Darth Vader enters in Star Wars A New Hope

We’ll start our list of Star Wars terror at the beginning-- literally the beginning of A New Hope. Imperial stormtroopers have just infiltrated the Rebels’ ship, Tantive IV. The rebels and stormtroopers are exchanging blaster fire, with Rebels dropping like flies all over the place and finally retreating. When

the hallway is clear of Rebels, our view turns, centered on an entrance, clouded with smoke.

From within the blur of the smoke, a large, black figure appears; black-suited, black-caped, and black-helmeted. Back in 1977, this was the world’s introduction to Darth Vader. Minor-key horns accompany him, giving us a hint that this dude is no good. Then the breathing. How did heavy, labored breathing become the sound of intimidation? Who knows? But it did. It became a sound you did not want to hear approaching you. He said nothing in that initial entrance, but he was treated with such reverence by the stormtroopers that you knew he was super scary.

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