Star Wars Gives Luke Skywalker His Own Manga Series in 2020

Star Wars Legends Luke Skywalker Manga

Fans of the Star Wars Universe and manga, rejoice! Star Wars: The Legends of Luke Skywalker: The Manga, an anthology collection of short stories, will be hitting shelves in the beginning of 2020.

Viz Media LLC (an entertainment company specializing in anime distribution and manga publication) will soon be bringing the Star Wars universe to its long list of Japanese graphic novels. The collection of stories for Legends of Luke Skywalker will be produced by a team of experienced creators including Akira Himekawa (The Legend of Zelda manga) and Haruichi, creator of Leia Organa: Ordeal of a Princess (a popular Japanese Star Wars webcomic adaptation of Leia, Princess of Alderaan).

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The upcoming manga featuring Luke Skywalker is an adaption of Ken Liu's popular Star Wars novel, Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi — The Legends of Luke Skywalker (just as much of an epic mouthful as Star Wars: The Legends of Luke Skywalker: The Manga). The original story's official description can be found below:

As a cargo ship rockets across the galaxy to Canto Bight, the deckhands on board trade stories about legendary Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker. But are the stories of iconic and mysterious Luke Skywalker true, or merely tall tales passed from one corner of the galaxy to another? Is Skywalker really a famous Jedi hero, an elaborate charlatan, or even part droid? The deckhands will have to decide for themselves when they hear The Legends of Luke Skywalker. A collection of myths and tall-tales about the legendary Jedi Luke Skywalker, written by Nebula, Hugo, and World Fantasy award-winning author Ken Liu.

This series is by no means the Star Wars universe’s first encounter with manga. Between 1998 and 1999, all three of the original Star Wars films and the newer Phantom Menace were adapted into manga, illustrated by Hisao Tamaki, Toshiki Kudo, Shin'ichi Hiromoto, and Kia Asamiya.

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Manga

Fans looking forward to the new manga series launching in 2020 can expect to see the Star Wars universe adapted into classic manga form, as teased in the official press release by Brad Woods, VIZ Media's Chief Marketing Officer:

With the global appeal of the Star Wars franchise, this publishing release offers an exciting new way to enjoy the brand from the perspective of master manga storytellers, STAR WARS: THE LEGENDS OF LUKE SKYWALKER features the dynamic vision and bold art styles of some of the manga genre’s most celebrated creators and artists. We invite readers to discover this release early next year.

The announcement of the manga series was one of many surprises unveiled at New York Comic Con for Star Wars fans that included several other comic books, the most notable being Marvel's new Star Wars #1 starting after The Empire Strikes Back. A comic series already guaranteed to fill in gaps in the saga's timeline (starting with the weirdest Vader moment in Empire). This being said, Star Wars bookworms will have plenty to get their hands on, including this Viz Media series of legends and tales brought to life by a team of experienced writers and artists.

Star Wars: The Legends of Luke Skywalker: The Manga arrives in early 2020.

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