SR Pick: 'Star Wars' Movie Crossover Posters

Star Wars Empire of the Sun poster

Artists have found success in the limitless world of movie posters. Fan artwork has raised the eyebrows of studio executives and independent artists have used iconic images to create original works that wow us all.

The latest addition is a small collection of crossover movie posters that combine Star Wars with other film classics.

As usual, there's good news and bad news. The bad news is there are only five posters. The good is each one is awesome and deserves a print for your wall. This fan artwork thrives on the creative combination of classic films and the titles perfectly coincide with the Star Wars saga. In fact, they have plenty more in common thematically than we realized.

The posters, created by Matthew Ranzetta, merge the slick look of minimalist art with original mashups that would serve as great feature-length parodies.

Check out three of the five posters below. If you want to see the others and the rest of Matthew Ranzetta's artwork, head over to his blog.

The Princess Bride Star Wars poster
Star Wars Empire of the Sun poster
Cool Hand Luke Star Wars poster

The taglines are an added bonus. I especially enjoyed the one for The Princess Bride. If for no reason but R2D2's presence. That is truly inspired artwork.

Fan art is a recurring feature as an SR Pick, and with good reason. Star Wars seems to be the fan favorite when it comes to mock-artwork. Parodies of the iconic saga are always around and have been especially entertaining over the past year. Hopefully we can jump back on the bandwagon with a follow-up to our Minimalist Superhero Posters. What genre or trend would you like to see minimalist posters from our resident artist?

Matthew Ranzetta's art is easy on the eyes and well-conceived. Our only suggestion is to make more, because five is hardly sufficient for our healthy appetite. For now, these will do and I'll be looking for a wall-size print.

Source: Matthew Ranzetta [via The Awesomer]

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