Star Wars 8: See How Bombing Run Was Created In VFX Breakdown

A new pair of videos breaks down how Industrial Light and Magic created two of Star Wars: The Last Jedi's effects-heavy scenes. In retrospect, it's perhaps not surprising that The Last Jedi proved to be so divisive. Fandom has mirrored society, in general, over the past few years, with regard to becoming more vocal about things they don't enjoy, with fans often feeling personally slighted when someone's vision doesn't line up with their own expectations.

Unfortunately, the loud minority who attacked the latest Star Wars film after its release made any legitimate criticism all the more challenging. Rather than discussing the actual merits and flaws of the film as both art and entertainment, discussion often boiled down to gripes about canon and small bits of logic in a fantastical universe. Case in point, the opening bombing run was a visual spectacle that showcased Rian Johnson's skills as a director. Sadly, too much talk surrounding it revolved around whether the bombs should have dropped at all. But with hindsight, it's much easier to look back on the scene and enjoy it for what it is - and admire the work that went into it.

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Industrial Light and Magic, the company George Lucas founded for the first Star Wars film, has released two new VFX breakdowns for The Last Jedi (above and below). As the film is nominated for an Oscar in the visual effects category, the look at both the bombing run and the hangar scene showcase what it took to bring the movie to life.

The videos are fascinating to watch, especially when taking into account how much things have changed since Lucas first brought the Star Wars franchise into the world. And although revisiting the scenes may not quiet naysayers, the physics of The Last Jedi was hardly its biggest fault - after all, it does exist in a world with laser swords, telekinesis, and sound in space. Luckily, these days, there's no shortage of Star Wars content to consume if one piece of media doesn't strike everyone's interest.

Star Wars Rebels has been doing solid work over the past few years, while the various comics and novels have led to some modern classic. In fact, the Star Wars: The Last Jedi novelization may be more to the liking of some fans. It expands on a number of key scenes while also including moments that weren't in the movie. Likewise, the home video release will come packed with extras—including 14 deleted scenes for The Last Jedi. The movie may never be everyone's cup of tea, but for those who enjoyed Star Wars: The Last Jedi the release of content surround the film isn't slowing down.

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Source: Industrial Light and Magic [1,2]

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