SR Pick [Video]: Every Star Wars Lightsaber Iginition & Retraction

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As Star Wars fans know, half the fun of traveling to a galaxy far, far, away is the anticipation of seeing somebody whip out their lightsaber and pop that bad boy up to full length.

Well, those of you with a serious lightsaber fetish can now get your kicks with a handy little video, which (supposedly) collects every scene in the entire Star Wars saga featuring Jedi and Sith igniting their signature weapons. The video is bookened with every scene of a lightsaber being powered down and stowed away.

Now, I used the word "fetish" in half-jest, but in the case of the Star Wars prequels it's a pretty accurate description - if the video montage below is any indication. There is a pretty serious disparity between the amount of epic lightsaber action that took place in Episodes IV-VI, and the amount of purely frivolous lightsaber "action" that took place in Episodes I-III.

Take a look for yourself and you'll see exactly what I mean:


I have a lot of gripes with the Star Wars prequels - a LOT of gripes - however, one thing I look back on and am really sad about now, years later, is just how badly Lucas cheapened the allure of the lightsaber in those prequel films.

Sure, I may sound like a die-hard Star Wars geek on a tirade, but when I was young watching Episodes IV-VI, the moments where Luke, Obi-Wan and Vader drew their swords were all moments of pure epic awesomeness, which gave way to some of the best and most memorable onscreen duels ever filmed.

By contrast, Episodes I-III were overloaded with seemingly arbitrary moments of Jedi and Sith whipping out their laser blades in order to engage in fight sequences that looked like kids at a rave waving their glowsticks, rather than the epic war for the fate of the universe that many of us expected when we first walked in to that theater to see Episode I in 1999.

episode I qui gon jin obi wan kenobi darth maul lightsaber duel

Now, some people are probably ready to jump in and "point out" that the cost and process of creating the lightsaber effects for the original Star Wars trilogy was obviously the determining factor in the limited screen time the fabled swords received. However, to me, that's exactly the problem with a lot of modern movie making: the misconception that flashier effects = better movie. The original Star Wars trilogy still stands as testament to that truth.

Source: "Eric" via YouTube

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