Star Wars: AMC Theaters to Show 27-Hour Skywalker Saga Marathon

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AMC Theaters is holding a 27-hour Star Wars movie marathon to celebrate the premiere of The Rise of Skywalker in December. With the final Star Wars 9 trailer finally confirmed to be on the way, Disney is officially in the homestretch of marketing for their upcoming blockbuster. About two months remain until the film reaches theaters, concluding not just the Star Wars sequel trilogy - but also the entire Skywalker saga.

It goes without saying many a Star Wars fan will be interested in rewatching the previous eight episodes of the saga in order to prepare for The Rise of Skywalker. There are no shortage of ways to go about that, especially since the first seven episodes will be available on Disney+ when the streaming service launches next month. But for those hoping to experience the Skywalker saga on the big screen one final time, AMC has the event for you.

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On their official website, AMC Theaters lists a mega Skywalker saga marathon that starts on Wednesday, December 18. All nine installments of the saga will screen in a span of 27 hours, with The Rise of Skywalker beginning at 5 pm on Thursday, December 19 (an hour earlier than the first general showings). Tickets are not yet available.

Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Rewatch

Recently, a rumored Star Wars 9 runtime of 155 minutes made the rounds online, but the marathon doesn't make it any easier to gauge the speculation's validity. Even with The Rise of Skywalker included, the complete Skywalker saga is well under 27 hours in length. And from the sound of things, spinoffs Rogue One and Solo are being left out; while those films are obviously connected to the mainline saga, they are not officially considered episodic installments. AMC specifically says "all nine Star Wars saga films" on their website, so there's a lot of time unaccounted for. It's all but a guarantee there are breaks worked into the schedule, perhaps intermissions between the individual films or the trilogies. That's a necessity for an event like this.

Marathoning major pop culture franchise has become something of a tradition for AMC. They held two separate MCU events in preparation for Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Even though all of these movies are readily available on home media platforms, there must be substantial interest in the marathons, or else AMC wouldn't go through the trouble of putting them together. In all likelihood, many Star Wars fans will try to carve out the time for this marathon. These films were made to be seen on the biggest of screens, and watching them with a crowd can be a thrill. Plus, this would be a great way to full appreciate the grand scope of the Star Wars saga, before this era of the franchise comes to a close.

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