The Mandalorian’s Real Name Revealed

Star Pedro Pascal casually reveals the real name of The Mandalorian while being interviewed about the new Star Wars series from Disney+.

Pedro Pascal from The Mandalorian

Pedro Pascal reveals the real name of The Mandalorian while discussing the new Star Wars series from Disney+. Originally it was rumored that Disney would produce a standalone movie built around the classic character of Boba Fett, but ultimately that project was scrapped and instead Disney went ahead with a series revolving around a different bounty hunter who also wears Boba Fett’s classic Mandalorian armor and wields the same weapons as the famed original Star Wars trilogy character, with Iron Man director Jon Favreau serving as writer and showrunner.

Set after the events of Return of the Jedi but before The Force Awakens, The Mandalorian follows the adventures of its enigmatic title mercenary as he embarks on a secret mission in the service of a mysterious man (Werner Herzog) with apparent connections to the tattered remnants of the Empire. Episode one, which debuted with the launch of Disney+ on Tuesday, began filling in the backstory of the Mandalorian, revealing that he began life as a foundling (which gives him a soft spot for orphans), and also giving details about the lore of the Mandalorians and their iconic armor. The episode also featured a massive twist that unfortunately was spoiled for a lot of people by Twitter.

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In a new interview with Pascal, another detail about the Mandalorian has now been revealed: His real name. Speaking to Screen Slam, Pascal casually let slip that his character’s true name is Dyn Jarren (it’s not yet known exactly how the name is to be spelled). Pascal also talked about the character’s connection to iconic film figures of the past, saying:

The Mandalorian, whose real name is Dyn Jarren, is your iconically cool, flawed, mysterious, loner gunslinger that harkens to the best of the samurai movies and the Westerns and in talking to Jon [Favreau] I asked him what should I be looking at. I know he loves movies. I love movies. What should I be watching? And he immediately brought up Sergio Leone and Akira Kurosawa, Yojimbo, and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. So, he’s very samurai, Clint and me.

The Mandalorian in The Mandalorian Season 1 Disney+

That Pascal so readily mentions the Mandalorian’s real name suggests the reveal is not a huge spoiler (the name doesn’t seem connected to anyone else in Star Wars lore), but it is still somewhat surprising that the information was dropped out there in an interview instead of being revealed on the show. As for Pascal’s remarks about the origins of the character, it’s no surprise to hear that Favreau guided him toward the works of Leone and Kurosawa in searching for inspiration. The first episode of the series did indeed have a very Western/samurai movie flavor, with its desert planet settings, shady characters and rousing action scenes. There was even one sequence where, in classic Western fashion, the Mandalorian had to learn to ride an animal something like a horse crossed with a slug under the watchful eye of Nick Nolte’s Kuiil, an Ugnaught who has a special interest in helping the bounty hunter in his quest.

It remains to be seen what significance the name of Dyn Jarren (if that’s how it's spelled) will ultimately have on The Mandalorian, but right now it seems the name is really an incidental detail and that the true mysteries of the character and his background, and his mission, will be a lot juicier - and will likely not be thrown out to the public in random interviews.

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Source: Screen Slam

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