Star Wars Adds a NEW Jedi Knight To Prequel Canon

The Star Wars universe has just revealed a brand new Jedi Knight, and the glorious tale of his unlikely team-up with... Count Dooku?

The new Star Wars: Age of Republic comic books promised to add new stories starring the movie characters fans thought they knew, and have more than delivered - adding a new, one of a kind Jedi Knight to canon.

As if that wasn't an exciting enough addition for the devoted fans of Star Wars mythology, the new Jedi is added as part of Star Wars: Age of Republic - Count Dooku. The Sith Lord played by actor Christopher Lee may not get the same name recognition as Darth Maul or Darth Vader, but fans of the character's expanded role in The Clone Wars will be more than pleased. Because it's Count Dooku's issue that adds the newly created Jedi Knight to the larger story. And it's also Count Dooku who makes sure that the Jedi never lived to put the Sith's grand plans in jeopardy...

Meet Jak'zin, The Newest Jedi

Previous stories in the Star Wars: Age of Republic series have highlighted entertaining or heroic missions and moments, like that time Jar Jar Binks wielded a lightsaber in combat, and made sure a Rebel hero could survive to see the Rebellion. But this issue puts Count Dooku front and center, in the thick of his plotting with Darth Sidious. As the dutiful servant to his Sith Master, Count Dooku travels to the planet Sullust to forge a trade alliance on behalf of the Separatists. A mission that takes an unexpected turn when a Togorian Jedi Knight named Jak'zin turns up on the distant world at the same time--and recognizes 'Master Dooku' immediately. For a normal traitorous enemy to the Republic... that might be a problem.

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Count Dooku is no ordinary operator, however, and Age of Republic - Count Dooku takes the chance to remind every Star Wars fan of the fact. Instead of showing his surprise, Dooku welcomes Jak'zin's questions regarding his time in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. In those days, Jak'zin was only a youngling, and Count--no, Master Dooku was still a member of the Jedi Order. And as if determined to prove to the reader that Dooku truly was Darth Sidious' greatest apprentice, he flexes his cunning by inviting the Jedi Jak'zin to his dinner table. Because gaining the young Jedi's trust is the first step.

Dooku Teams Up With The Jedi Knight

It speaks to Dooku's powers of deception and strength of character that even as Jak'zin recalls his memory of Qui-Gon Jinn (Dooku's apprentice before leaving the Jedi Order) and is persuaded into revealing his mission on Sullust, it's hard to tell if Dooku has decided what to do with this Jedi intrusion. But after forming their rapport, Count Dooku requests to accompany Jak'zin on his mission. Having let one honest, devoted young Jedi fall in battle when he could have prevented it, Dooku can't allow himself to not offer aid. And as Jak'zin leaps across rooftops and sneak into a criminal organization's stronghold, Dooku shows he hasn't lost a step with age.

So as Dooku once again ignites lightsabers alongside a Jedi Knight, readers are given a glimpse of the Jedi Master he once was. The bad news? The organized crime ring that Jak'zin has been sent to investigate... is the same one Count Dooku is on Sullust to recruit. Bad news for Jak'zin.

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