Star Wars & Marvel Live-Action Series Planned for Disney Streaming

Disney is planning new Star Wars and Marvel live-action TV series that will air on the company's streaming service, which is set to launch in late 2019. In recent years, both the Star Wars franchise and the Marvel Cinematic Universe have massively expanded. After acquiring Lucasfilm, Disney announced a new series of Star Wars movies, both a new trilogy in the Skywalker Saga and a number of spinoff movies - the latter of which have since been announced as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Solo: A Star Wars Story. Meanwhile, the MCU is currently in its Phase 3, heading into the culmination of all its phases with Avengers: Infinity War and Untitled Avengers 4.

In terms of Marvel, the company has also made a serious push into television, with five - soon to be six - series on Netflix, two shows currently set up at ABC, one headed to Hulu later this month, another in production at Freeform, and one looking for a network or streaming home (the last being New Warriors, which was originally ordered by Freeform). Star Wars, meanwhile, is wrapping up its animated TV series Star Wars Rebels this year, but rumors of a live-action television show have been circulating for some time. Now, we know at least one more Marvel series and a Star Wars live-action show are in the works.

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Variety is reporting Disney-chairman CEO Bob Iger announced during their quarterly earnings call they're planning original Marvel and Star Wars live-action series that will air on the company's streaming service, which is aiming for a late 2019 launch. Additionally, Disney is planning adaptations of Pixar's Monsters Inc. (which was followed by the sequel/prequel Monsters University) and Disney Channel's High School Musical series.

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It's unclear, as of now, what the new Star Wars and Marvel shows will be about. According to the report in which it was revealed New Warriors would no longer air on Freeform, the series likely won't land on Disney's streaming service because they want it to debut before 2019; but perhaps John Ridley's long in-development Marvel project can move to the streaming service since it isn't moving forward at ABC. However, it's just as likely this unknown show for Disney's platform will be something entirely new - though still, presumably, set within the MCU.

As for Disney's other major property, there are a number of characters or time periods set in the galaxy far, far away that fans have wanted to see adapted to a Star Wars live-action TV show. Although it's unclear who will be shepherding this new series, Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni teased his involvement in a live-action project, which may indicate he'll begin work on this new series once the animated Star Wars show wraps up this year. But what exactly this new Star Wars TV series could be about remains to be seen.

Although TV viewers may not be looking forward to yet another streaming service to add to their list when Disney launches their platform in late 2019, the company is certainly making it worth our while. New Star Wars and Marvel content - not to mention the High School Musical and Monsters Inc. shows for the younger crowd - will undoubtedly motivate many to jump on board whenever Disney launches its streaming platform. As the launch date for the service draws closer, we should learn more about these planned Star Wars and Marvel series, but until then, fans can speculate about what they hope to see coming to Disney streaming in late 2019.

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Source: Variety

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