Star Wars Officially Spoils The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda Twist

The Twitter accounts for Star Wars and The Mandalorian officially confirm the 'baby Yoda' spoiler, about a week after the Disney+ series premiered.

Star Wars Baby Yoda

The Twitter account for Star Wars and The Mandalorian have officially confirmed the "Baby Yoda" spoiler. As the first ever live-action Star Wars TV series, anticipation was always high for The Mandalorian. Hoping to tap into that demand, Disney and Lucasfilm set the show to premiere at the domestic launch of the Disney+ streaming service last Tuesday. What they weren't counting on, however, was that people would start spoiling The Mandalorian's first episode on Twitter within a few hours of its early morning debut.

It was actually reported The Mandalorian's first episode contains a major reveal ahead of time, but Disney and Lucasfilm were able to keep a lid on the specific details before its release. After it went live, fans were naturally eager to discuss the spoiler, even though the majority of people hadn't even watched the episode. For that reason, there's been a lot of debating over these last few days about whether said reveal should still be treated as a spoiler or not. Now, Disney and Lucasfilm have officially let the cat out of the bag.

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Both The Mandalorian and Star Wars Twitter accounts posted photos of the big spoiler, aka. a character popularly known as "Baby Yoda". You can see for yourselves in the space below.

"Baby Yoda", as The Mandalorian's unnamed asset is being called online, is easily the most talked-about aspect of the show after two episodes. Many fans have already come up with their own ideas about the character, particularly where it concerns their origins. Popular theories so far include the asset being a clone of Yoda or possibly even the late Jedi Master's child. However, the Star Wars timeline rules out the possibility of "Baby Yoda" actually being Yoda reincarnated. The character is said to be fifty years old at the beginning of The Mandalorian, which picks up five years after the events of Return of the Jedi. That means they were born when Yoda was still alive, even before the events of the prequel trilogy.

"Baby Yoda" aside, the response to The Mandalorian has been positive, if mixed so far. Critics have taken issue with the show's filler plot elements and recycling of classic Star Wars iconography, but appreciate its sense of style and relatable portrayal of bounty hunting as the Star Wars equivalent of a gig economy. They're particularly enjoying the dynamic between The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) and "Baby Yoda", with many likening it to the landmark manga series Lone Wolf and Cub. Whatever flaws the show has, most people seem intent on sticking with it for the time being, if only to learn more about the asset and their role to play in a galaxy far, far away.

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The Mandalorian episode 3 streams Friday, November 22 on Disney+.

Source: Star Wars, The Mandalorian/Twitter

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