Star Wars: 15 Incredible Lightsaber Designs Better Than What We Got

Every Star Wars fan dreams of wielding a lightsaber, even the blaster die-hards. There is something powerful and innocent like when one raises up a saber and takes their favorite characters stance. Add in the sound and light effects, and it’s like being transported into another galaxy.

With the purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney in 2012 that galaxy got a lot bigger. With a host of new characters and blade designs, the new stands up on its own in popularity when being compared to the classic originals.

Whether an artist is creating a lightsaber out in their tool shed or working with equipment that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars — the result is still one of homemade craftsmanship and elegance.

There’s even a whole line of Star Wars lightsabers designed from fan fiction stories, whether it be in comics, animation, film, or novelization. When it comes to creating lightsabers, passions tend to run high.

Before 3D-printers and large budgets, fans were making lightsabers out of Nerf, PVC pipe, Christmas lights, and Duct Tape. The desire to own and create a Star Wars based lightsaber is real. Which is why we wanted to feature a wide variety of fan-made lightsabers you normally wouldn’t stumble across.

From the biggest names in Star Wars in modeling to the average person at home expressing their inner geek, here are the 15 Incredible Star Wars Lightsaber Designs Better Than What We Got.

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15 Beyond Moisture Vaporators With 3-D Printer Lightsaber

Via Sean Charlesworth Adam Savage's Tested

Adam Savage (geek extraordinaire) has been modeling, collecting, building, and encouraging others to discover the joys of creating something out of nothing for decades now. Straight from his lab on Tested, Sean Charlesworth has gone deep by creating his own personal lightsaber using a 3D printer.

Using a Formlabs Form 2 SLA 3D printer, Sean was able to build a slightly chunkier version lightsaber that fits his tastes (like the D&D inspired hilt), as opposed to the normal sleek look.

Not only did he create the foundation by using 3D printer technology, but he also scrounged up spare parts to give this beauty the details it needed.

From optics, camera parts, hard drive spindles, electrical connectors, and miscellaneous gears — this fandom geektastic lightsaber delivers on aesthetics and practicality.

14 Rancor Souvenir 

Via Heather

Created around 2010 by Heather (hexterah on, this lightsaber will impress your Star Wars friends. She called it the Tenel Ka's Magical Rancor Tooth lightsaber, and it’s her fourth version.

Using paper clay, blue Swarovski gems, and five different colors of paint, Heather rocked this saber at Dragon Con in 2010.

Tenel Ka Djo is a female Hapan Jedi Knight from the Star Wars EU. You can find her actual lightsaber in The Essential Guide to the Force.

The foundation of Heather’s creation is a Rifter hilt from Ultra Sabers. As Heather states in her blog (zhoblog): “When it arrived, I played around with it like a dork (you know, the norm: making lightsaber noises, hitting furniture, the whole nine yards) and then detached the blade and started to attempt to figure out how to get the idea that was in my head out.”

13 Passionate Craftmanship By Roland Palotai

Via Roland Polatai

Roland Palotai is known in the Star Wars community as being a master lightsaber creator. Every blade he makes has an amazing amount of detail put into it.

After spending a decade in the fashion industry, Roland followed his passions and made his dream of building lightsabers a reality.

Roland Palotai’s lightsabers can be viewed and purchased on his website.

He makes screen replicas that look better than the ones featured on screen and has handmade style ones too. What makes these lightsabers so special, is how he treats each piece as a work of art. To date, he has over 40 handmade lightsabers.

From Starkiller to Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke, these models are a great addition to any Star Wars fandom collection.

12 Mashup Lightsabers From James Villanueva

Via James Villanueva

The beautiful part about fan-made lightsabers is that there’s no restriction regarding creativity. From thousand-dollar sabers to simple ones made by true fandom geeks, there is a plethora of lightsabers to be explored.

James Villanueva took that passion and created Dark Fiona Fox's Saber (from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe) and a Sword of Omens lightsaber (from the Thundercats leader Lion-O). He didn’t just stop there as James has dozens of laser swords featured on his Deviantart home page.

Using his art skills, James enjoys mashing existing iconic weapons together from various genres or duplicating originals featured in animation and film.

His other works include Ice of Fire's Twin Blade Saber, Darth Talon, double-bladed Jedi Council lightsaber, and Ezra Bridger’s iconic blaster lightsaber combo.

11 Fandom Tweaks With Static-Wolf

Via Static-Wolf

For a model to become a reality, it must first be sketched either on paper or in the artists' mind. Static-Wolf from Deviantart has two amazing prototype sketches created.

The first is called the Black Lotus Saber. Featuring intricate etching throughout the chrome on the hilt and a purple crystal, this lightsaber is unique and classy.

The second lightsaber is called The Lone Wolf Saber. Using similar concepts from the Black Lotus, the Lone Wolf Saber focuses more on grit and power, rather than elegance.

Either one of these could be replicated into actual live models as each is a work of art which symbolize the artist's passions and skills. Static-Wolf also has a conceptional piece called the Anubis Saber with Egyptian themes throughout that is worth checking out.

10 Return Of The Jedi Replica By Bradley W. Lewis

Via Bradley W. Lewis

Bradley W. Lewis is no stranger to Star Wars. He is the senior visual effects artists for Star Wars: The Old Republic (one of the best RPG Star Wars games ever created) and has even received high praise from Mark Hamill regarding his lightsaber making skills.

Hamill liked Lewis’s work so much, he autographed his first lightsaber not once, but twice.

The piece shown above is Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber from Return of the Jedi. As if it didn’t already look amazing, Lewis also included the tech needed for the appropriate lightsaber sounds. They even change pitch when the blade is swung.

The model took him two months to complete, which is 2 months faster than normal for him. However, as shown, nothing was compromised in this stunning build.

9 Sleek Purple Wip

Via Mocap

While these sleek purple lightsabers might still be in the prototype stage (wip), they are each unique in their own way.

Created by Mocap and displayed on Deviantart, the lightsabers were created to go along with a fan fiction story.

According to Mocap a few details still need to be added. “Little extras like power switches and possibly belt clip rings.” Mocap also states they plan on “adding a single texture to the chrome parts,” allowing for a design to be etched into the metal.

The black, purple, and chrome look on the hilt is not one often seen amongst fan made lightsabers. Normally, colors are added via the crystal. We’re looking forward to seeing the finished product for these three stunning lightsabers from Mocap.

8 Sith Conceptuality 

Via BlastedHitmowaka

Created by BlastedHitmowaka on Deviantart, this Darth Ragon hilt concept lightsaber design is Blasted’s fourth saber made from scratch. Rendered in Bryce 7.1, the lightsaber features a lateral hand guardment, and a signature red Sith bled crystal.

Like most conceptual lightsabers, BlastedHitmowaka created this one for a fan fiction story.

The character being assigned this unique Sith blade is a pretender to the mantle of Sith Lord. What we thought was so unique about this hilt was the way it would be held.

Much like making a “hang loose” sign, the two middle fingers would wrap around the hilt while the index and pinky rest along the side for versatility and agility. The small circular hole can also be used for rotating and switching hands quickly during battle.

7 Intuitive Detail From Mike Murphy 

Via Mike Murphey FX-Sabers

Known as the infamous Yoda, Mike Murphy is as elite as they come. For over a decade, Mike Murphy has been building LED-powered lightsabers, along with the internal chassis that makes all the Star Wars magic happen.

As Mike stated in an interview with The Verge, “I guess somewhere deep down I always wanted to be a toy-maker.” He goes on to say, “Even though I originally wanted to build cars, those are just big toys. This [lightsaber] is something that’s much more unique.”

Bonding with his son after dealing with a physical injury, Mike became active on FX Sabers forum. Known by the handle Master Yoda.

Fast forward time and he’s selling a lightsaber on eBay for almost $4,000. Today, he has one for going for almost $15,000 on eBay.

6 Force Wielding Stormtrooper Lightsaber

Via The-Hand

As Mike Murphy has shown to the world, you’ve got to start somewhere before making it into the big leagues. This unique Stormtrooper lightsaber by The-Hand on Deviantart is a great starting point.

The saber was created for his own personal training with a lightsaber and has been appropriately nicknamed TR-NR.

It is based off a Ralph McQuarrie concept, according to The-Hand, and is used by the Cuis Clones (specially trained Imperial stormtroopers).

Using simple products like sink tubes, black O-rings, and Lego lights, The-Hand proves you don’t need a giant budget to make something amazing.

While having a blue blade, changing out colors is an easy fix for those who want something with more of a Sith tone. We’re looking forward to seeing what else The-Hand might have up their sleeve.

5 Double Blade FanFiction Lightsaber

Via zakarranda88

Created by zakarranda88 on Deviantart, this lightsaber belongs to a character in one of his fan fiction stories named Zak Arranda.

It is a single length blade even though it’s a double blade. This means it does not come apart like Asajj Ventress’ did in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

While still in the prototype stage of blueprinting and drawing, we can’t argue the visual appeal of this laser sword. Even if it doesn’t come apart in the center. Its sleek across the hilt is elegant while also packing a serious punch on either end.

According to the artist, the lightsaber has been influenced by both Jedi and Sith styles. Which is fitting since the character was a Jedi who is now a Sith Lord. He also happens to be a failed student of the infamous Luke Skywalker too.

4 Anakin Replica Prototype 

Via Martin Beyer of Graflex Saber

Martin Beyer has created quite a name for himself through Graflex Saber. He specializes in commissions, ranging in price from $2,500 to over ten grand.

Beyer is so good at what he does he can’t take any more commissions due to having so many in the pipeline currently.

The most stunning part of his builds is the crystal. Taking concepts from Rogue One, the crystal is large enough to be worn as a necklace or fit into the lightsaber. Its details and colors are stunning, making one feel like they are actually on the set of a Star Wars production.

Beyer’s lightsabers have either a handmade metal chassis or were created through 3D-printing. The Anakin saber and prototype (featured above) has a full crystal chamber for a real blue Aqua Aura Quartz.

3 Replica Of Rachel D'Avino Lightsaber

Via Rabittooth

Created by Rabittooth on Deviantart, this awesome looking lightsaber has a powerful story attached to it. Titled the Rayma D'Av Lightsaber Design, it is inspired by a real-life individual named Rachel D'Avino.

Rachel D'Avino is a teacher who gave her life defending younglings during the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy. As an advocate for those suffering from Autism, Rachel empowered and brought love to every child who crossed her path.

Plus, she was a huge Star Wars fan. Which undoubtedly Rabittooth is as well based on the intricate designs shown within the hilt.

Featuring two independent crystals and a Skywalker style foundation, this lightsaber is worth supporting.

Rabittooth and his wife have a petition going, asking Walt Disney to make Rachel D’Avino an official Jedi Knight as a way to raise awareness.

2 The Rose Lightsaber

Via WinterRoseASFR

The Rose Lightsaber is a prototype that artist WinterRoseASFR (Deviantart) is working on. Made mostly of PVC pipe and random parts found around the workshop, The Rose is unique and intricately detailed.

Having rose petals where the blade extends from the hilt is such a neat concept, and the detail on the very bottom of the hilt is exquisite.

Like something created in a cross between anime and Star Wars, The Rose lightsaber would be a neat addition to a new character who has yet to be introduced.

Once again proving you don’t need a large budget to make an amazing lightsaber, The Rose prototype looks like an actual prop.

WinterRoseASFR is also a Doctor Who fan and is contemplating creating a mashup between a lightsaber and the infamous Sonic Screwdriver.

1 Model Orgus Din Lightsaber

Via ForceRelics

Created by Force Relics (featured on Deviantart) the Orgus Din lightsaber is certainly a one-of-a-kind. Orgus Din is a Jedi from the Old Republic era (now known as Legends). He served on the Jedi Council and much like Qui-Gon Jinn hated how it would take hours for the Council to come to a decision.

Force Relics used 3D-printing and the latest technology from Plecterlabs to create this beauty. The lightsaber also features FR powder coating and FR wood engraving.

It’s not often Jedi would use wood for the hilt of their lightsabers, making this one not only unique but elegant like Electrum metal.

The Orgus Din by Force Relics became so popular you can even order the kit and put it together yourself. But don’t forget to add your own personal modifications so you can also make an incredible fan-made lightsaber from Star Wars.


Do you know of any other amazing fan made Star Wars lightsaber designs that are better than what we saw in the movies? Sound off in the comment section!

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