Star Wars Teaches Luke Skywalker Some ROGUE ONE Wisdom

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Chirrut Mantra

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Wars #71

The Star Wars comics continue to make some shocking changes to the movie universe, but the latest will carry a special meaning for many Rogue One fans, now that Luke Skywalker has taken the most important lesson from one of the movie's fan-favorite heroes.

While Marvel's main Star Wars comic is coming to an unexpected end, the timeline has just caught up with The Empire Strikes Back. Well, technically the opening crawl of the film, as the Empire sends probe droids and scouts across the galaxy in search of the Rebels' new base. The Rebels seeks to distract as well as hide, which is why Luke Skywalker has been sent to give Imperial scouts a merry chase on the planet Sergia. At least that was his plan, before he ran directly into a mysterious young woman who knows wisdom of the Force that not even Luke has witnessed.

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Luke first encounters the young woman in question, Warba Calip, in the pages of Star Wars #70. Her ability to peg him as a Force sensitive piques Luke's curiosity immediately. While Warba claims she isn't a Jedi, and may not even be a true Force sensitive, it doesn't take much for Warba to have seen more of space and those who worship the Force than Luke--still fresh off Tatooine. She's even seen priests achieve "impossible feats" due to their faith in the Force's protection. Sound familiar?

Luke Skywalker Rogue One Mantra

While Chirrut Imwe and his partner Baze may technically be classified as a former Guardian of the Whills, the term 'priest' describes them just as accurately. A reference made even stronger when Warba coaches Luke before taking on a dangerous mission, instructing him to connect to the Force by repeating the mantra: "the Force is with me, I am one with the Force."

The same phrase made famous by Chirrut in Rogue One, used first as a meditation and later as protection, navigating intense crossfire to help his team of Rebels complete their mission on Scariff (before Baze also adopts the phrase to empower him in battle, as well). The Star Wars comics have previously shown how the heroics of the Rogue One team have spread through the Rebellion--even confirming Luke named Rogue Squadron after Jyn Erso.

After Star Wars #71 it's clear that the mantra of Rogue One's Chirrut has spread even farther. And as Luke marches and leaps through blaster fire repeating the phrase in the exact same way, fans get to enjoy another callback to Rogue One's most memorable additions to Star Wars lore. To see this story continue to play out, fans can pick up the latest issues, and find the full details and plot synopsis below:

  • Star Wars #71
  • Written by: Greg Pak
  • Art by: Phil Noto
  • Cover by: Phil Noto
  • The REBELS AND ROGUES epic continues as our heroes’ mission to divert the IMPERIAL FLEET spins out of control! On K43, the Rock Elders probe THREEPIO’S memories – and allegiances! Could a droid have more in common with a rock monster than a human? On Lanz Carpo, a rogue takes a fall and a princess fights a vigilante. And on Kalakan, LUKE robs a bank. Wait, LUKE ROBS A BANK???

Star Wars #71 is available now at your local comic book shop or direct from Marvel Comics.

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