Take Your Picture Inside the Millennium Falcon At SDCC 2018

Lucasfilm is bringing a life-sized replica of the Millennium Falcon cockpit to San Diego Comic-Con 2018 for photo ops. Ever since the iconic ship was introduced to audiences back in 1977, people have wanted to board it and fly at light speed. Soon, Star Wars fans will get that opportunity when Galaxy's Edge opens at Disney World and Disneyland, as the Falcon is sure to be one of the landmark attractions at the theme park.

The galaxy far, far away will have a minimal presence at this week's Comic-Con, due in large part to there being no new movies on the schedule until December 2019. However, Lucasfilm is still bringing some goodies. The studio will once again have their trademark pavilion on the show floor, and attendees should start putting together their own crews for an amazing photo opportunity.

Related: All The Most Important Panels At SDCC 2018 revealed today that there will be a life-sized replica of the Falcon's cockpit on display at the Lucasfilm booth (#2913). It was cast from the actual set used for Solo: A Star Wars Story and is intricately detailed. In keeping with the Solo theme, there will also be six costumes from the spinoff film at the booth. Multiple Lucasfilm licensing partners will be present at the pavilion as well.

Han Solo and Chewbacca

For those interested in the Falcon experience, free tickets will be available on July 18 (preview night) at 6 pm PST. Passes will be available every day of the convention (which runs through Sunday, July 22) beginning at 9:30 am. Groups can be as many as five people. Tickets are good only for the day of distribution and are timed in 30-minute windows. Fans would be advised to get their passes as early as possible, since this sounds like something that will fill up relatively quickly. Star Wars may be as divisive as ever with the new films, but the brand is still immensely popular and the Millennium Falcon is forever ingrained in the zeitgeist. Fans of all ages and eras will want to take their picture on the ship, imagining to be Han Solo and Chewbacca on some grand adventure.

It's nice to see that Lucasfilm is doing what they can to make Comic-Con a special occasion for Star Wars enthusiasts. In addition to the pavilion, the studio is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Clone Wars animated series with a special panel featuring members of the cast and crew. There probably won't be any major announcements or reveals concerning the galaxy this week (Lucasfilm is probably saving the meaty stuff for Star Wars Celebration 2019), but at least there will be a few things to check out in San Diego.

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