15 Star Wars Locations That Future Movies Should Revisit

Star Wars has always offered the biggest and brightest of scopes—a sense that, no matter how much of its galaxy we explore, we’re still just scratching the surface. Even in its infancy, the Star Wars saga clearly existed in an unfathomably expansive universe, with countless species, spaceships, and planets that could pop up at any time in future installments. But with the onslaught of new Star Wars material in the Disney takeover era, is it possible that we may be in danger of new planet fatigue?

As Star Wars rolls out rapidly across all media platforms, a balance between creating new planets and revisiting (or re-imagining) old ones is key in giving fans a solid foundation to walk on. There are plenty of locations from the Star Wars animated shows, novels, and new comics that'd be exciting to see in a live-action film, and revisiting locations from past films here and there may be just as exciting as seeing new ones. Here are 15 Star Wars Locations That Future Movies Should Revisit.

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Star Wars Mustafar
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15 Mustafar

Star Wars Mustafar

The infamous “birthplace” of Darth Vader has become the subject of much discussion since its sophomore appearance in Rogue One, where we learn that Vader has set up shop in a dope castle and made the planet his spiritual home. Recent reports from Star Wars News Net indicate that we may be revisiting Mustafar as soon as The Last Jedi. The rumor makes a lot of sense, given Kylo Ren’s fanboy obsession with all things Vader, as well as Rogue One’s timely expansion of the Vader/Mustafar lore.

Vader’s castle on Mustafar would be the ideal location for the Round 2 showdown between Rey and Kylo Ren (or better yet, an emotional confrontation between Kylo and Luke). In Revenge of the Sith, Mustafar served as a poignant emotional backdrop for the Anakin/Obi-Wan lightsaber duel. In Rogue One, the dark energy of the planet takes on a religious, meditative quality. In the sequel trilogy, Mustafar would be the perfect location to bring the mythology of the entire saga full circle. 

14 Sullust

As rendered in EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront, Sullust is one of the most beautiful Star Wars planets yet conceived. Sullust is an obsidian planet with lava streams, turquoise hot springs, and rocky sulfur fields. It’s stark blacks, reds, and blues give it a dream-like, almost psychedelic look that demands further exploration.  

Battlefront’s designers based Sullust's look on various locations in Iceland. Should filmmakers ever decide to create a live-action Sullust for the big screen, the Icelandic lava flows and mud pools would be a great place to shoot. A live-action rendering of the Sullustan underground cities would also provide a unique industrial set piece for an epic ground battle or gun fight. In the original trilogy era, Sullust is under heavy Imperial occupation. A strong Imperial presence on a Star Wars planet always makes for exciting visuals, right?

13 Mandalore

Mandalore is so central to the Star Wars canon that it’s almost strange that we haven’t seen it in a movie yet. Sure, it’s been heavily featured in both The Clone Wars and Rebels, but the planet’s Old Republic history casts a long shadow over the events of the film saga, making it an ideal candidate for a cinematic makeover.

The Old Republic era’s Mandalorian War—a long, bloody conflict between the Jedi and the Mandalorians—would be the perfect subject for an anthology film. Witnessing the devastation of Mandalore would further complicate our increasingly troubled relationship with the Jedi, as well as provide some social and political context for prequel era events. Mandalore’s domed, cubist cityscapes from the prequel era would also look great in a live-action movie, recreating the urban sprawl of Coruscant while providing a stark aesthetic contrast.

12 Bastatha

The most vibrant locations of Star Wars are often its criminal underworld havens. Claudia Gray’s 2016 canon novel Bloodline features a whole planet of organized crime tailor made for a live-action film. In the novel, Senator Leia visits the planet on a diplomatic mission (six years before The Force Awakens), encountering a hotbed of seedy activity and colorful alien characters. Recreated on film, Bastatha would be the cantina scene on steroids.

All life on Bastatha exists in underground caverns, due to the unbearable heat of the planet’s red giant star. In Bloodline, Leia is escorted to an underground casino on Bastatha, where she notes a wide variety of foreign species and suspicious characters. The scene is like a more colorful version of the underground city from The Matrix (and with fewer people dancing naked).

The locations of Star Wars serve as the visual impetus for bold new narrative directions in the series, and Bastatha would certainly provide multiple innovative new set pieces to work with.

11 Felucia

First appearing briefly in Revenge of the Sith—then sporadically throughout The Clone Wars—Felucia is a hostile jungle world on the outer rim overrun with gigantic, wild plant life. Its overwhelming, colorful surface makes for some pretty breathtaking CGI art, but out of George Lucas’s hands, the planet could be even more beautiful if built as a real set, augmented with a combination of CGI and practical effects. Perhaps more than any other location on this list, Felucia could be a truly memorable practical effects set piece.

According to the new Star Wars canon, the planet was left devastated after the rise of the empire. Creating a dying Felucian jungle in an original trilogy-era anthology film would be a great way to personify the decaying power of the Empire while creating a new look for an old location.

10 Polis Massa

Polis Massa in Star Wars Revenge of the Sith

The force continues to be a mysterious entity—its nature and definitions eternally elusive. But one thing we can be certain of is that the force is strong with specific locations in much the same way it is strong with individual characters. Planets like Mustafar, Tatooine, and Dagobah all have a deep spiritual significance in the galaxy. Some locations are inherently force sensitive. Others take on a force energy after a significant event. Polis Massa, the birthplace of Luke and Leia, would be worthy of revisiting if framed in this way.

Right now, the future of the Star Wars saga films is uncertain after Episode IX, but if we do end up getting Episodes X, XII and XII in the future, Polis Massa would make for an interesting spiritual pilgrimage for future force users. The planet’s moonlike atmosphere would provide a more futuristic, 2001-ish aesthetic to contrast with past force-sensitive locations, and its history with the Skywalkers is more than worthy of deeper mythologization.

9 Lola Sayu

The Citadel Jedi Prison on Lola Sayu
The Citadel, a Jedi prison on Lola Sayu.

One of The Clone Wars’ greatest strengths was the way in which it built upon the prequel trilogy aesthetic and made the era more interesting. The cracked planet Lola Sayu is one of the series’ most impressive designs. Its deep purple surface and bright yellow exposed core practically beg to be recreated for the big screen.

During The Clone Wars, the planet was home to a citadel prison where the separatists incarcerated Jedi. Revisiting the citadel ruins in either an anthology or sequel trilogy film would be a great way to connect multiple eras in an eerie setting. Star Wars really fires on all cylinders when the weight of war is clearly felt by characters and viewers alike, and revisiting the citadel on Lola Sayu would surely have that effect.

8 Dathomir

One of The Clone Wars' crowning achievements was the extensive time it spent on the planet Dathomir. The home planet of Darth Maul, Dathomir’s matriarchal culture and black magic approach to the force laid the groundwork for some of the series' most enthralling stories. Revisiting Dathomir in a live-action film would open up a wide range of storytelling possibilities.

An anthology film taking place in the prequel era would be remiss not to include Dathomir as one of its settings, and a return to the planet in a different time period may open doors to new dimensions of the dark side of the force.

In our current era of Star Wars media, definitions of the force are rapidly widening. The Nigh Sisters of Dathomir and their dark mystical approach to the force have a lot of potential for expanding the franchise's mystical realms.

7 Lothal

Lothal is the Tatooine of Star Wars Rebels—a planet of wide open plains, farming communities, and intense Imperial occupation. It's where the hero's journey of Ezra Bridger begins, and it continues to pull the Ghost crew back to its surface. It's hard to say whether any of the characters from Rebels will make an appearance in future live-action Star Wars installments, but if they do, so should Lothal. 

Lothal's terrain—consisting mainly of wheat-like plains and simple rock formations—make it an easily filmmable location. It's design is simple in a way that would make augmenting real footage with CGI a low-risk endeavor with a high chance of a great looking end product. If a Star Wars movie comes along in the future that requires a simple, budget-friendly location, Lothal would be a great place to easily recreate.

6 Bespin

Bespin Star Wars Empire Strikes Back

Don't we all want to be with Lando amongst the clouds? The Empire Strikes Back's Cloud City is probably the most majestic original trilogy location. The idea of a city in the sky is timelessly captivating, and Bespin's hovering metropolis remains one of cinema's most beautiful futuristic locations. If there's room for Bespin in a future Star Wars movie, you would be hard pressed to find anyone that wasn't interested in going back.

One of the things that makes Bespin an interesting location in The Empire Strikes Back is the way in which its serenity is interrupted by conflict. Perhaps Bespin would be best utilized in a future film by housing conflict on a grander scale. As one of Battlefront's expansions, Bespin is a fascinating locale for large-scale battles. An air fight in Bespin's clouds or above its skyline might be worth exploring in a future film.

The filmmakers behind the Han Solo anthology movie have to be aware of this, right?

5 Sunspot Prison

Marvel's current run of Star Wars comics are a rich well of exciting new stories, characters, and locations. Sunspot Prison—a penitentiary space station named for its close proximity to a large sun—is the comic series' most original location yet. The Rebel Alliance prison houses the Empire's worst of the worst, including spies, mercenaries, and high-ranking Imperial officers. It's not often that we see the rebels in a situation where they have the upper hand, and Sunspot Prison gives us that opportunity.

Sunspot Prison's close proximity to the sun, meanwhile, gives it a threatening look all its own. Rendering it on film would create an atmosphere of constant danger and anxiety, something Star Wars hasn't really done for a while now. The industrial look of the prison itself would be a unique space-bound location for the franchise; somewhere between the Death Star and an Imperial star destroyer.

4 Ilum

Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Gathering on Ilum

The frozen tundras of Hoth may have been a more iconic choice, but revisiting Ilum—the planet where young Jedi go to claim the kyber crystals for their lightsabers—might be a more interesting route to revisiting the snow-and-ice aesthetic in a future movie. As Ahsoka explains to a group of padawan in The Clone Wars, there is no place more sacred to the Jedi than the kyber crystal caves. Since the new Star Wars films show a repeated interest in visiting sacred Jedi sites, Ilum would be the perfect place to go next.

Though its inhospitable ice-and-snow surface is very similar to Hoth's, Ilum's crystal caves and Jedi statues would contrast visually with Hoth, while still recreating the latter planet's unwelcoming atmosphere. Ilum would also provide the opportunity to combine impressive sets with location shooting for an immersive planetary experience.

3 Coruscant

Coruscant - the Home of the Old Republic

Between the prequel trilogy and The Clone Wars, we've seen a lot of Coruscant over the years. As the center of the Old Republic galaxy, it's always an interesting planet to go back to. From the criminal underground to the highest tiers of the galactic senate, Coruscant mirrors the diversity and color of a real life urban sprawl, making it a deep well of storytelling that future Star Wars filmmakers can always fall back on comfortably.

Since we've only seen Coruscant as it was in the last days of the Republic, now would be a great time to revisit the planet in a different era. What happened to Coruscant after the Empire rose to power? And what about after the Empire's fall? Perhaps its planetary metropolis decayed after the Empire fell and the New Republic set up shop on Hosnian Prime. A Coruscant in dire straights would truly be a sight to behold in a future film.

2 Moraband/Korriban

Star Wars Korriban Sith planet

The Sith planet Moraband (or Korriban, depending on who you ask) was the focus of The Clone Wars' dramatic final episode, when Yoda visits the Sith temple to commune with ancient Sith Lord Darth Bane. It's mountainous red terrain and eerie religious ruins make it the perfect spiritual home for the Sith order, and a cinematic recreation of the planet would be ideal for the thematic direction that the sequel trilogy seems to be headed in.

Moraband is a fitting location for Kylo Ren to visit in his quest to learn and emulate the ways of the Sith. One can already see the storyboards of a lone Kylo walking through the ruins of Moraband's Sith temple, his tattered cape flowing in a sand-speckled wind. The Jedi and Sith mirror each other more than either side would like to admit, and exploring a location like Moraband on the big screen, through the eyes of a character who has spent time in both camps, would be a subtle way to emphasize that point.

1 Tatooine

Luke on Tatooine

Yes, it's already the most frequently visited planet in the Star Wars saga, but that's all the more reason to keep going back. Tatooine is the spiritual home of Star Wars, and its significance in the mythology and symbolism of the franchise can't be emphasized enough. The planet's frontier-like desert terrain and gorgeous twin suns provide the perfect backdrop for everything that Star Wars is supposed to encapsulate.

As most recently shown in the "Twin Suns" episode of Star Wars Rebels, the desert of Tatooine continues to epitomize the place in Star Wars where spirituality, violence, adventure, and the ongoing battle between light and dark all converge. The Force Awakens showed us that new desert planets can have the same visual effect that Tatooine had in A New Hope, but why create new ones when returning to Tatooine can evoke a rich emotional history that fans share with the saga?


What are your favorite Star Wars locations? Do you think they should be revisited in future films? Let us know in the comments!

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