Star Wars: 15 Most Powerful Beings In The Galaxy, Ranked

Star Wars is a strange combination of science-fiction and fantasy. As such, it allows for cool space battles, but also for characters even more powerful than those laser-shooting, faster-than-light moving ships. As Darth Vader himself said, “The power to destroy a star is insignificant next to the power of the Force,” which, of course, he followed up by psychically choking a man who had truly terrible '70s sideburns.

But, the galaxy is full of all kinds of beings— light and dark— who are capable of all kinds of crazy feats. There are as many villains as there are heroes, but, frankly, the villains have much better imaginations (and better tailors too, Vader’s helmet aside).

Before Disney wiped away the Expanded Universe in the same manner Grand Moff Tarkin did Alderaan, there were characters who could rearrange disorganized atoms into living, breathing prophecies, others who could bring mountains down on their enemies, and those who could manipulate the event horizons of black holes. We've included them here, so yeah, clearly, Boba Fett isn’t showing up on this list.

These are the 15 Most Powerful Beings In The Star Wars Galaxy, Ranked.

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16 Darth Bane

Some people adopt the dark side. Darth Bane was born in it, molded by it. He also had great organizational and administrative skills; like the most dangerous villains, Bane was a born bureaucrat.

Bane created the Rule of Two for Sith Lords to keep infighting from happening. This allowed the Sith to grow their numbers significantly, rivaling the forces of the Jedi. However, it isn’t just his studiousness that make him such a dangerous enemy; it’s his utter viciousness and Force manipulation abilities.

Bane was so powerful he was thought to be the Sith'ari— the bad guy version of the Chosen One, only bigger. The term means “God.” Had the prophecy come true, he would have killed all the Sith and resurrected them as invincible zombies. Unfortunately, Bane got complacent; he was betrayed by his apprentice and killed. Victory had defeated him.

15 Darth Plagueis

Darth Plagueis Star Wars Sith

It’s a little unfair to blame everything on one person— especially a cyclical intergalactic war that has been waged for thousands of years, but, well, everything is Darth Plagueis’ fault. (If you want to be technical, it’s the Jedi’s fault for creating the Sith, but this isn’t the time or the place.)

Plagueis created many of the Sith laws and strategies that allowed them to rebuild after being defeated by the Jedi. His devotion to the Dark Side opened up new ways of utilizing the Force. Plagueis was able to affect the midi-chlorians to create life from nothingness, healed the sick, and was close to unlocking Force-derived immortality. It just so happened that his apprentice assassinated him before he could finish (timing is everything in life).

Of course, Darth Sidious, his disloyal apprentice, did what all egomaniacal degenerates do: became a politician, where evil is accepted and encouraged.

14 Marka Ragnos

Marka Ragnos Star Wars Sith

Marka Ragnos led the Sith during their Golden Age— when their numbers, influence, and victories were at their greatest. He managed to live for another thousand years after his death by keeping “the essence of his body alive.” Ragnos even showed up at his own funeral Tom Sawyer style. Ragnos also appeared as a Force ghost and possessed Tavion Axmis so he could fight Jaden Korr.

The maniac wouldn’t even listen to the rules about using lightsabers. He preferred using a Sith Sword and handcrafted Scepter that siphoned power from the Force itself, making it impossibly powerful. The item, like Marka Ragnos himself, became a myth after his death.

Admittedly, the thing doesn’t live up to the hype. It looks like a regular sword with a tuning fork at the end of it. But other than that, Ragnos was pretty dang cool.

13 Satele Shan

See, we’re not biased to the Dark Dide. Shan’s a Jedi! Okay, sure, she’s one of about three good guys on this list, but as we’ve said, the Dark Side just knows how to have more fun.

Satele Shan is the perfect example of "even one person can make a difference." She single-handedly turned the tide of the Battle of Alderaan. In her battles with Sith Lords, she manipulated the Force to make them weaker and gain the advantage, and moved massive objects that even most Masters couldn’t manage. However, she was best known for her abilities with her lightsaber, making her impossibly dangerous at both distant and close range.

Naturally, her sacrifices were never enough. Due to Jedi law, she had to keep her relationship with Jace Malcolm a secret and was forced to give up their child at birth.

12 Galen Marek

Marek is also known as “Starkiller” to give you an idea of the kind of person we’re dealing with here. He has the dubious honor of being Darth Vader’s secret apprentice (the Emperor didn’t want another Sith on the payroll; the insurance rates would skyrocket).

Their relationship began after Vader murdered his parents (as one does). The kid was strong, even using the Force to knock Vader’s lightsaber out of his hand before he could land a killing blow on Marek’s father. It didn’t help any in the end, but it was still impressive.

Starkiller’s greatest moment, however, was during an assignment on Raxus Prime. A Star Destroyer was crashing to the surface of the planet, and death was imminent. Marek used the Force to alter the ship’s course and brought it down into a safe crash without destroying the ship, saving himself and his allies.

11 Kyp Durron

Kyp Durron, his excellent head of hair, and sharp fashion sense weren't made for rules. He’s what would’ve happened had Han Solo picked up a lightsaber.

Despite being a Jedi Master, Kyp stole a Sun Crusher superweapon— for destroying entire star systems— and used it to massacre the remaining Imperial fleet hiding out in the Outer Rim. Surprisingly, that didn’t help his mood; he accidentally killed his brother during the massacre.

Kyp became a Sith Lord obsessed with destroying the Empire. Luke Skywalker even observed that Kyp had the capability to be even more powerful than he was. Eventually Kyp reformed a bit, regretting some of his actions and returning to the Jedi Order. That said, he still was, at best, more of a Gray Jedi than a boy scout.

10 Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious

Darth Sidious is best known for his leadership of the sprawling, tyrannical Empire and for taking control of the Senate and eliminating the Jedi thanks to his absurdly complex Order 66 plan. He successfully worked under the noses of the Jedi Order for decades, fooling the likes of Yoda, Mace Windu, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker before revealing his true nature at his leisure. You’d almost expect him to be sipping a mint julep while he did it.

Palpatine was able to create Anakin Skywalker through the Force. That’s right, at his most powerful, Sidious was able to not only create life from nothing, but was able to create a prophecy-fulfilling Chosen One. Of course, his creation eventually killed him, as in the case of Frankenstein or the Menendez family.

9 Revan

Darth Revan

When your nickname is Revan the Butcher, you’re not going to be compared to C-3PO a lot. No, his other name isn’t Kylo Ren, though Revan could probably use a lawyer for that stolen IP. Regardless, if it came down between the two, Revan would win anyway. Unless it was a whining contest.

While not considered a Gray Jedi by any means, Revan was able to wield Light and Dark Force abilities simultaneously, using both sides’ powers at a mastery level.

Known for his charm as well as his brutality, Revan started his own movement, the Revanchists, to stop the Mandalorian invasion. He did so by using their own superweapon on them, decimating their fleet and killing an untold number of people and nearly wiping out the entire species.

8 Darth Vader

Yeah, the guy known as The Chosen One isn’t at the top. That should give you an idea of how much crazier this’ll get.

Admittedly, it also didn’t help Vader’s case that he spent half his life on a respirator. He’s done some crazy things in Star Wars: the hallway scene in Rogue One, and, most quotably, in Revenge of the Sith... The Younglings!

In Vader Down, he’s surrounded by over 500 rebel soldiers. Undaunted, Vader uses the Force to activate their grenade belts, killing them via detonation (and then picks the rest apart himself after). Meanwhile, he also activates his tie fighter to singlehandedly destroy the X-wings in orbit.

Finally, there’s Lords of the Sith, where he and Palpatine are stranded with literally an entire world against them, Sidious brings up all of Vader’s failures and reveals deep-buried truths to enrage Vader so greatly that he wipes out the entire civilization by himself.

7 Darth Vitiate

You know you’re powerful when death becomes a curable condition. Also, remember how much we kvelled over Revan’s powers? Well, Vitiate is his boss, who manipulated Revan and tossed him around like a toy when he misbehaved.

Vitiate killed his Sith Lord father at the age of 10 and earned the title himself by the age of 13. He would end up becoming the Sith Emperor of his era. He was capable of controlling the minds of thousands of people at once— including other Sith Lords.

Vitiate used his Dark Side powers to absorb the life force of everything on the planet, allowing him to increase his longevity. When his body could take no more, he would transfer his consciousness from body to body. He was so reviled by those around him, Revan once attempted to resurrect him to just so he could kill Vitiate himself.

6 Yoda

Sure, he looks ridiculous, his voice is obnoxious, and his butchering of syntax is tedious as it is unforgivable, but the little muppet is incredibly powerful. Yoda is widely considered to be the second most powerful Jedi ever— being able to handle himself in duels against Palpatine and Count Dooku, as well as lifting entire ships with his mind even very late into his life when his powers were waning.

In his prime, Yoda was capable of causing avalanches, could sense the thoughts of droids, and could control entire armies with telekinesis. All that information really puts his death in Return of the Jedi into perspective; exiled on a virtually lifeless jungle planet, on the ground of a tiny hut, clutching a filthy, itchy blanket. No galaxy for old men.

5 Abeloth

Originally known as “Servant” and then “Mother,” Abeloth is a strange character. She’s not technically a Jedi or a Sith— and she’s not even humanoid either (her original form looks like a deflated Stay Puft mascot). After immersing herself in the Font of Power and the Pool of Knowledge, she became an immortal and amorphous negative entity who can take the form of people she has absorbed or killed.

While some characters used their knowledge of the Force to extent their lives by a millennium or two, Abeloth lived for well over a hundred thousand years before being defeated - but never killed. Luke obtained the Dagger of Mortis, a powerful plot device that would be able to kill her and her kind, but we’ll get to that later.

4 Luke Skywalker

With barely any training, Luke Skywalker blew up the Death Star, and defeated both Darth Vader and the Emperor. You have to admire the guy. In the Expanded Universe, he was also one of the few Jedi who unabashedly broke the rules by marrying and starting a family. Granted, by then he was in charge of the Jedi Order, so it wasn’t like Internal Affairs was going to bring him down or something. But still. The kid has moxy.

Luke succeeded in fighting off the Yuuzhan Vong invasion despite the fact they are unreceptive and imperceptible to the Force. Luke also became capable of producing Force Lightning from his fingers, but there is one feat that stands on its own. Luke seized control of a black hole and forced it to collapse in on itself. That sound you hear is your own face melting. That’s how metal Luke Skywalker is.

3 The Force Priestesses

Force Priestesses in Star Wars Rebels

The Priestesses are a little hard to peg down. They have had very little time for development, as they debuted not long before the Expanded Universe was wiped out. The Five have made appearances since in the new canon, which isn’t all that different from what had been established, but they also haven’t been seen much either.

From what we have on them, they’re beings who exist between life (the Living Force) and death (the Cosmic Force). They manifest themselves into different representations of emotions: Serenty, Anger, Confusion, Joy, and Sadness. They have the ability to teach Force users how to become Force ghosts after death and may be the living extension of the Force itself. If that’s the case, they aren’t just powerful so much as they are elemental and implicit.

2 The Bedlam Spirits

Well, we’re going to get weird now. The Bedlam Spirits are the very definition of appearances being deceiving— one of them looks like a dirty basketball and another looks like a depressed triangle. However, they’re incredibly powerful.

Like the Force Priestesses, it’s unknown how much, if at all, the Bedlam Spirits have to do with the Force. They’re nonhumanoid entities that are capable of creating and destroying at will; restoring the dead to life or draining the life from living things. They exist in all times and places at once and can change matter and time at will. While Luke Skywalker had precognition, he couldn’t experience and alter time in the way they could.

Though incredibly intelligent, the Spirits are still curious, but also inherently dangerous. Like the Priestesses, they have no known weaknesses and are apparently both omnipotent and invincible.

1 Father

Star Wars Father Mortis

You remember Mother, right? From about four entries back. Well, this is Father. They are both member of The Ones— an ethereal group of god-entities, consisting of them and their children. All are infinitely powerful, but for the plot device dagger.

Father is the most powerful of these entities, and by far the oldest. At her oldest, Mother was 100,000— Father is over one million years old. No one has a greater knowledge of the Force than Father. He can shape-shift, hold lightsabers by their blade without injury, and can teleport across the galaxy in seconds.

Father descended from the Celestials, an ancient civilization who may have created or long since evolved into the Force. Both Jedi and Sith have often suggested that it is the Celestials who truly guide the Force, determining what the proper balance is. So, yes, he’s a tad powerful.


Which Star Wars being do you think is the most powerful? Let us know in the comments.

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