Star Wars: More Legends Characters Are About To Become Canon

A member of the Lucasfilm Story Group has teased that more characters from Star Wars Legends will soon be making their way back into canon. It’s been nearly four years since it was announced that the entirety of Star Wars’ Expanded Universe was being retconned and rebranded as Legends. That announcement -- which came roughly a year and a half after Lucasfilm was purchased by Disney in late 2012 -- was made so that the new sequel trilogy could get started with a clean slate. The move mandated that everything outside of the original six films and Star Wars: The Clone Wars was no longer canon. (A lone Darth Maul comic arc, which was released just after the announcement, also survived the purge.)

Understandably, wiping out several decades worth of novels, video games, and other collected works wasn’t the most popular move. The EU had extended the Star Wars saga well beyond the scope of the movies, introducing thousands of years of history and countless beloved characters. Seeing all that content suddenly wiped from the record books didn’t sit too well with a large portion of the fanbase. That said, the Lucasfilm Story Group, which is responsible for determining canon and creating new content, has referred back to Legends on several occasions in the years since in search of new ideas. Most notably, Grand Admiral Thrawn, who originally debuted in the 1991 novel Heir to the Empire, was reintroduced into canon via a starring role in the third season of Star Wars Rebels.

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Now that director Ron Howard has confirmed that Tag and Bink (two minor characters from the EU) will appear in Solo: A Star Wars Story, fans can't help but wonder which Legends characters will make the jump back into canon next. One Twitter user reached out to Lucasfilm Story Group member Leland Chee to ask him that very question. Check out Chee's exciting response below.

This is big news for diehard Star Wars fans who were hoping to see more from Legends making its way into the newly established continuity. There's no telling who Chee is referring to here, but judging by the feedback on Twitter and Reddit, anything involving Darth Revan, Prince Xizor, or anything from Knights of the Old Republic will go over like gangbusters.

Which Legends characters are you hoping to see reintroduced in the coming months? Let us know in the comments.

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Source: Twitter, Reddit

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