The Mandalorian: Cara Dune Backstory (& Possible Future) Explained

Gina Carano's Cara Dune has finally appeared in The Mandalorian. Here's what was revealed about the Star Wars character's backstory and future.

Gina Carano as Cara Dune in The Mandalorian

The fourth episode of The Mandalorian finally introduced viewers to Cara Dune - but her future on the show is what's concerning. The character, played by actress Gina Carano, is a former member of the Rebel Alliance who struggles to rejoin society. Further details regarding the Star Wars character were shrouded in secrecy, but Disney+ series has officially given their newest female warrior a backstory.

Carano's character was just one of the major characters presented as the primary figures of the series. Of course, the Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) was confirmed to be at the center of it all. The rest of the characters include Carl Weathers as Greef Karga, Werner Herzog as the Client, and Giancarlo Esposito as Moff Gideon. Despite the impressive character list, the breakout star of the series is the 50-year-old infant from Yoda's mysterious species. The child, referred to by viewers as Baby Yoda, is currently taking pop culture by storm.

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According to Carano, The Mandalorian's creator, Jon Favreau, wrote the character of Cara specifically for her. In fact, no other actress auditioned for the role. Carano has a background in MMA but she dove into acting within the last decade. With roles in big films like Fast & Furious 6 and Deadpool, Carano proved she was a jack-of-all-trades. Favreau felt like she encapsulated the character and now Cara Dune is a real member of the Star Wars universe. Here's what we learned about Cara's backstory and what her future holds in The Mandalorian.

Cara Dune Was A Rebellion Shock Trooper

The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian's episode, "The Sanctuary", officially served as Cara Dune's introduction into the Star Wars universe. After rescuing Baby Yoda from the Client and his Imperial scientist, the Mandalorian took refuge in the lowly-populated planet, Sorgan. Upon arriving, the lone bounty hunter encountered Cara and a skirmish broke out. She believed a bounty was set on her but the Mandalorian was quick to refute her theory. He then received Cara's backstory, including how she ended up on the backwater planet.

Prior to the events of The Mandalorian, Cara served as a shock trooper for the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. Her loyalty can be seen on the tattoo of the Rebel symbol under her left eye. Most of Cara's time serving the Rebels came after the Battle of Endor. She and a small group of others were sent to hunt down ex-Imperial officers who had turned into warlords. When the majority of the Imperials were wiped out, the Rebel Alliance focused on peacekeeping which was not what Cara had signed up for. Cara then left the Rebels and transitioned into a mercenary.

The "early retirement", which Cara called it, caused her to hide out in Sorgan. Her background as a shock trooper has given her enough experience to travel around solo. Cara was presented to be highly capable of hand-to-hand combat as well as sharp-shooting. Her skills became necessary in the Mandalorian's efforts to a small village on Sorgan from Klatooinian raiders. Cara and the Mandalorian led the defense against the raiders and used her expert knowledge to take down an AT-ST. Her actions in just one episode proved why she was such a useful asset to the Rebel Alliance.

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Is Cara Dune In Any Other Mandalorian Episodes?

The Mandalorian

Following the successful defeat of the raiders of the fisherman's village, the Mandalorian had hoped to leave Baby Yoda in safe hands as he continued on his journey. Those hopes were dashed when another bounty hunter tracked the child before Cara took him out. The Mandalorian had no choice but to take Baby Yoda to find another safe haven and he invited Cara to come along. Cara declined and the two parted ways after she hinted that their paths would cross again. That notion is all but guaranteed based on Carano's planned role in the series.

Even midway through The Mandalorian's first season, it's unclear who besides the bounty hunter is meant to serve as prominent characters. The marketing for the Disney+ series seemed to have fooled many audience members into the major characters of the series. Lucasfilm may have been trying to avoid spilling any big plot points, especially when it came to Baby Yoda. For example, IG-11 was featured on posters and other promotional materials and the droid was killed off by the end of the series premiere. That doesn't seem to be the case with Cara, however.

Viewers wondered why it took so long for Carano's character to appear in the series considering she was teased as one of the main characters. Even now that Cara was introduced, it's not clear when she will return. Those concerned about the character's significance to the series shouldn't worry, though. Cara will return and the actress is currently hard at work filming The Mandalorian season 2 (according to Vanity Fair). Carano is categorized as having a co-starring role which is a bump up from a recurring role in the series. Even if Cara doesn't play a big part in season 1, she will be involved at some point down the line.

Cara Dune's Possible Star Wars Future

If Cara's story arc remains limited, it might be because her future in The Mandalorian interweaves with the Imperial's presence. Her role could rely on Giancarlo Esposito's character, Moff Gideon. The former soldier in the Galactic Empire rose to power and led his own faction of Death Troopers and Remnant Stormtroopers. His goal is to bring back order to the galaxy through the power and knowledge he held onto following the fall of the Empire.

Seeing as though Cara hunted formal Imperial figures, she might be the only one fit for the job when Moff Gideon and his forces become a threat. The Mandalorian will encounter Gideon and some point and the man's Imperial connections could be detrimental to Baby Yoda's fate. The bounty hunter could look for an expert to assist in his efforts and he already knows what Cara is capable of when it comes to tough enemies. Gideon's role in the series as an enemy will most likely be Cara's path to returning to The Mandalorian.

With remnant factions of the Empire coming out of the shadows in The Mandalorian, Cara could reconsider her early retirement. It's no longer a peacekeeping situation as she suggested. With real threats rising, her efforts as a mercenary might be needed more than ever to keep Imperial figures like Moff Gideon from gaining too much power. It would be more interesting if Cara has a history with Gideon and his followers, forcing her to explore avenues from her old career.

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