10 Star Wars Replicas Every Fan Should Own

For fans of the Star Wars Universe, there can be no greater joy than experiencing the feel of a lightsaber’s cold metal hilt slide into your hand, or closing your fingers around the grip of an EE-11 blaster pistol. There’s something magical about handling a replica that’s been so meticulously recreated, it makes you feel like it’s the real McCoy, taken right out of that galaxy far, far away.

Whether you’ve always wanted to put on Darth Vader’s helmet and feel what it would be like to stride the corridors of work as a Dark Lord of the Sith, or order your cat around your house in a voice-changing stormtrooper helmet, master craftspeople and artists have made it possible for you to live out your epic space fantasies with their cinema quality collectibles.

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Be the spark that lights the fire of the Resistance with this exact replica of the Resistance Shutter ring worn by Rose Tico in The Last Jedi. When her and fellow Resistance operative Finn have to go to the casino planet of Canto Bite and find a master codebreaker, they encounter a group of young allies that help them hide from First Order soldiers only after she reveals the Resistance symbol hidden in this ring.

Relive all the excitement of the movie and feel like a secret Resistance agent with this officially licensed Disney Star Wars product. The centerpiece of the polished gold ring slides to reveal the Rebel Alliance logo behind its shutter.


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Make it through your work commute in 12 parsecs with these Custom 3D Printed Smugglers Dice. Han Solo doesn’t fly anywhere without his lucky dice dangling from the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, and now you can channel his space cowboy attitude by hanging them from your rearview mirror.

Your pair of Smugglers Dice are made from a hefty gold alloy, custom 3D printed with symbols taken directly from The Last Jedi and Solo, and weathered to resemble the pair Han never traveled without. The minor imperfections help give it an authentic cinema quality, as though they’ve been from one side of the galaxy to the other.


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Once one of the most venerated Jedi in the Jedi Order, aristocratic-born Count Dooku gave up his lands and title to pursue the Jedi Path, only to turn his back on it once he realized his strong personal beliefs would never align themselves with the pious Jedi philosophy. He defected the Order and became the apprentice of Darth Sidious, assuming the Sith moniker Lord Tyranus.

Appearing for the first time in Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Count Dooku became instantly memorable for his dueling style and his unique pistol grip lightsaber. This .45 scale lightsaber is an exact replica of the one he wielded in the film, made of metal, wood, and some plastic.


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Embrace the power of the Dark Side and become the Sith you’ve always wanted to be with this Star Wars Black Series Darth Vader Premium Electronic Helmet, available exclusively from Amazon. With meticulous attention to detail, movie accurate sound effects, this multi-piece helmet will help you strike fear in the hearts of Jedi and Rebel Scum everywhere!

This iconic replica comes with not only the face mask, but also the collar and hood piece, and even makes the familiar “snap-hiss” sound of Vader’s helmet sealing when the magnets along the mask and collar align. The interior of the mask also faithfully recreates all the mechanical components as seen in the films.


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The stormtrooper. The ubiquitous symbol of Imperial might be seen throughout the galaxy, representative of the totalitarian military might of The Empire, and the iron-rule of the Emperor himself. If you’re ready to enlist, look no further than this Star Wars Stormtrooper Electronic Collector Helmet. A full-size replica with movie-quality details, this multi-piece helmet is so much more than its “bucket head” imitations.

Simply click the three pieces of the helmet together to remove its seams, place it on your head, and recite your favorite lines from the Star Wars films through its voice changer. Or simply go to the nearest drive-thru and recite your food order, then watch the face of the employee as you pull up to the window.


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Owned by one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy, the EE-3 carbine rifle was Boba Fett’s weapon of choice when it came to hunting down his prey. This Star Wars Replicas .33 scale replica of the same weapon will enhance the collection of even the most discerning Star Wars fan.

This Star Wars collectible, with comes with a custom stand that reads “Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi Boba Fett Blaster”, is cast from metal as well as certain points of plastic, all hand painted to give you the look of the real thing, but the size of a collectible you can proudly display on your desk or shelf.


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Fight the cold and the Empire at the same time with this Han Solo Hoth Replica Jacket! An officially licensed premium replica coat, it’s screen accurate design will make you look and feel like you walked right out of Echo Base. It’s fully insulated lining is as a warm as a Tauntaun’s innards and offers great protection from whatever icy winds your home planet produces.

With an oversized, fur trimmed hood (no Tauntauns were harmed in the making of this jacket!), your whole head is protected from the elements, while multiple pockets can keep your hands warm. Lest anyone forget you’re more than a scoundrel, your Rebel ranking pin is on the front.


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Put on your helmet and strap in, Red Five, because you’re needed for the Death Star Trench Run! With this Star Wars Black Series Luke Skywalker Battle Simulation Electronic Helmet you’ll feel just like an ace pilot for Rogue Squadron, while the outside provides the cinema quality painting details to ensure it looks the part.

Put it down and unleash all the exciting action of the 3 internal speakers, which work to create a surround sound experience and simulate enemy blaster fire with synchronized LED lights. With the flip of a switch inside the helmet, you can either recreate the Battle of Yavin or Hoth.


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To ensure that the Emperor's will was enforced throughout the galaxy, Imperial stormtroopers espoused a variety of positions, from sandtrooper to snowtrooper, depending on the conditions of the planet they were occupying. The First Order employs a similar philosophy, and the riotroopers of The Force Awakens were some of the newest additions to the stormtrooper ranks with their riot control batons.

The Z6 Riot Baton is modeled after the weapon utilized by stormtroopers to keep the crowds pouring out of Maz Kanata’s tavern at bay. With a real metal handle, flip-to-active mechanics, and real movie lights and sounds, it lets you relive all the Star Wars action.


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For the ultimate Star Wars Collector, there can be nothing more incredible than this Life-Size replica of Han Solo in Carbonite from Sideshow Collectibles. Standing seven and a half feet tall, this stunning reproduction captures the smuggler’s last moments before being frozen in carbonite with exacting detail, his features and shape perfectly preserved as he’s transported from Cloud City to Jabba’s Palace.

The likeness of Harrison Ford has been masterfully recreated in hand-painted fiberglass, and on either side of him, cinema accurate lightning glows a dim reddish-orange like the carbon freezing chamber on Bespin. Make Jabba the Hutt’s most prized possession your own by adding this replica to your Star Wars display.

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