Star Wars: 17 Most Powerful Force-Users, Ranked

There are many iconic and influential elements of Star Wars. Few are more important to the mythology of the universe than the Force. The magical energy that flows through everything and everyone, hasn't only spawned its own real-world religion. It’s also responsible for all the amazing flips, pushes, jumps, and the otherwise unbelievable feats of the Star Wars universe that every kid tries to make happen in the world of their own imagination.

The Force is magnificent and one of the reasons that Star Wars has become so special and beloved. Yet it’s not an equal opportunity miracle maker. Throughout the expansive Star Wars universe, both in continuity and outside of it, there’s been a plethora of Force users all of varying skill levels.

It’s a little hard to gauge which of them is more powerful than the other. Not many Star Wars characters have come face-to-face, let alone done battle. Yetpart of the fun of having so many incredibly powerful characters with fantastic resumes, is trying to figure out which one is “best.” This isn't a definitive list but it’s an attempt to create one.

However, a quick disclaimer should be given that this list only looks at characters who are currently within the Star Wars canon or have been hinted to exist in the current continuity, such as those from the Knights of the Old Republic games. Otherwise there were no real limits imposed on who is included and why, other than their command of the Force.

Here are the 17 Most Powerful Force-Users, Ranked.

WarningThe Last Jedi spoilers ahead.

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17 Bastilla Shan

Bastilla is the player’s partner and possible love interest in Knights of the Old Republic. When anyone talks about Bastila, including herself, they quickly refer to her as one of the strongest Jedi around. This is made even more remarkable as she’s quite a bit younger than most of the Jedi Masters in the game.

The chief aspect that makes Bastilla so strong is that she can access the rare power of Battle Meditation. Essentially this means that, if Bastilla thinks hard enough, she can sway a battle in favor of her allies.

Bastilla is the Jedi version of a violent Tinkerbell, if she believes strong enough it can happen. In addition, Bastilla can break the control of the Dark Side (or embrace it) depending on the player’s choices.

While Bastilla is extremely powerful and stronger than the average Jedi, she never does go beyond a supporting role.

16 Darth Plagueis

Darth Plagueis Star Wars Sith

Darth Plagueis is still very much a part of Star Wars canon, being a relatively important namedrop in Revenge of the Sith. However, most of the information about him as regulated to the defunct Expanded Universe of Star Wars Legends. He’s just like Knights of the Old Republic, waiting to be confirmed.

However, in this quasi-state of canon Plagueis is one of the most interesting (and obviously) powerful Force users. Plagueis was not only super-duper evil, he was a bit of Force scientist.

As a Dark Side devotee, Plagueis searched for ways to push the Force to limits, including a way to defeat death. In other words, Plagueis doesn’t just share a visual similarity to Harry Potter’s Voldemort, they could have been best buddies.

Sadly for him, Plagueis had Palpatine as an apprentice. The future Emperor killed Plagueis taking his research to far outstrip his master. Plagueis became a stepping stone in the Empire’s rise.

15 Mace Windu

Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu in Star Wars Attack of the Clones

Despite being played by Samuel L. Jackson, Mace Windu doesn’t come off the best in the prequel trilogy. Although he does manage to defeat Palpatine in lightsaber combat, he doesn’t seem that much more skilled than the average Jedi-- especially in light of the easy way he dies, at the end of that same confrontation with Palpatine.

However, outside the movies, both in canon sources and semi-canon ones, Mace fully earns the title of Jedi Master. In the comics but particularly the animated The Clone Wars TV series Mace is shown to have an excellent command on Force abilities. One of his most impressive feats being able to break the will of the strong and stubborn bounty hunter, Cad Bane.

For all his Force usage, though, Mace’s real skill as Jedi came in his lightsaber control. He isn’t the most strong Force-user but he was one of the best Jedi combatants.

14 Count Dooku

Count Dooku in Episode 3

Dooku acquits himself much better in the prequel trilogy than Mace when it comes to power. Dooku, after all, managed to engage Yoda in combat with the Force. While he did eventually lose and had to retreat, he managed far longer than he should’ve, especially since he had just fought both Obi-Wan and Anakin.

However, Dooku does share the distinction with Mace Windu that some of his best feats occur in The Clone Wars. Throughout the series, Dooku showed off a tremendous control of the Force, being incredibly precise and able to multi-task.

While most Dark Side users choke their victims or fling them around, Dooku was able to use Force Choke and remotely fire a blaster with the Force.

Ultimately, he did come up short and was easily killed by Anakin Skywalker. As one of Palpatine’s many apprentices, he's not one to dismiss lightly.

13 Leia Organa

Leia might not have received any real formal Force training in the move trilogies. Yet there’s no denying the power of her Skywalker bloodline. Leia's technically not a Jedi but she’s still incredibly (almost unbelievably) strong in the Force.

As anyone who has watched The Last Jedi knows, Leia used the Force to survive being fired into the vacuum of space and flew to safety. This is easily one of the most impressive Force feats in any of the movies.

She’s also been shown repeatedly to sense major events, across the galaxy, which is important (and useful) to her work as a princess and general.

If Leia had properly become a Jedi, she’d certainly be one of the most formidable characters in Star Wars history. Still she remains mostly as untapped (but powerfully raw) potential.

12 Darth Nihilus

Darth Nihilus

A major antagonist in Knights of the Old Republic II, Darth Nihilus is a bit of Force vampire. Referred to as “wound in the Force,” Nihilus was able to feed on consume energy from other users.

It allowed him to greatly expand his skills. He far out passed his master, Darth Traya, a woman who could wield three lightsabers telekinetically.

Nihilus is easily one of the creepiest Sith Lords that the Star Wars universe has ever brought into being. He was able to destroy an entire Jedi Council simply by feeding on their massive Force energy, as well as separate his former Master from her connection the Force.

Nihilus does a rather serious Achilles’ heel, though-- if he doesn’t “feed” for a long time he’ll begin to grow weak. Also, it’s possible to trick or fool him rather easily, making him a volatile but very inconsistent power.

11 Kylo Ren

As Ben Solo, Kylo Ren was immediately recognized by his uncle Luke Skywalker for his extreme connection to the Force. Combining the teachings of Luke and his Dark Side master, Snoke, Kylo is a wild animal in the Force.

He’s proven to be very adept with telekinetic powers in his short time in Star Wars canon, with one of his most notable feats being freezing blaster fire in midair for over a minute. Kylo uses his extreme anger to feed his power in the Force to great effect.

However, he is still a little too unsteady. Kylo’s greatest fear, among many, is that he’ll never be as strong as his grandfather Darth Vader. Though his story is just in the middle, it’s something that’s held true so far.

10 Rey

The Last Jedi proved unquestionably that Rey and Kylo are evenly matched within the Force, when they tussled over control of the Skywalker saber. It might seem faulty then to rank Rey above Kylo Ren but it still seems like a justifiable position.

Rey has much less Force training than Kylo and has already risen to meet him. Although that could just be the Force moving through her, the power of the young Jedi can’t be underestimated.

Rey has shown an incredible amount of skill in a very short amount of time, even though she is very intelligent and was already trained in combat on Jakku. It’s this acceleration in her powers that makes Rey such a powerhouse.

By the end of her story, Rey could easily become the most powerful Force user of her era (and all time) but she’s not quite there yet.

9 Obi-Wan Kenobi

Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Revenge of the Sith

Obi-Wan is much more than the mentor and master of Anakin and Luke Skywalker. He's not even just one of the best characters in the Star Wars saga. Obi-Wan's one of its most powerful Force users.

Obi-Wan’s greatest skills might have been in lightsaber combat (and finding the high ground) but he was almost nearly as adept with the Force.

Obi-Wan used the Force to greatly enhance his combat skills, mastering the use of Force Blast, Jump and could use the Force to crush large objects as well.

This affinity for the Force only grew in his self-exposed exile while he watched over a young Luke. It was during this time that he mastered one of his most impressive, and certainly the most memorable feat, learning how to become one with the Force after death and living on as a Force Ghost, an incredibly rare skill.

8 The Son

A rather obscure character from The Clone Wars, The Son existed outside the binary distinctions of Jedi and The Sith. The Son belonged to a trio of powerful Force wielders called The Ones.

The Son represented the Dark Side of the Force. Meanwhile, his counter-part The Daughter represented the Light, while the patriarch of the group, The Father, was the balance in between.

The Son had an incredible amount of power at his control from the Dark Side. He was able to shape shift and could take several different forms.

He even managed to trick Anakin Skywalker by appearing as his mother, Shmi. The Son could also craft powerful Force visions to control and entrance others. The Son's bite could also infect beings with the Dark Side.

The Son was arguably the most powerful of The Ones and was only able to be killed by a singular weapon.

7 Revan

Darth Revan Star Wars Sith

The protagonist and player character of Knights of the Old Republic, Revan has been described as the most powerful Force user of his time. When talking of him Darth Traya explains that looking at Revan was like looking into “the heart of the Force.”

Revan pushed himself to the absolute limits of his power. He was able to wield both the Light and Dark sides of the Force, had tremendous telekinetic powers at their command, and could communicate across the galaxy telepathically. Revan used their control of the Force to resist a tremendous amount of pain and heal catastrophic wounds.

Chronically, Revan's one of the very early Jedi (and Sith), which allowed him to set a precedent for many to follow. The canon of the character (and as well as their very existence) is in state of flux given the continuity of Star Wars but they're still powerful.

6 Lord Vitiate


As a major antagonist, if not the major villain, of Star Wars MMO The Old Republic, Vitiate used his powers to set himself as the Emperor of the galaxy. Though Vitiate didn’t have any political power, he had a tremendous control of the Force and the Dark Side that allowed him to rise.

He snapped the neck of his adoptive father with a mere thought as a young toddler and was recognized as a Lord of the Sith when he was just 14.

Vitatie used his power to dominate the minds of thousands, building an army for himself which relied on fear and flagrant use of Force Lightning. Vitiate was so strong in the Dark Side that it corrupted his body. He thus managed to develop a technique to transfer his conscious to multiple bodies.

Yet Vitiate was far too confident for his own good, having a relatively short, if fierce reign.

5 Supreme Leader Snoke

Snoke wasn’t like most Star Wars villains, he seemed to exist outside the constant struggle of Jedi and Sith. Although he wasn’t a Sith, Snoke was undoubtedly a master in the Dark Side of the Force.

He still might be a huge mystery but he was shown to have incredible grasp on the Force, especially in The Last Jedi. He was able to toss Rey around like a ragdoll and able to effortlessly probe the insides of her mind for Luke’s location.

Snoke also managed to connect Rey and Kylo through the Force despite only meeting one of them. Lastly, Snoke slammed Hux to the floor from some indeterminate amount of distance across the galaxy.

The only reason why Snoke isn’t higher is because he wasn’t able to sense that Kylo Ren was a threat.

4 Darth Vader

Darth Vader #1 cover art

Anakin Skywalker was already an incredibly strong Force user and Jedi. When he fell to the Dark Side, becoming Darth Vader, that power only magnified.

Being severely injured on Mustafar, dampened his Force powers and kept him from his true potential. Yet Vader was still one of the most formidable Force users in Star Wars history.

Vader was not able to move freely due to his body become a burned and broken shell. However, he compensated with his command of the Force. Vader mastered the ability to throw his lightsaber, choke the life of his opponents and could use Force Waves to cause mass destruction and murder. Vader’s command of telekinetic Force was really second to none.

Vader’s armor (as well as his extreme hate) were all that kept him alive. So, after he went back to the Light, he quickly died due to his new and old injuries.

3 Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine meme from Star Wars

Palpatine was easily one of the most successful Force users in Star Wars history. He slowly built his control and was the mastermind of events in galactic history for nearly 30 years. Yet even that kind of pales in comparison to his command of the Dark Side.

He took centuries of history and knowledge, combining it into a truly masterful command of the Force. Being viewed as the very personification as the Dark Side by Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

Palpatine managed to be near the most powerful Jedi for decades and concealed his true evil intentions. Palpatine fully grasped the methods of Force Lightning, all telekinetic Force powers and Force Speed (explaining his ability to propel through the air like an evil decrepit torpedo).

There’s no one in Star Wars who can match Palpatine’s command of the Dark Side, but with Light that’s a different matter.

2 Luke Skywalker

The savior of the galaxy more than once, Luke Skywalker is second to only one other Force user. Luke, unlike almost everyone else on this list, was mostly self-taught which makes his achievements that much more laudable.

Luke’s affinity for the Force is exemplified in the way that he communed with it, not necessarily used to augment his strength. (Although the Force did allow Luke incredible physical abilities.)

He seems to have understood and explored the Force better than most Jedi Masters, being able to turn himself off from it completely. Luke was also able to see and communicate with Force Ghosts with absolutely no training.

Luke’s most impressive feat though was his ability to astral project across the galaxy, using it completely defeat his nephew without physically touching him. It was a fatal act, but with it Luke achieved the ultimate goal of becoming one with the Force.

1 Yoda

Yoda Star Wars 8 Frank Oz

The poster child (or alien) for wise and powerful master, Yoda is the supreme Force user in Star Wars. Yoda not only introduced the idea that the Force is much more than combat skills or flashy magic powers, he embodied it.

Though Yoda could barely walk naturally, he used his connection to the Force to achieve nearly impossible physical feats. He tapped into the Force to stand toe-to-toe with much larger and younger opponents. Yoda could also absorb enormous blasts of Force Lightning with very little effort, in addition to numerous other telekinetic powers.

Yoda’s command and knowledge of the Force carried past his death. Like Obi-Wan (and Vader/Anakin) Yoda developed the ability to become a Force Ghost. Yet in that ghostly form Yoda was still able to bring down a Force Lightining strike. Size (and breathing) matters not to Yoda.


Do you agree with these rankings? Who is the most powerful Star Wars Force user in your opinion? Sound off in the comments below!

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