Watch Kylo Ren React To Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

If any Star Wars fans were desperately wondering how Kylo Ren, formerly known as Ben Solo, would feel about the recently released trailer for The Last Jedi, wonder no more. After debuting last week, the highly anticipated clip immediately stole the world's attention, showcasing everything from Luke Skywalker training his new Jedi student, Rey, to the first in-the-flesh appearance of the new trilogy's big bad, Supreme Leader Snoke. And of course, there were the Porgs.

As regular visitors to YouTube will know, the site is saturated with reaction videos, with everyone and their dog keen to upload their real-time responses to the latest TV show, trailer or viral clip. In some cases, you can even find reaction videos to other people's reaction videos in some kind of reaction-video-Inception. Somewhat less common - but usually more interesting - are reaction videos starring fictional characters.

In the wake of the newest The Last Jedi trailer, YouTube channel Auralnauts has released Kylo Ren's first impressions of the new footage and the young villain predictably has some mixed emotions. Hilariously set in the style of a generic YouTube channel reaction ("What's up everyone, it's your boy Kylo"), the former Jedi settles down to watch a trailer for his "future," providing some wonderfully rage-filled commentary in the process.

As well as getting caught up in the Porg craze, Kylo is also a big fan of The Last Jedi's obsession with being "raw" but incensed at the suggestion that the trailer could be referring to Rey, rather than himself. Kylo also reveals himself to be closet Game of Thrones fan by comparing his "father-killing traitor" Uncle Luke to Tyrion Lannister. Not every scene in the clip is to the character's liking, however. Kylo is distinctly unimpressed at the sight of him trashing his own helmet and even more annoyed when he sees his future self extend a hand towards arch enemy Rey. He was also somewhat confused by the word "Christmas," suggesting that the First Order aren't huge lovers of Santa.

The video is certainly an entertaining and light-hearted take on the new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi but it also makes some genuinely discussion-worthy observations, such as the appearance of Chewbacca's face, and provides a welcome break from the glut of regular reaction videos elsewhere on the site. Auralnauts has also pulled off a pretty impressive vocal impersonation but as some may have found with The Force Awakens, subtitles may be necessary.

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Source: Auralnauts

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