Star Wars 8 Trailer Translations May Reveal Who Luke & Snoke Are Talking To

Taiwanese subtitles from the latest Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer may indicate who Supreme Leader Snoke and Luke Skywalker are speaking to in the footage. Ever since the preview debuted online earlier this month, fans have been fervently analyzing it for possible clues about where the narrative will go. While the broader strokes presented in the trailer will most likely be evident in the final film, marketing is known for being misleading at times, so viewers are in the mindset of trying to figure out any deception that may be at play as they continue to theorize about the sequel.

One area of any trailer that could be a product of tricky editing is dialogue. It's common for previews to smash together lines from different scenes to make it seem like they're part of the same phrase. With both Luke and Snoke reciting some intriguing lines in the Last Jedi preview, one thing fans want to know is who's on the receiving end of their speeches. Thanks to an international version of the trailer, we now may know.

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A user on Reddit provided translations for the Taiwanese version of the trailer (which appears on the official Star Wars TW channel). Multiple times in the preview, the word "you" is used, and while that is gender neutral in English, Taiwan uses different symbols for male and female. Snoke's opening passage, where he tells a would-be apprentice "When I found you, I saw raw, untamed power," includes the feminine "you," indicating that he perhaps is speaking to Rey. At the end, when Snoke says to someone, "Fulfill your destiny," the male symbol is used. Luke is also seemingly talking to a male when he sternly says, "This is not going to go the way you think." Kylo Ren is an obvious pick here, considering he is set to be a main character in The Last Jedi along with Luke and Rey. We'll have to wait until December to see for sure, but it's also possible it could be someone else.

There's no denying this is an impressive spot, but there are some holes to poke in this bit of speculation. As the Reddit poster says, the symbol that is "mainly used for male" can also be considered gender neutral, so it's possible the translators were using it to cover their bases. It's also worth keeping in mind that international translations for the Last Jedi title made "Jedi" plural (see: Los Últimos Jedi), while director Rian Johnson has mentioned it is singular in reference to Luke. Things do get lost in translation, so much like the actual footage in the trailer, it's best not to take this at face value for the time being. After all, in the beginning, Snoke is definitely talking to someone he "found," which is most likely Kylo. We know Snoke seduced Ben Solo to the dark side, but he appeared to be unaware of Rey's existence until she began to demonstrate powers in The Force Awakens.

Regardless of how things play out in the film, this will continue to fuel the fires of the plethora of hypotheses that can be found on the Internet. Star Wars fans are a savvy bunch, and after the previews for Rogue One were filled with scenes that didn't make the movie, they know anything is possible come this December. It'll be interesting to see if future TV spots have any further hints about this, or if Lucasfilm will save these truths for the premiere.

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Source: Reddit

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