Star Wars: Mark Hamill Recalls Audience Reaction to New Hope Trailer

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Mark Hamill is recalling a not-so-enthusiastic reaction from an audience member after he and Carrie Fisher saw the trailer for the Star Wars: A New Hope for the first time. Star Wars Celebration has been filled with many stories over the weekend from cast and crew members from across the entire saga, and no one perhaps has been as involved in the convention as much as Luke Skywalker himself. Hamill participated in panels for the 40th Anniversary reunion, The Last Jedi, his personal tribute to Fisher and to wrap up the convention Sunday, he shared anecdotes at the event, dubbed Hamill Himself.

And while the gathering also included worldwide events like the unveiling of the first trailer for The Last Jedi, Hamill shared a story about the very first Star Wars trailer, which as it turns out, came with far little fanfare. According to THR, Hamill says he and Fisher were walking in Hollywood when they happened by a theater and an idea hit to talk the venue into letting them in just to see the trailer. It took a bit of cajoling since Hamill and Fisher weren't international film stars – yet – but the manager let them in anyway.

Sharing his memories, Hamill says he and Fisher then got a dose of reality with a very vocal audience member. Hamill recalls:

"We went in and we watched it. It was so early they didn't have John Williams' score. They didn't have very many special effects finished at all. A couple of shots of TIE Fighters, I think. It made a real impression on me because we hadn't seen any of the footage."

"At the end of the trailer, it said, 'A billion light years in the making. And it's coming to your galaxy this summer.' Big explosion. And somebody in the balcony yelled out, 'Yeah, and it's coming to the late show about two weeks after that.' Nobody enjoys a well-placed, snarky remark more than I do. So we both laughed, but after we laughed, we kind of went, 'Uh oh.'"

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Of course, Hamill can laugh now, given that Star Wars spawned a multi-billion-dollar franchise. The great thing is, despite his fame and fortune, the actor has remained humble, which perhaps explains why he was around for fans the entire celebration. He even noted for fans Sunday that he was a fan of conventions before he ever met Star Wars creator George Lucas.

If people are wondering why Hamill is such of a force in the Star Wars universe, Sunday's funny and introspective stories are wonderful examples why. Sure, he's one of the stars of the biggest movie franchise of all-time, but he's a fan first.

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Source: THR

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