Star Wars: 15 Hidden Powers Luke Has That Only True Fans Know About (And 7 Weaknesses)

The Star Wars franchise is home to a number of heroes and villains who fans have grown incredibly fond of. One of the most interesting aspects of the Star Wars characters to the fans is the sheer power that some of the heroes and villains possess.

The Sith and other dark side users especially draw many fans in, simply because of how strong they appear to be. Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and Kylo Ren are each admired by large portions of the Star Wars fan base due to their fighting abilities and impressive use of the Force.

Even characters who never appeared in a movie, like Darth Bane and Mara Jade, are admired by Star Wars fans because of how profoundly strong they are. It's very clear that Star Wars fans value power, yet they regularly overlook just how powerful the main hero of the franchise is.

Luke Skywalker, the iconic star of the Original Trilogy, is perhaps one of the strongest characters in the entire Star Wars franchise. His Skywalker genetics put him on the same level as Darth Vader, and after receiving the proper training, he arguably became more powerful than Vader himself.

Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that Luke Skywalker is the perfect hero. Like any good hero, Luke has a number of flaws, with some that have almost proven fatal for him and his friends. Luke's balance between his strengths and weaknesses are perhaps what make him into such a fantastic character.

With that in mind, here are the 15 Hidden Powers Luke Has That Only True Fans Know About (And 7 Weaknesses).

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22 Power: Changing His Appearance

In the Star Wars Legends, Luke Skywalker once used the Force to alter his physical appearance.

In order to disguise himself to rescue some kidnapped children, he used an illusion of the Force to change his face.

It was a brief trick that was only used that one time, but it's still an incredibly cool ability.

While being able to change one's appearance like Mystique in the X-Men franchise is always a cool power, it certainly proved useful for Luke.

After the events of Return of the Jedi, Luke had become a well known public figure in the galaxy far far away, which would make it hard for him to sneak in anywhere without being noticed.

21 Power: Freezing Items & People In Midair

Luke Skywalker Uses the Force

In The Force Awakens, many Star Wars fans were introduced to a new Force ability that had never been shown on screen before: being able to freeze items, people, and even lasers in midair.

Though this ability was demonstrated by Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens, it happens to be an ability that Luke Skywalker has as well.

Luke's use of this ability is actually far more powerful than what we've seen from Kylo Ren. At one point in Star Wars Legends, Luke interrupted a food fight in the Jedi mess hall by freezing every person and thing in the room.

This ability was so strong that he even managed to freeze the single drops and morsels of food and liquids. This careful attention to detail helped to show just how deep this Force ability went with Luke.

20 Weakness: His Lack Of Proper Mentorship

Yoda on his death bed in Star Wars Return of the Jedi

Though Luke was a great hero, he didn't have many people to look up to, or at least not for a long period of time.

His first mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, became one with the Force only about a day after Luke's training began.

Though Luke did train with Yoda as well, he left after only a day or two. By the time Luke returned, Yoda was in his final moments of life.

Luke may have known enough about fighting and the Force to take down the Empire, but he was lost after that.

He was told that he had to raise the new generation of Jedi, but he didn't know how to, as he had never been properly mentored himself, which is why he failed, leading to the creation of Kylo Ren.

19 Power: Disabling And Overpowering Computer Technology

This is perhaps one of the most unique Force abilities. It is known as "lightning rod" ability. It was named this because, if the Force wielder used this power incorrectly, they would be repeatedly struck by lightning.

Needless to say, it's a dangerous ability to practice.

Someone who masters the lightning rod ability, like Luke Skywalker, is able to disable and overpower technological items, like prosthetic arms, computers, and other similarly-structured systems.

Essentially, had Luke learned this power earlier, he would've been able to defeat Darth Vader simply by disabling all four of his prosthetic limbs.

This Force power also allows the wielder to boost the range of antennas and other technological forms of communication, which probably could have helped at the end of The Last Jedi.

18 Power: Being One With The Force In Life

Some Jedi managed to find oneness with the Force after their life had ended, such as Obi-Wan and Yoda, who displayed their oneness by being Force ghosts.

It had always been viewed that in order to become one with the Force, you must pass onto the next life, but Luke disproved this theory.

At one point in Star Wars Legends, Luke Skywalker showed just how deep his connection to the Force was by actually becoming one with it while still being alive.

He did this during a fight against an army of enemies, and those who witnessed it were in absolute awe towards Luke's abilities.

His movements were swift and described to be without thought.

It is the fighting style that nearly every Jedi sought to achieve, and Luke pulled it off seamlessly.

17 Weakness: Relying Too Heavily On Emotion

Yoda trains Luke Skywalker on Dagobah

Relying on emotion is perhaps the greatest weakness that a Jedi can have. Typically the Sith rely more on emotion, whereas the Jedi rely on confidence.

Unfortunately, Luke was one of those Jedi who dangerously relied on emotion to make decisions.

The best example of this weakness is in The Empire Strikes Back. When Luke was training with Yoda, he abruptly decided that he needed to leave in order to protect his friends.

Yoda showed Luke that logically, the best option was to stay on Dagobah and avoid confronting Vader until he was ready.

Despite this, Luke still left to save his friends and confront Vader.

It wasn't a decision of logic - it was a decision of emotion, which is why Luke failed to defeat Vader and protect his friend.

16 Power: Walking On Lava

Star Wars Mustafar

Once in Star Wars Legends, to prove his incredible connection with the Force, Luke walked across lava.

While he did this, he was described to be "throbbing" with the Force, focusing on his connection as he walked to ensure that he didn't get a single burn on his body.

If you think this ability is already cool, the situation was actually a lot more intense, as Luke was also fighting a giant Fireworm as he did this, which he succeeded in defeating.

This feat was so remarkable that he managed to convince a number of people to join his Jedi Order.

After all, if Luke can walk on lava while fighting giant lava snakes, he is surely a powerful Jedi who can teach you a thing or two.

15 Power: Floating

Luke Skywalker Floating

This is one ability that was briefly shown in The Last Jedi during Luke's time on Ahch-To.

Though he was apparently disconnected from the Force at the time, Luke still managed to use the Force to hold himself in the air, which is an ability we have never seen another Jedi do in the movies.

Luke first demonstrated this ability during his brief fight with Rey when Luke used his floating ability to keep his body from hitting the ground when he was knocked back.

Finally, the floating ability was shown at the end of The Last Jedi when Luke was Force projecting on his rock.

It's actually quite possible that Luke wasn't even trying to focus on floating at this time, and just did it inadvertently while projecting himself across the galaxy.

14 Weakness: His Lack Of Confidence

One of the greatest traits a Jedi can have is confidence, and unfortunately, this is something that Luke Skywalker simply does not have.

This can be blamed both on his lack of mentorship and the way that he was raised by Uncle Owen, who told Luke his entire life that he would be nothing but a moisture farmer.

Though Luke did show confidence at times, specifically during times when he would succeed, he surely was not confident enough.

His lack of confidence hit an all time high between the events of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens when Luke stopped believing that he could be a decent Jedi.

This resulted in him running away from everyone close to him and cutting himself off from the Force.

13 Power: Force Light

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Luke Skywalker theory

At one point in Star Wars Legends, when all hoped seemed to be lost for Luke at the hands of one of his enemies, he used an incredibly rare Force power known as Force Light.

This ability gave Luke a bright, golden glow, freeing him from the arms of his enemy.

This moment of Force Light seriously heightened Luke's Force abilities, allowing him to crush the entire building that they were in, ending the life of his foe but sparing his with ease.

It was an incredible feat, and would have surely put any witnesses in awe.

Luke Skywalker is already cool when he uses his Force abilities, but seeing him with a bright golden glow would have been astounding.

12 Power: Communicating Through The Force

This was an ability that was briefly demonstrated in The Empire Strikes Back, but only to a small extent.

In Empire, we witnessed Luke communicating through the Force with Leia and Darth Vader, both of whom he had a blood connection to.

However, the Star Wars Legends revealed just how deep this ability went for Luke.

After he went through more training and practice, Luke was eventually able to communicate with any Force user telepathically.

Typically, we've only seen this ability used by Force ghosts, so the fact that Luke was able to pull it off was absolutely remarkable.

Luke then took things up to a new level in The Last Jedi by physically communicating with others through the Force, but that's a completely different ability, though they are in a way related.

11 Weakness: His Temper

One of Luke's greatest weaknesses is his emotion, but more specifically, his temper.

Luke has a bad habit of relying too heavily on his feelings, which means that when he gets mad, he isn't always able to think rationally.

Unfortunately, this is something that was used to his disadvantage.

It didn't take Darth Vader long to realize that Luke had a temper, as it was a weakness that he had himself around the same age.

During the final fight of Return of the Jedi, Vader used this weakness against Luke to bring him out of hiding by bringing up Leia.

Luke's temper also damaged his relationship with Rey in The Last Jedi and kept him from seeing things clearly, resulting in Luke being abandoned on Ahch-To for the rest of his life (which, consequentially, wasn't too long after that point).

10 Power: Becoming Unmovable

At one point during the Star Wars Legends, Luke was confronted by a group of dark side users who attempted to overpower him using the Force.

However, their Force pushes and other attempts to overpower him failed, as Luke had used the Force to make himself unmovable.

Luke did this by rooting himself in the Force, which apparently gave him the essence of an immovable object.

No matter what Luke's enemies tried, they could not knock Luke down or push him back.

Though it was not tested, it was said that not even a black hole could have moved Luke, as his connection to the Force was simply too powerful even for one of the most powerful forces in the galaxy.

9 Power: Sensing Other Force Users

Similar to his ability to communicate with other Force users, Luke eventually became able to sense the presence of other Force users.

Essentially, if another person who wielded the Force was in the presence of Luke, he would be able to feel their presence, and even be able to identify the person if he had encountered them before.

Granted, this isn't really an ability unique to Luke Skywalker, as Darth Vader also demonstrated this ability in A New Hope when Obi-Wan Kenobi boarded the Death Star.

This ability doesn't just help Luke sense the Force, though - it also helps him identify the type of Force user that was there.

Essentially, if a dark side-user tried to sneak up on Luke to attack him, Luke would know, thus foiling the surprise attack.

8 Weakness: Holding Himself Responsible For Too Much

Luke's great flaw that led to him retreating to Ahch-To before The Force Awakens was simply how much responsibility Luke put on himself.

However, this wasn't just Luke who created this problem, but more so the entire galaxy, as it put Luke on a pedestal, hoping that he would be something he was not.

Desperate to appease the rest of the galaxy, Luke took on this great responsibility, becoming the leader of the new Jedi Order, despite not knowing nearly enough about the traditions of Jedi.

When Luke fell, he fell hard, resulting in his temple being burned to the ground, and his Padawans going down with it.

Luke blamed himself for the rest of his life, feeling guilty for not living up to the galaxy's expectations of him.

Had Luke not taken on these responsibilities and just done what he felt was right, perhaps things would have turned out differently.

7 Power: Force Projection

Luke Skywalker vs Kylo Ren in Star Wars The Last Jedi

This is perhaps the most well known power on this list, but it is still a recently revealed power that we discovered Luke had in The Last Jedi, so it's undoubtedly worth mentioning.

At the end of The Last Jedi, Luke demonstrated that he had mastered the ability of Force Projection by making himself appear physically on Crate, when really he was sitting on his rock on Ahch-To.

His physical appearance, voice, and Force abilities all appeared on Crait.

The fact that Luke wasn't even transparent was truly remarkable, as most Force projections (Force ghosts) are able to be seen through. This was not the case for Luke Skywalker.

Perhaps the best example of how powerful Luke's projection was was the dice from the Millenium Falcon that Luke gave to Leia.

The dice disappeared when Kylo Ren found them, but this was a few minutes after Luke's demise. Even after Luke was gone, he was still able to project this item through the Force.

6 Power: Taking Hold Of A Black Hole

Star Wars Black Hole

Earlier, it was mentioned that Luke was so strong with the Force that not even a black hole could move him. This ability takes that up to a new level, as Luke is so powerful that he can move a black hole.

Luke once used this ability to save his own skin when he moved a black hole out of his path in order to not have his ship be sucked into it.

Rather than deciding to just move away from the black hole like a logical person, instead, Luke decided to move the entire black hole out of the way.

Luke actually hit two birds with one stone in this instance, as he moved the black hole into the path of one of his pursuers, effectively defeating his enemy in the most over-the-top way possible.

5 Weakness: Lacking Patience

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars

For whatever reason, Luke simply does not like staying in one place for too long. He'd rather be out doing stuff and saving the day, which has proven both good and bad for the Jedi over the years.

In A New Hope, Luke was told to wait with Han and Chewbacca aboard the Death Star, but instead, he got antsy and decided to head off to save the prisoners.

In The Empire Strikes Back, Luke ditched Yoda after only training for a few days in order to try saving his friends.

Even after Yoda told Luke that he needed to be patient and wait to fight Vader when he was ready, Luke simply wasn't patient enough to wait any longer.

Evidently, his right hand paid the price for this.

4 Power: Travelling Into The Realms Of The Force

The Force realm known as "Beyond Shadows" is a place where incredibly powerful Force users are able to travel to if they are able to completely leave their physical state behind.

Luke traveled to this realm only once when he went to receive more knowledge, and ultimately ended up fighting and permanently defeating one of the most powerful dark side users of Star Wars Legends.

For reference, travelling to Beyond Shadows is very much like Force Projecting.

Though Luke is physically still in the normal universe, his mind and spirit are somewhere else entirely.

It takes a great deal of power and concentration to pull off, which is why Luke is one of the few Jedi in history to travel there.

3 Power: Force Healing

Star Wars - Luke Skywalker NO

Luke's abilities in the Force could also be used on a more personal level for the Jedi Knight, as he is actually able to heal himself from physical wounds.

While it's not exactly immediate, this Force ability does allow the user to heal in an amount of time that's incredibly faster than the average person.

At one point in Star Wars Legends, Luke was fatally wounded after he was ambushed by a number of enemies.

Despite the fatal wounds, Luke was able to Force heal himself in order to keep himself alive. He was back on his feet within a few hours.

Unfortunately, this ability only heals physical wounds. After Luke pushed himself too far while Force Projecting in The Last Jedi, his spirit had become damaged, which meant that his Force healing would have done nothing to save him.

2 Weakness: His Trust In His Father

Luke Skywalker with Darth Vader Return of the Jedi

This is both a good and bad quality for Luke, as it shows the better side of him, but also nearly cost him his life.

After the events of The Empire Strikes Back, Luke's view of Darth Vader changed from "tyrannical monster" to "a father figure who probably isn't as bad as people say."

Despite not knowing anything about his father before he became Darth Vader, Luke illogically saw the best in his old man even though he knew that Darth Vader was an evil Sith who had caused the demise of millions.

In Return of the Jedi, Luke literally turned himself over to the Empire in the middle of the Rebel's final chance to defeat the Empire just so he could talk to his father and try to turn him.

It was a bad idea from the start that nearly cost Luke his life.

Though it did sort of pay off as he redeemed his father, it did nothing to help the rebellion's plan, as the Empire would have fallen either way.

1 Enhanced Force Dueling

Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader lightsaber duel in Star Wars Empire Strikes Back

Luke used a Force ability known as "Force Speed" in order to seriously enhance his dueling abilities. While Luke was already proficient with a lightsaber, he became even better when he learned how to fight at roughly twice his normal speed.

With the help of the Force ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke learned how to seemingly slow down time for himself in a fight, giving himself more time to react to his opponent's movement.

This became an incredibly useful skill for Luke, leading him to win nearly every lightsaber fight from that point forward.

This combination of dueling skills and Force skills made Luke Skywalker one of the fiercest fighters in the galaxy, turning him into a true Jedi legend.


Are there any other hidden powers or weaknesses that Luke has in Star Wars? Sound off in the comments!

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