth Vader has their scent, whoever they are.

Something tells us the next few issues aren't going to go their way.

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Darth Vader #13 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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