25 Weird Mistakes In The Original Star Wars Movies Only True Fans Noticed

When it comes to Star Wars, had we pointed out flaws in the series before the release of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, we would’ve been lynched by die-hard fans who would never hear even a single word uttered against the series. But as we live in the contemporary age where everyone gets offended over everything, the Sequel trilogy has its fair share of haters. This dislike has now also been retroactively placed on the Original series as George Lucas’ many redesigns of the trilogy has irked more fans than it has satisfied.

The Original trilogy is still seen as the best part of the main series and fans generally accept these three films more than the newer ones – especially the Prequel trilogy. These fans don’t realize that the Original trilogy had a lot of flaws due to the chronology of the Star Wars series not being set in stone. The production went through a lot of changes, due to which there are dozens of continuity mistakes. The Original trilogy is also riddled with many production errors; these are errors that are there because production wasn’t as expansive as it is now.

With CGI taking the front seat, mistakes in production are minimal but, back in the day, these were quite a lot and these mistakes have been found. So, here are those mistakes that we’ve noticed in the Original trilogy, and you’ll be surprised to know how many of these were just hiding in plain sight.

Here are 25 Weird Mistakes In The Original Movies Only True Fans Noticed.

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25 Tarkin's Non-Speaking Lines

Grand Moff Tarkin loved to monolgue, and so he did in just about every scene he was in in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. But it seems like he had so many monologues that the actor was required to dub lines.

In the beginning scenes of the film, Tarkin has Leia in his possession and threatens to destroy Alderaan, her home planet. Before he follows through, you can hear him speak just before the camera cuts away, but his mouth doesn’t actually move.

24 Stormtrooper Hitting His Head

Stormtroopers by Hot Toys

In Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, when our heroes are in dire straits, the Stormtroopers arrived to make things worse. While the music in this scene is extremely intense and foreboding, you can see the three Stormtroopers enter and the one on the right hit his head before entering the room.

In re-releases, the scene has had a clunking sound effect added to acknowledge the Stormtrooper hitting his head. You can find this scene on YouTube and have a laugh now that you know about it.

23 How Many Escaped?

When this film had been released, the filmmakers weren’t sure if a second (now known as the fifth) part would ever be made and so left a few subtle hints if there was to be another installment.

Now, however, that hint has become a mistake since in Darth Vader’s final scene, as he’s flying away from the blown-up Death Star, you can hear one of the resistance gunners claim “there goes another one”. But hold on, there wasn’t anyone who survived, so who were the other ones the gunner claimed left?

22 Luke's Changing Lightsabers

Star Wars Lightsaber Luke Obi Wan

The lightsaber Luke has used has been famously blue in color. This has been shown throughout the series and retained within continuity, with lightsaber colors being something unique to each character now.

In the first instance Luke used a lightsaber, however, the color of the thing was different compared to later on. When Luke opens the lightsaber while aboard the Millennium Falcon, it is green in color. Later on, when he talks to Obi Wan, the color suddenly changes to blue.

21 C-3PO's Head Dent

C-3PO has been used as a plucky comic relief the entire time he’s been in Star Wars. He’s still one of the handful characters who has been active across all nine of the main series continuity films, so he should be respected as a character.

Still, C-3PO’s continuity, at least physically, leaves a lot to be desired. If you’ll notice, C-3PO had a dent on his head due to getting knocked about and this dent remains there when convenient; other times, the dent is completely missing.

20 Han's Neck Swerve

Star Wars Han Shot First Continuity

This “mistake” wasn’t present until George Lucas pulled the “Greedo shot first” move later on. Due to George wanting Greedo to shoot Han first within continuity, the scene where this took place was edited to show the laser escaping the guns and Greedo’s blasst appearing first.

However, in order to make Han look like a cool guy who dodged the bullet, his neck swerves the laser in a very gross manner which is impossible for any human to do. You can watch it for yourself and see the freakishness.

19 What Happened To The Rebels?

The whole point of the rebellion against the empire was to earn freedom for people in the galaxy, but this doesn’t seem to apply to people who weren’t main characters. First of all, Rogue One’s heroes went completely unacknowledged for the empire’s defeat, but there’s also the fact that the rebels who were on Leia’s ship in the beginning of Episode IV were never mentioned again. What happened to these guys? We weren’t told if they lived or perished, they simply dropped out.

18 Luke Shouldn't Know How To Fly An X-Wing

At the end of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, things got a bit too cliché when the heroes themselves took it upon their shoulders to bring an end to the Death Star. It was all too obvious that the movie wanted to give the heroes the victory and the ending was just a formality.

However, it got so outrageous that Luke apparently gained a skill he shouldn’t have had. Luke flew an X-Wing to blow up the Death Star, something that shouldn’t be possible because he had never been in one! No on taught him to pilot an X-Wing beforehand.

17 How Does Leia Know Han's A "Fly Boy"?

When they are first introduced to Princess Leia, Han and Luke are looking to rescue her from the clutches of the villains. Leia, though, shows she doesn’t really care for niceties when she straight away starts trash talking to both Luke and Han despite them saving her.

One of the words she throws at them is calling Han “Fly Boy”, an apparent shot at him for being a pilot. However, at this point, she had no idea who Han was and that he was a pilot, so why did she call him “Fly Boy” at all?

16 Leia’s Changing Accents

George Lucas wasn’t like other directors in that he never had a set plan for what the films were going to be about. When the first film was being shot, Lucas wasn’t sure what to make of Leia and had Carrie Fisher portray her how she saw best fit.

This is why there’s an inconsistency where Leia speaks to Darth Vader in an English accent at the start of the film, only to become totally American just a few scenes later.

15 The Shielding Deceased Man

You might remember Captain Antilles at the end of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story when he hands over the plans for the Death Star to Princess Leia; this same guy got strangled by Darth Vader at the beginning of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.

He did one memorable thing, though: he shielded himself even though he was deceased. When Vader flings his body away, you can see the actor holding his arms up to shield himself from the impact.

14 Cardboard Soldiers

At the end of the Episode IV, our heroes are at an initiation ceremony where they are rewarded for their efforts by Princess Leia. This ceremony seemingly had thousands of members of the rebel alliance and it seemed like a huge event. However, if you look closely, all those soldiers were actually cardboard cutouts.

This was a time when CGI wasn’t much of anything, so the crew had prepared cardboard cutouts to pose as thousands of soldiers during the ceremony. If you look closely, you’ll see the reality of filming.

13 Luke's Reemerging Hand

Star Wars Empire Strikes Back - Luke Skywalker Severed Hand

At the end of Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, Luke loses his fight to Darth Vader only to hang around while defying Darth Vader’s words. After Vader tells him that he is Luke’s real father, a distraught Luke creates a distraction before letting himself fall.

Lucky for Luke, it’s a safe passage through a tunnel. While this is going on, you’ll notice Luke having both his hands during the falling scene. This can’t be possible because his hand was supposed to be cut off by this point.

12 The Crew Reflection

So, C-3PO isn’t an actual person as you might have figured out. Because of this, when you’re filming such a robot, you need to take some extra measures. This means taking shots of 3PO in different ways than one would for humans. When C-3PO isn’t being played out by the actor, the suit is stationary and filming it meant coming in real close.

This is what you’ll see when Chewbacca comes to retrieve C-3PO’s remains and you’ll see the reflection of the entire crew on C-3PO’s head.

11 Leia Switching Places

In Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, there’s a scene where Han, Lando, and Leia are all walking together. In this scene, the three are walking wherein Leia’s position is between Han and Lando while Han walks to the right as Lando walks to the left.

In the very next shot, where they are seen walking from a different angle, Leia remains in her position while Han and Lando have inexplicably switched sides. There was no break between their walking so there’s no way they could’ve switched places at any point in-universe.

10 How Does Leia Remember Her Mother?

Luke and Leia kiss

After the revelation that Darth Vader was the father of Luke in Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, Luke returned to Leia and, in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, he implored upon her to remember her roots.

This led to Leia apparently remember her mother, who had a sadness to her. This can’t be possible, though, as we saw Padme perish in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith after childbirth. How could Leia ever remember her?

9 Mouthing Leia's Lines

In order for actors to remember their own lines, they recite the entire script so as to know when their cue is up. This can be caught usually in younger actors as they aren’t skilled enough to hide the fact that they’re mouthing their co-star’s lines.

Harrison Ford, though, also gets caught when you watch him in a scene with Han and Leia where, when the Millennium Falcon is inside the worm, he and Leia exchange dialogue and you can see Han mouthing Leia’s words along with her.

8 Lando's Reversing Costume

In Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, there was a scene which featured Lando trash talking his old friend Han Solo. In this scene, the dialogue between Han and Lando is such that you will be reminded they were supposed to be great buddies even before the first time Lando was introduced.

This covers up the fact that everything about Lando’s costume gets reversed. You can see that his holster strap goes the other way and his rank insignia also gets flipped.

7 One Ewok Worshipping C-3PO Has Only Holes For Eyes

Ewoks Battle for Endor

The Ewoks have always spit the fandom in half. Some feel they are cute and cuddly, while others feel (rightfully so) that they are vicious creatures. Considering the fact that they were prepared to cook and eat our heroes in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, these things really were barbaric to a degree.

One of them was even scary to look at as this Ewok didn’t have an eye in his socket! These Ewoks were made through puppetry and one of them didn’t have an eye fit so it looks like he’s completely missing it.

6 Switching Columns

Luke Skywalker with Darth Vader Return of the Jedi

During the final confrontation between Darth Vader, Luke, and Emperor Palpatine, you’ll be forgiven for not taking note of anything other than the characters exchanging dialogue as this is a very intense moment for everyone, including the audience.

However, there’s a very clear goof if you do open your eyes a bit as a column to the right of Luke is there one second, only to be removed entirely and for that column to change sides to Luke’s left in the next shot.

5 Luke's Fast Training

Yoda trains Luke Skywalker on Dagobah

After you’ve seen Star Wars: Episode I through Star Wars: Episode III, you’ll have noticed that it takes a heck of a long time for Anakin Skywalker to become a Jedi and complete his training. But if you’ve seen Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, you’ll notice Luke finished his training way too soon in just a couple days.

Sure, he left the training incomplete, but he didn’t have any problems in Episode VI when he faced off with Darth Vader once again.

4 Darth Vader's Changing Arm Positions

Luke Skywalker Cuts Off Darth Vader's Hand in Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi

The above-mentioned scene in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi comes into play for this point. We see Luke really taking the fight to Darth Vader and ending the battle by beating his father into submission as Luke cuts off Darth Vader’s hand the same way the latter had done to him in the previous film.

However, before the hand-cutting part, pause and you’ll see Darth Vader’s entire arm had been resting on the railing, but when Luke slices the hand off, it’s just the palm resting on the railing.

3 Lando Whacking His Head

Looks like whoever is in a Star Wars movie has to face bumping their head somewhere sooner or later. This fate befalls Lando in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi when he dresses up in a skiff outfit while in Jabba the Hut’s lair.

When Lando moves to reveal his face from his disguise, you can see him clearly whack his head on the doorway. He tries to play this off as his mask hitting the doorway, but you can see his head hitting it first.

2 Leia's Switching Hands

The entire sequence with the Ewoks was ridiculous, but it gets even more out of hand when Leia’s hands switch between shots. This happens when Leia tries to be friendly with the Ewoks and you can see her holding out her left hand.

In the very next shot, with a different angle, Leia remains in the same pose, but what happens? Her hand switches; this time it’s the right hand offering to the Ewok. This was another case of reversing the frame as was the case with Lando’s costume.

1 Han And Leia's Flipped Shots

Han Solo on Hoth

In yet another instance of flipped scenes, we have one in Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back where Han and Leia are both the guilty party this time round. What happens here is Han walking into the command center on Hoth; at this point, Leia throws a look at him, only for the same scene to be flipped in the next shot.

Whoever edited the original Star Wars films clearly thought we wouldn’t notice all these flipped scenes, but they didn’t know better, did they?

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