Star Wars Adds First FEMALE Sith Lord To New Canon

There may only be a handful of true Sith Lords in the Star Wars universe, but the comics have just made history by adding one more. Fans, it's time to meet Lady Shaa - the first FEMALE Sith Master in the new Star Wars canon.

The Sith Master makes her debut in Darth Vader #22, the much anticipated story that started by bringing Vader face-to-face with the spirit of Sith Lord Momin, added to the Star Wars movie canon just as recently. While alluded to in the past as a long-dead artist strong in the Dark Side, Lord Momin's true role was even grander, helping Darth Vader build his castle to resurrect Padmé. But before Vader let Momin take the lead, he needed to hear his story.

The story of how Momin grew from a terrifying artist to a Lord of the Sith... and the Lady of the Sith who chose him as her apprentice. Needless to say, SPOILERS.

Master Shaa, The First Sith Lady

As older Star Wars fans already know, there were plenty of women strong in the Dark Side of the Force, even considered Sith and bearing the title "Darth" in the expanded universe. Darth Traya, Darth Zannah, Darth Cognus, Darth Talon... the list goes on and on. But when Disney made only the movies and shows canonical, those stories became merely "legends," cutting the list of official Sith down in size.

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For reference, these are the only named Sith Lords-- well, these were, before the tale of Shaa was told:

  • Darth Atrius
  • Darth Bane
  • Darth Plagueius
  • Darth Sidious
  • Darth Maul
  • Darth Tyranus
  • Darth Vader

Of those seven, only the recently added Darth Atrius came from the comics, with the rest referred to by name in Star Wars films and TV series. But a single issue of Darth Vader has just added two names to the list, including its first woman to seemingly honor Darth Bane's "Rule of Two." And since it's her apprentice telling the story in Darth Vader #22, we had better let him do the talking.

Lord Momin, Master Shaa's Last Apprentice

As readers can glean from the images above, it was Shaa who first heard whispers of the boy named Momin, using an apparent link to the Dark Side of The Force to turn living things into grotesque "works of art" (presumably making them into not-so-living things in the process). That predilection to evil clearly caught Shaa's ear, and she tracked him down before breaking him out of prison. As Momin explains, "The Lady Shaa" soon explained that she was taking Momin as her apprentice, to be trained by her as a master in The Force and the ways in which its Dark Side could be wielded.

For Momin, his understanding led to not just the creation of his own pair of lightsabers to match his master's, but a helmet which would be his new face as a practitioner of the Dark Side. To Momin, it was an evolution of his worship of artistic pursuits. And to prove he was one sick puppy, Momin mutilated his face with his own lightsabers before donning the helmet - all to the pleasure of Master Shaa. Unfortunately for her, Momin wasn't too interested in the titles or goals of the Sith, or the label of "apprentice" or "student."

But the tradition of Sith apprentices murdering their Sith masters? That Momin was completely on board with...

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