Star Wars: A Live-Action Series Coming Soon?

Do we still have some rabid Star Wars fans out there?  Semi-rabid?  Tepid?  I know Niall is, as shown when he first talked about a live-action Star Wars show back in March.

If you're an animation fan, you've probably been watching the animated series on Cartoon Network titled Star Wars: Clone Wars that was airing on Friday nights.

Now, "inside sources" are stating that a live action Star Wars series will start shooting soon.

The interesting angle on this is that they're using Australian-based talent to pump out what they consider to be scripts of the highest quality.  They're also going outside the Sci-Fi industry to find their writers.

They've approached writers from award winning shows down under like Love My Way and Secret Life of Us.  The idea is to aim the writing towards the style of those shows, which focuses on relationships between the characters.  It's like a new writing fad...  it's all about the relationships.

All joking aside, when a show focuses on characters and doesn't become dependent on visual effects or events, it definitely helps the focus of the writing.

This approach to a new Star Wars venue is verging away from the last few efforts that were geared towards the younger audience and it's hoped, I presume, that it will snare the older, mature audience and excite them anew!

The hands-off executive producer, George Lucas, has been noted to saying that the show will have at least 100 episodes and likens it to “Deadwood meets The Sopranos in space.”

If cowboys and organized crime met in space, wouldn't they just suffocate?

Anyway, the new series is set in the time-frame between the movies Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope and will be experienced from minor characters from within the mythos of the Star Wars realm.

Casting has started, Lucas is financing the show himself and does not have a network partner yet.

I have to wonder if this effort is going to be worth it?  I do like quality story.  I also like my blasters and the use of 'The Force' in my Star Wars stories.  Will this work for me?  If the story is good enough, sure, I think it will.  Will it finally get on the air and wow the general populace or will it pan out and become more fodder for a cable station that snatches up repeats of canceled shows?

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